Female Sex Toys: Vibrators, dildos, and adult sex toys create female orgasms

Bunny Bullet

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Bunny Bullet: Vibrators, dildos, and adult sex toys create female orgasms
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Silver Bullet vibrator continues to be a top-selling sex toy on VibeReview. Several sex toy manufacturers have created their own version of the Silver Bullet, but few have been as effective as the Silver Bullet and Space Explorer. Times are changing.

While the Bunny Bullet is similar to the Silver Bullet, there is one important difference: The bullet itself is covered by a high-quality jelly sleeve that has two long rabbit ears, which are used as an enhancement for clitoral stimulation. The Silver Bullet and Space Explorer, in contrast, are made of plastic, and do not have sensual texture to accompany each vibrator.

Women prefer bullet vibrators for clitoral orgasms, breast and nipple teasing, and light anal stimulation. The Bunny Bullet's fantastic texture approach to stimulation makes a world of difference. Using the rabbit ears for softer, gentler clitoral stimulation does prove useful and more enjoyable than standard plastic bullet vibrators.

The Bunny Bullet is multi-speed. Its slide-controller technology makes changing vibration speeds easy and convenient. Couples, especially, do find this bullet vibrator helpful with foreplay activities, and for additional stimulation during sex.

Editorial Review

Another bullet vibrator? Yes, VibeReview added another one. I haven't found a bullet vibrator that I didn't like, but I do have my favorites. The Space Explorer remains my favorite, but I am quickly making room for the Bunny Bullet.

Women generally begin their sex toy experiences with bullet vibrators. Besides providing immediate sexual relief, bullet vibrators - due to shape and vibration level - are great experimentation sex toys. Rolling the bullet vibrator from one side to another, or even up and down, is extremely sexy, sensual, and fun - a teasing, sort of, before the action heats up. And, let's face it, much easier to operate.

While beginners often start with sex toys like the Bunny Bullet, many experienced women continue to use them in combination with other toys, or even during sex. At least that's what I do. When I am on top of my boyfriend, he uses the Bunny Bullet as a source of secondary stimulation. While his penis arouses my G-Spot, he can also stimulate my clitoris with the Bunny Bullet...and it feels wonderful. I have dual orgasms by use of this method.

The Bunny Bullet has a texture advantage over other bullet vibrators. One can't go wrong with any of the standard popular bullet vibrators, but the Bunny Bullet pushes clitoral orgasms to a more enjoyable level. Beginners and experienced women will immediately understand the benefits of using such a simple vibrator.

Additional Details

Size:  3.75" total length
4.25" circumference
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. muse for poets
Welcome to easy stimulation alley. I've owned a few bullet vibrators. Most seem to crap out in a couple of months. The Bunny Bullet is still purring right along, pleasing my clitoris as much as it can be pleased. Totally, 100 percent satisfied.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Hooooeeee! The Bunny Bullet is my very first sex toy purchase and review. My girlfriends said I was missing out on all the fun. I wanted to prove them wrong. I look like the fool now. Hey, I can be a fool any day of the week if the payoff is improved orgasms. Sign me up as a Bunny Bullet fan.
Sex toy review: four hearts. healing touch
The Bunny Bullet isn't as good as the Space Explorer, but clearly superior to the Silver Bullet. I tested all three at a showing. I bought both the Space Explorer and Bunny Bullet.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Raley
Got one of these for my wife. She taught me how to operate it for her. Learning how to operate it correctly opened my eyes to what works and what doesn't. This may sound strange, but learning how to use it has helped me with oral sex. I now know what area of her clit is more sensitive, and how much pressure needs to be applied. She thanked me for the Bunny Bullet. I want to thank all reviewers for recommending it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Punky Brewster
For the price I paid I got everything I wanted. It can't compete with some of the heavy duty dual stim. vibes I own, but the Bunny Bullet is useful during sex. I like my boyfriend to hold it on my clit while he get nutty in bed.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Glimmer
I wore my Silver Bullet out. Right when I was about to buy it again, I came across the Bunny Bullet. I thought, "Hmm, maybe I should try something new." So that's what I did. The Bunny Bullet is the same thing as the Silver Bullet but it comes with a sleeve. Because of the sleeve I like it better. My clitoris thanks the maker!

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