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Door Jam Cuffs

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Door Jam Cuffs: Sex toys for BDSM fun
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

These super-soft Velcro cuffs instantly turn any door into a bondage playground. They're perfect for exploring some light bondage without having to permanently nail hardware into your walls and ceiling. They're also great for traveling, since you can make an instant dungeon out of your hotel room - without the maid ever having any idea! Playful submission is the name of the game and Door Jam Cuffs is a great start toward releasing the master or servant hidden deep inside of you!

Editorial Review

If you get turned on by the idea of tying up and teasing a helpless lover with a feather, a hot strip dance, candle wax, some paddling - use your imagination here - then you've probably been looking for Door Jam Cuffs.

While most bondage equipment requires installing very obvious and damaging hardware into your walls or doors, these cuffs require no installation whatsoever. The set comes with two cuffs that can be easily secured to straps that are attached to a short hollow plastic tube at the end. Just lay the straps over the door, and close it. The tubing holds the tethers securely in place, and won't damage your doors at all!

The cuffs themselves are exceptionally comfortable - even for long-lasting play sessions. They're made of soft velour-like material, and are secured to the wearer by adjustable Velcro straps. The cuffs are extremely high quality, and can easily be detached from the tethers and used on their own.

Personally, the Door Jam Cuffs have already become one of my favorite BDSM repertoires. Couples who wish to play without all the leather, rope, and more extreme bondage gear will definitely benefit from these comfortable functional cuffs that still allow for some severe "practice of restraint."

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Sex toy review: five hearts. thursdayschild
These Door Jam Cuffs are perfect for anyone who doesn't have the space for an actual dungeon but still enjoys some bondage fun. Easy to install and easy to take down - these Door Jam Cuffs don't take any additional hardware to install and go on any door that opens and shuts. You could even take them to a hotel. And don't underestimate them - just because they look lightweight doesn't mean they can't take the heavy play. They rendered my 6 foot tall husband completely vulnerable, giving him only the slightest room to squirm and turn. And with velcro cuffs, they're nice and easy to put on and take off. I love these cuffs enough to want another set to put under the door for ankles!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Naughty Secretary
How could anyone not love these Door Jam Cuffs? They add spice to any romp in the hay. I was particularly impressed with how strong these cuffs are, yet completely safe. I love that they can be put in place or removed quickly and with ease. Overall, a very nifty product for a very decent price.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Rori
Wow - I love these. I like most kinds of restraints, but these can be used in so many ways! They're really strong, and the straps are comfortable, even when I'm struggling. They're def a cool spin on traditional bed restraints.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Kinkerbelle
These super-soft Velcro cuffs instantly turn any door into a canvas for whatever your pleasure may be. Restraint, torture or even just a playful tickle scene. The fact that they install so quick and simple, and are easy to bring along are a huge plus. I also like that the cuffs that come with this set are durable and comfortable, and can be detached and used alone.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Southern Belle
I am so playful. I need more than the average girl to keep me interested and satisfied. Door Jam Cuffs do that for me, with a little extra help from my Cat Woman Kit. Both those products keep me busy and happy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. perry
We use our Door Jam Cuffs enough that it must mean we like them. I can't say that it's the best BDSM product we own. That being said, we do use them often. If our cuffs were damaged in some way, we would buy it again.
Sex toy review: three hearts. all work no play
My wife and I love our Door Jam Cuffs. We've dabbled in BDSM for several years. We never go overboard (not that there's anything wrong with that), it's just not our preference. Door Jam Cuffs keep the fun in our relationship -- or, it helps. The fun comes from creative minds thinking alike, though occasionally different.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Mighty Melinda
The bands are comfortable, strong, and easy to set up. All kinds of spankings have come my way as a result of using these cuffs. It's a really fun product that adds spice to a boring situation. I love to be in control of my lover!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My sex life, unlike the reviewer before me, has always been somewhat boring. I get sick of all the quickies. I bought the Door Jam Cuffs to extend my sexual encounters beyond "get on top, thrust quickly in and out, get up, and clean off." My boyfriend and I have dated for years, so I anticipated the Door Jam Cuffs helping us spark the romance up. It worked - almost too well, I might add. He wants to try other toys. Be careful what you wish for. No, really, I am interested in new sexual developments in our relationship; I am willing to try new toys, if that's what it takes. Thanks for all the reviews on this product. I was SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sex toy review: five hearts. AndreiB
5 - best
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I'm not some bondage type of girl. I've never really enjoyed the thought of leather, whips, and significant pain. It's never been something I really wanted; however, my boytoy decided that I needed a new bedroom experience. Usually, I am the one who is in charge, when it comes to our sexual encounters - not this time, though.

Wowser, wowser!!! He brought these cuffs to my house, and, boy, we had one hell of a time. It wasn't too over-the-top that I got scared, but it was unusual enough that I got more excited than usual. I really enjoyed the cuffs, as they were easy to use, didn't rub me raw, and helped me let loose.

Now that my boyfriend has purchased the cuffs from you, I plan on searching your inventory for other products! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
These door jam cuffs really rocked my world, seriously.

My hubbie and I haven't stopped playing with them since we bought them from you.

Our sex life has never been boring, so we don't really "need" something else to make it work. Then again, our sex life has been better since we started trying new toys. It takes a lot of trust to try new toys, but the initial uncomfortability has been well worth it.

We really enjoy these cuffs, so thanks for the opportunity to try something new, VIBEREVIEW!

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