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Dreamboat: Sex toys and adult toys for clit stimulation and G-spot orgasms
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

If you are a "more is better" type of woman, the Dreamboat should interest you. How many erogenous zones can be stimulated at the same time by the same sex toy? Not many sex toys exceed the boundaries of dual stimulation, but triple stimulation (clitoral, G-Spot, and anal) is possible. The Dreamboat is designed specifically for your triple stimulation wants and needs.

Shaped similarly to a smooth sailing ship, the Dreamboat has all the curves and contours needed to navigate through your ocean. Three independent designs combine into a single toy, sending you into a sexual paradise of extreme satisfaction.

The Dreamboat has two ends. A standing G-Spot dildo separates both ends. The first end (also referred to as the "bow") is u-shaped and covered in stimulating nub texture. The shape, texture, and vibrations all work together to create quite a clitoral stimulator.

The opposite end (also referred to as the "stern") focuses on anal stimulation. Like the clitoral stimulator, stimulating nub texture covers the anal stimulator. The shape of the anal stimulator - an extended nub - allows for limited penetration, which many women prefer to intrusive anal sex toys.

The best part for last? Absolutely! The middle structure is an elegantly designed vibrating dildo. Its peculiar shape enhances G-Spot activity: Once fully inserted, your G-Spot will receive all the action it desires - and more! A powerful vibrating bullet is located inside of the vibrating dildo, which extends through the shaft, into its head. Vibrations travel from the head all the way to the base, spreading through out the entire toy. An easy-to-use power switch is located on the base. Choose a high or low vibration output.

Your G-Spot, clitoris, and anal opening receive quality vibrations and experience the benefits of titillating texture. The expression "Don't rock the boat!" does not apply in this situation. The Dreamboat will travel your sea, handle your perfect storm, and help you reach your destination. The Dreamboat is multi-speed, dual point, and easy to clean.

The Dreamboat 2 is the latest improvement on the Dreamboat. The Dreamboat is a hands-free multi-speed vibrator. The Dreamboat 2, in contrast, comes with a helpful remote control that makes changing speeds that much easier. Its remote control is wireless; you don't have to mess around with the hassles created by wires! If you wish to upgrade your Dreamboat to the Dreamboat 2, you now have that option.

Both the Dreamboat and Dreamboat 2 are made of high quality vinyl. As such, you may use water-based or silicone-based lubricants with either of them. i-Lube, ID Glide, and Astroglide are three of the top personal lubricants. All three will create a slicker, more enjoyable experience.

Editorial Review

The Dreamboat G-spot vibrator is certainly different than most sex toys that I've reviewed. Its unique appearance alone is enough to catch one's attention. The question is, could it be too different, straying from the simple, common sense designs of high quality G-spot sex toys? From everything that I've read and seen, a lot of women are raving about the Dreamboat, so I had high expectations before I even touched the Dreamboat. I thought, "Well, sure. If so many other women like it this much, surely I'll have a similar experience." However, it didn't quite work out that way.

Let's start with the positives. The Dreamboat's ergonomic shape and body-friendly design are important exterior features that aid in direct G-spot stimulation. The rounded dildo in the middle of the toy is more flexible than I imagined. I expected the G-spot dildo to be extremely hard and inflexible after seeing the Dreamboat's picture, but, pleasantly surprised, I learned firsthand how the picture is a bit misleading, because the texture is flexible and not as hard as I originally anticipated. Functionality-wise, the Dreamboat comes packed with multiple vibration and pulsation programs - at least ten different functions. My favorite feature is the wireless remote control that's simple to operate - it has one control button that even I can't mess up. I love it, love it, love it!

And now ... the negatives. Though the vinyl texture was softer and more flexible than I imagined, I would be more satisfied with the Dreamboat if the manufacturer took additional steps to soften the G-spot dildo that extends from the toy's mid-base area, and while it is a phthalate-free sex toy and doesn't contain latex, I wasn't impressed with the vinyl material - which smelled funny, was sticky, and seemed uncomfortable at times. If it were made of a different sex toy material, I'd probably enjoy the Dreamboat more than I did.

I couldn't get over how ineffective the vibrations were, too. The manufacturer invested time and effort in creating a multi-functional sex toy that struggles to deliver vibrations. The Dreamboat does not vibrate much after insertion, probably because the pulsations do not resonate through the vinyl material very well, losing intensity when used for internal stimulation. I wish the G-spot stimulator functioned similarly to the Japanese G-Spot Squirmy, with incredible shaft rotations; or effectively vibrated my clitoris like the G-Rock (another G-spot and clitoral sex toy).

