Silicone Sex Toys: Out of this universe pleasure comes forth this vibrating dildo sex toy in your hands and in your sweet zone G-Spot.


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Cosmo: Out of this universe pleasure comes forth this vibrating dildo sex toy in your hands and in your sweet zone G-Spot.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Cosmo is a classy Sci-Fi sex toy ready to take you to the outer stratosphere. The shaft features horizontal ridges that play on the mons with or without the vibrator being turned on. The head is larger and more round than traditional dildos - offering an erotic feeling of fullness upon insertion. The base is hollowed out just enough to fit the miniature vibrator that comes with the Cosmo. Intensity of the vibrations can be controlled by the dial on the bottom of the mini vibe. Most importantly, the gentle curve in the Cosmo makes it perfect for G-spot or prostate stimulation. If you're planning to use this toy in a harness, try using a 1 1/2" size O-ring to keep it secure.

Editorial Review

Blast off!!! Yes, you can add me to the camp of Cosmo lovers. Besides looking futuristic and sexy, this vibrating dildo satisfied my every need. I used it for anal and vaginal penetration. The head of this space cadet made my vagina and anus relax. My vaginal and anal lining accepted the head so very slowly. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Just when I thought my vaginal and anal muscles couldn't take another centimeter, the shaft narrowed. The micro-vibrator provided just enough stimulation to keep me busy. The Cosmo is one of those vibrators that a vagina swallows whole, and limited movement will finish the job. Due to its large head, G-Spot stimulation is achieved easily. This toy moved into my top ten list.

Additional Details

Size:  6" x 1 3/8"
Material:  This item is made of Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Tantus

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Shannon with a plan
This is a special vibrator. Never has a toy felt so good inside of me. And it feels that way each time I play with it. The shaft is unlike any dildo I have ever seen. The thicker round tip is smooth. Rubbing the tip up and down my vagina lips gets my insides boiling, ready to accept this toy. Insertion sends chills all over my body. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Jamie D.
Cosmo looked cool as hell in the picture. My wife's toy broke one afternoon, while we were messing around. Cosmo looked like something she would like. I got it for her that same day. After she played with it the first time, she smiled, saying, "Good thing my old vibrator broke - this one is much better." I do enjoy knowing that I picked out a good vibrator for her.
Sex toy review: three hearts. kinky kelly
It looks like a toy right out of a science fiction novel. It took a few days for my vagina to adjust to its peculiar shaft design and angle. But once I figured out how deep to insert it (I do not like full or 3/4 insertion, hits my cervix), I was off to the races. The ridges on the shaft are really pleasing. I still like my Kangaroo better. Owning both allows me to experience different kinds of stimulation.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Naughty Felicity
The shaft arch enables me to play with my g-spot. I think the vibrations are fine. Silicone carries vibrations better than other materials and since Cosmo is made of silicone, it only follows that the vibrations feel good. The length and width fit inside of me just right. Also, no one has commented on the flexibility of this toy. It bends, and can be manipulated, easily.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Francesca Opinion
Ok, so this vibrator has wonderful shape and size. Like two other reviewers, the vibrations could be stronger. I prefer silicone toys, so Cosmo was right up my alley. The texture rocks. This is a solid vibrator.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
It's a good, not great, vibrator. Since it falls in the medium price range for vibrators, I don't have a problem with the cost. I really, really enjoy the ribbed shaft and the gigantic head, but the vibrator wasn't strong enough me. I mainly use it as a dildo, since the vibrations don't fulfill me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. poison ivy
The ribbed shaft really makes this toy a joy to use. The indenture ensures added stimulation. The silicone really warms up to my body, and it also carries vibrations better than other materials. The head of this monster can take some time to adjust to, but that's no biggie (so to speak).
Sex toy review: four hearts. Angelika
I use this toy often. Like Sugar claimed, the wide tip was a selling point for me. Many guys have small penis heads, but I want intense stimulation from the moment of entry. I feel bad writing that, but it's true. This toy helps me achieve the type of orgasm I want. The toy's flexibility is another characteristic I am pleased with. This isn't my favorite toy, but it's right up there with the rest of them.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Nadine
Lord have mercy on my vagina! The tip of this dildo/'s friggin' huge. It took my vagina a while to accept the dern thing. After it did, it was on. I really like this toy, a lot. It does give me that "full" feeling, when I know my entire insides are being touched and stimulated. The vibrations help, too. I haven't found any flaws in the material or the design.
Sex toy review: five hearts. sugar
I really like the Cosmo. It's really wide at the tip which I found to be quite enjoyable. It's shaped originally with all the cascading ripples going up the shaft, and has a nice curve for the G-spot too. I like the added texture it provides. This is my absolute favorite dil hands down.
Sex toy review: three hearts. baroness
I'm really excited to see more silicone vibrators coming out. The vibrations transmit through silicone so much better. The Cosmo is nice because the vibe comes out of the base which makes the dil easier to clean. Still, a stronger vibrator would be helpful. Overall, a good vibrator.

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