Sex Toy Accessories: Eat your way into her heart by eating her sex toy candy panties.

Candy G-String Panties

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Candy G-String Panties: Eat your way into her heart by eating her sex toy candy panties.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

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Here's a product that needs no instructions. Eat your way to her heart while she's prancing in these fun panties. These are the funnest panties we've found all year!

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Sex toy review: five hearts. butch
Dude, I needed a break from all the romantic stuff in my relationship. I wanted a little naughty play added to my bedroom romp-around. I do enjoy intimacy and all of that; however, I simply needed a change of pace. Instead of approaching my girlfriend with the matter, I opted to purchase the candy panties and the for her. When the package arrived, I gave it to her, explaining that I had bought her a gift. I wasn't so sure that slap wouldn't follow. How wrong I was. Apparently, she had been thinking the same thing: MIX IT UP! We loved both items. The Candy Panties took a while to finish off, but we managed.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Eat your way to my special love zone! That's exactly what my boyfriend did. We usually don't get so crazy. I bought these panties as a joke, but my boyfriend convinced me to wear them. One thing led to another.... It's a lot of candy to eat, so beware. We saved part of the panties for a late night sugar feast. All in all, the panties were a precursor to a fun night.
Sex toy review: three hearts. AndreiB
Yeah, so my girlfriend and me often purchase toys from vibereview, so we saw these candy panties. We agreed that we should try the panties out. We bought the panties, played with them that night, and we liked it. It's tough to eat ALL that candy, but we just saved some of the panties for another night. The idea of eating my way into "eating" just got me and my wife all hot. Our only complaint is that we wish it came in a variety of candy to choose from, but that's minor.

Again, thanks for the prompt delivery, as usual. No problems, and that's why we love this website.

Sex toy review: four hearts. marilyn_monroe
Party, party, party, party! That's what I'm all about. Imagine the look on my date's face when I dropped my pants, showing him my new candy panties. We had been drinking a little, but I'm fairly sure I sobered him up. I really like this guy, so I wanted to impress him. I must have, we are still dating. I even tasted the candy for myself; I liked it. I bought the panties just spice things up. They did that.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Angelika
The Candy G-String Panties are an awesome bachelorette party gift. Interestingly enough, my girlfriend used them on her honeymoon. I plan on buying these for all my girlfriends.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Get ready for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you like eating a bunch of candy, you are in for a treat. I assumed the panties would be heavy -- after all, that much candy has weigh something. I found that the panties don't slip off, that they aren't very heavy at all. My boyfriend ate "sugar mama" right off of me. A cool deviation from the normal routine, these panties had me feeling seventeen again -- just goofy, having fun.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Superbabe
I had so much fun with the candy panties - you just have no idea. It's a small thing, not too "out there," but it really set the mood in our house.

I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with something special. I don't have a ton of money right now, so I had to find something that didn't cost much. Candy panties.

My girlfriend was taken back when she saw me naked with these panties on. I encouraged her to eat away - to not stop once she got to "you know where." That's the most time my girlfriend has spent on my body for a long time.

She's ready for round two. So am I. YESSSSSSSSSS!

Sex toy review: four hearts. Chosen Profession

It IS a lot of candy to eat, isn't it? I thought the very same thing myself. But the wife and I enjoyed playing with the candy panties. It's not often that we order novelty stuff or go into any novelty stores. My wife was searching for vibrators when she found this website. She browsed the entire site and really liked it.

We bought the candy panties, Kama Sutra Massage Oil and the Silver Bullet. The candy panties were fun, but the massage oil was even better. And, obviously, the wife seems to enjoy the vibrator.

We enjoy this website, so we will buy more toys from Vibereview!

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