Perhaps I am being too picky or too critical. I know that my extensive experience with a variety of G-spot vibrators and sex toys may have played a role in my assessment of the Dreamboat. Hooked on G-spot stimulation and the sensations that originate from it, it takes a pretty special toy to impress me. I wish that I could write a review that paralleled the positive reviews I read before playing with my Dreamboat, primarily because I wanted to experience the same type of pleasure that other women were experiencing with this sex toy; but, in the end, though it wasn't a horrible adult toy, it didn't stimulate my G-spot and clitoris enough to earn an overall positive review.

Additional Details

Size:  4.5" total length
3.25" insertable length
4.5" circumference
Battery Info:  2 AAA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Vinyl.
Manufacturer:  Vibratex

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Domina
Apart from their mood enhancing, therapeutic qualities, these massage oils are great for sensual foreplay as you take turns with your lover rubbing the oils into each others skin. Using a bit too much is good, which allows you both to slide over each other during sex which is a very sexy, sensual feeling. These oils are also great to use after a bath or shower, as they will nourish your skin and the various scents put you a good mood for the rest of the day. Makes a lovely gift for yourself, a lover or a friend.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Little Minx
Word on the street is that this is a toy that folks either love or hate. I think I fall right in the middle. It is smaller than it looks in the picture and uses AAA batteries. I was not so much a fan of using it solo. I could just never get the right groove. However, in the hands of a partner, it was electric. It will definitely stay close at hand when for play when the boy is over. My verdict is that it's a good addition for keeping things interesting, but not something I would want as my go to vibe.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

I'm not blown away or extraordinarily impressed with the entire toy. The G-Spot stem/shaft is mighty fun. However, in no way do I get off or climax from the textured ends. As I rock the Dreamboat, my G-Spot is fully stimulated - I get that swooping orgasmic feeling, an involuntary body response.

But I don't get as much clitoral satisfaction as I thought I would. So really, it comes down to the G-Spot emphasis and if the toy is worth the pay off. I say, yes it is. It's been tough to find an extremely effective G-Spot toy for years, so finding this one lets me relax on my ongoing pursuit.

Sex toy review: four hearts. RiverToOcean
A dream come true? No, the Dreamboat is not a dream come true, but it closely approaches that status. Unlike the previous reviewer, who didn't feel satisfied by the two opposite ends, I do experience some anal and clitoral satisfaction - and, of course, my precious, precious g-spot gets the royal workover.
Sex toy review: four hearts. ericka
I wish I had one of these years ago. Maybe they didn't make them years ago, I have no clue. The Dreamboat found a way to fully pressure my G-Spot. For that, I am extremely grateful. My husband's penis is slightly curved, so I have no problem with G-Spot stimulation during sex. Until the Dreamboat, I had serious problems finding a good G-Spot toy. I don't always want to have sex, but that doesn't mean I don't feel sexual. I do like my alone time. Now I can make the most of my alone time, thanks to the Dreamboat. Hooray!
Sex toy review: three hearts. Always Right
I wouldn't rate it any higher than 3.0. Insertion is not as comfortable as I hoped. Sure, once I have it inside of me it feels good. But if inserting it is a real pain, it takes away from all the build-up.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Cady

Be careful when you first play with the Dreamboat. I made the mistake of rushing insertion. Because of its extreme curve, it takes several minutes of maneuvering to accept the shaft. That's been my experience, which might help some of you.

As far as its performance, I quite pleased with it. The clitoral vibrations are somewhat overrated, but I bought it mainly because it looked great for G-Spot massage. The Dreamboat works for me. I don't anticipate buying anything new for a long, long time - I am that happy with it.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Isidore Special
It is about time that I found a good G-Spot vibrator. I've spent a lot of money to find the right one. The Dreamboat is exactly what I had been searching for. I am happy to have found it on such a classy sex toy store. I've noticed that VibeReview goes to great lengths to maintain a respectable site. You can bet that I will return as a customer. Thank you so much for helping me find the Dreamboat!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Beth-a-Million
I chose the Remote Controlled Dreamboat. I have thoroughly enjoyed the combination of internal and external stimulation. I get a little of that when my boyfriend and I have quick sex - his penis is long enough to seduce my G-Spot and his pelvis rubs against my clit. That being said, quick sex doesn't come close to replicating the amazing dual orgasms I have from the Dreamboat.
Sex toy review: five hearts. MonkeeBoy
I gave the Dreamboat to my wife for our wedding anniversary. She broke it in the very first night of our dream vacation. I have never seen my wife so into a sex toy. She has a few hidden between the mattresses at home (the perfect hiding place from sneaky children), but she commented that the dreamboat is the only one she has that hits both special spots. This was a good purchase for our relationship, not just her. You other guys out there should consider the Dreamboat as a gift for your ladies.

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