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Prostate Massage: The Whys and Hows

Prostate Massage: The Whys and Hows

  • I want to improve my orgasms.

  • How do men achieve volcanic eruption orgasms?

  • Is it possible to improve male orgasms, making each climax more enjoyable?

  • I've read that men have their own G-Spot. Is this true? If so, where can I locate it?

  • I've read that men can enhance their orgasms by stimulating the prostate! I want to know exactly how to increase orgasmic intensity!

  • Please help...!

    Plenty of men feel excluded from a higher dimension of sexual pleasure and erogenous zone arousal that women celebrate daily. I've often complained that women have enviable sexual advantages. You know, the fact that they are capable of having multiple and dual orgasms! Of course, my wife has retorted, in a not so friendly tone, that these advantages come at a price; it's called nine months of pure joy! I can't argue with the challenges of pregnancy - and I quickly shut my mouth each time.

    Really though, women are blessed with a clitoris and G-Spot. Oh, and they have breasts. And men? A penis and two testicles. What an impressive sexual resume, don't you agree? Of course, my initial response to anatomical inequalities between men and women and the resulting sexual benefits were symptomatic of my ignorance of male anatomy. All men have their very own special place that improves male orgasms.

    You want to know if there's anything extra for men, anything at all? Brace yourself. Are you ... ready ... for the answer? Sometimes referred to as prostate stimulation, prostate massage, or prostate milking - men can stimulate their prostate glands for wondrous orgams! Are you sweating yet? No need to panic. Kick your anxieties and negative mental associations to the curb. You said you wanted to improve your orgasms. Lay your preconceived notions aside. Most men are uncomfortable with the idea of anal penetration and anal stimulation. More than anything, this apprehension is a result of misconceptions about prostate stimulation.

    VibeReview recognizes that the word "prostate" has enough power to make a man blush and run away. When "stimulation" is added to the equation, some men encounter mixed feelings, which leads to confusion about their sexual anatomy and the social acceptability of "taboo" stimulation methods: How the prostate gland works, where it is located, what prostate massage techniques work best, the ensuing social implications, and relationship compatibility.

    At VibeReview prostate stimulation is not viewed as "taboo." More and more men and couples are exploring the significant orgasmic benefits of prostate massage and prostate milking. When I first began relying on prostate stimulation for orgasm enhancement, I felt emotionally uncomfortable. Like I was doing something wrong. Introduction to new and unfamiliar sexual pleasure can have that kind of an impact on a person. Once I educated myself on my anatomy, I felt more comfortable with the entire process.

    Men and couples frequently email VibeReview with questions and comments about their experiences with prostate stimulation. Here are a few comments submitted by VibeReview readers and customers:

    I am a happily married man who wanted to know more about prostate massage. I informed my wife that I wanted to see what "milking the prostate" felt like. I was nervous about telling her, but she didn't make me feel uncomfortable. She agreed that it might improve our sex life (not that it was bad, though!). And has it ever made my orgasms more enjoyable! My legs literally shake while I climax!

    James, from New York City

    Hello, I wanted to thank VibeReview for your helpful prostate stimulation article. One of my friends admitted to me that he enjoys prostate milking. It got me to thinking. Is there anything inherently wrong with it? After all, the prostate gland is in my body. Once I overcame my initial resistance to the idea of anal stimulation, I challenged myself to give this type of sexual stimulation a fair assessment. Superb! I like it so much that I even taught my girlfriend how to stimulate my prostate correctly. I recommend two toys: the Waterproof P-Spot Vibe and Aneros.

    Keith, from Dallas

    VibeReview: I read the introduction to your prostate massage techniques article. I found the article to be very useful, especially the step-by-step process. Best of all, though, I appreciate you recommending the Light-Of-Love T. I've never experienced more pleasurable orgasms.

    Ben, from Orlando

    My wife watched some Real Sex episode (or some show like that) and the topic was prostate stimulation. She wanted to know more about it. Shocked by her proposal for personal experience on the matter? Absolutely. We've been VibeReview customers for a year now, so we assumed that the site had information about it. We read your article. The instructions were easy enough to follow. Since then, prostate massage and prostate stimulation happen as frequently as oral sex. I notice that I orgasm longer with prostate stimulation during sex. We sincerely appreciate your article.

    Neil, from Boston

    Couples, especially, find that prostate massage is beneficial. It helps bring about improved communication and quality intimacy. Feeling comfortable enough with the one you love is challenged, at first; but that emotional discomfort transforms into greater security and trust. Single men, of course, also benefit from prostate milking. Why pass on a good opportunity to improve sexual pleasure and performance?

    Techniques for Prostate Massage:

    If interested in a step-by-step process that aids in prostate stimulation, please read the directions below. VibeReview recommends that all beginners take their time. Don't push it. The objective is to enjoy it; so if you feel physical discomfort or any pain, you should immediately cease all anal stimulation activities. Men may use the techniques below alone or with partners. Sometimes for the sake of personal comfort and ease, it's best to start prostate massage as an individual activity.

    Step One:

    Relaxation! Before getting too active, it is best to relax your mind and body. A calm environment is necessary for complete relaxation. According to our customer reviews, many men have revealed that soothing music, warm showers/baths, and meditation help bring about complete relaxation. Taking a warm shower or bath increases blood flow to the prostate, which increases prostate gland sensitivity; so take that into consideration, as well.

    Step Two:

    Clean both of your hands. Make sure that your rear-end is clean and dry. Be sure that no sharp or loose fingernails are apparent. Sharp fingernails, as you can imagine, will hamper the process. Using latex gloves is a preference for some beginners. If you feel more comfortable wearing latex gloves, they will not interfere with stimulation. Or if you plan on using prostate stimulation sex toy, it is best to clean the toy first and slide a condom over the shaft.

    Step Three:

    Lubrication! It is essential that some form of lubrication be used for prostate massage. Opting to skip this step could result in several days of anal discomfort. Without the use of lubrication, injury is a possibility. Do not be afraid to use a generous amount of lubrication. Too much is better than not enough! Rub a few drops of lubrication on your anus. Make sure that you have enough lubrication on your fingers, as well. We have a list of anal-friendly lubricants at the bottom of this article. Feel free to read customer reviews about each.

    Step Four:

    Time to probe and explore. Relax and take it easy! Do not get impatient. Slowly press the tips of your fingers into your anal cavity as you gently push your anal muscles outward (similar to how you use the restroom). As your anal muscles relax, your fingers will slide in deeper. Pushing inward about 2-3 inches toward your belly button, a different texture should present itself, which is roughly the size of a walnut. Once you have found the prostate, try different forms of stimulation: Slight pressure, firm pressure, moving your fingers in small circles, stroking, maybe even vibrations. By experimenting with different types of anal stimulation, you will identify what works best for you.


    The above step-by-step process can also be used to teach partners the correct techniques. Including your lover will make your prostate massage experience more erotic, enjoyable, and intimate. Positive communication between partners is essential for a healthy experience. Be patient with one another. Remember, this is unfamiliar territory for many men and women! Once both of you master prostate stimulation techniques, your sex life will improve drastically!

    If finger stimulation doesn't satisfy you, VibeReview has plenty of quality prostate massage toys that can handle the job safely and effectively. Vibrating anal sex toys can be quite effective in enhancing your prostate milking. Towards this end, we have provided a list of prostate adult toys for you. Feel free to check out each toy and their respective customer reviews.

    Recommended Prostate Massage Sex Toys:


    Pleasure Prostate Wand




    Light-Of-Love T

    Dr. Kaplan Prostate Massager

    Aneros Progasm

    Waterproof P-Spot Vibe


    P-Spot Perfection

    Vibrating Spectra Probe

    Vibrating Anal T

    Pro Touch

    Ultimate Prostate Wand

    Recommended Lubricants for Prostate Massage:

    Climax Bursts Anal Lube

    (non-silicone, non-vinyl sex toys only)

    Eros Aqua Water-Based Formula

    Slippery Stuff

    Astroglide Anal Lubrication

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    Last updated: Oct. 08, 2023