Dildos: A realistic dildo with a suction cup is a great sex toy for women.


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Emperor: A realistic dildo with a suction cup is a great sex toy for women.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Emperor is perfect for the girl who wants it all - a super-realistic looking toy that also vibrates! This vibrating rubber dildo features a suction cup behind the balls for a more versatile play experience, wherever you can find a flat surface. It straps on nicely in a harness, too; just make sure the O-ring is in front of the dildo's artificial balls. To keep this toy clean, we recommend you cover it with a condom before use. It comes in a variety of realistic skin tones.

Editorial Review

Suction cup dildos get me every time. The flexibility afforded by suction cup action should not be overlooked. The Emperor made me squeal. That's no joke, either. I placed this realistic vibrating dildo against the wall, anchoring it for a little doggie-style action. I backed up slowly, taking every inch inside of me. I generally prefer silicone toys, but this rubber vibrating dildo had me breathless.

It's one of the smoothest toys I've encountered on VibeReview. The wilder I got, moving faster and faster, the better this toy felt. The Emperor filled me up. I could feel each back and forth movement like it had just penetrated me. That's a rare feeling created by vibrating dildos. The stimulation felt great from start to finish. The creator got the length and width perfect -- not too small or large. It's one of the more expensive toys VibeReview offer to its customers and readers, but the sensations produced by the Emperor make the price irrelevant.

Additional Details

Size:  6.25" total length
1.75" width
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Rubber.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Kylie
Okay, it was really hard for me not to see this one as a novelty. When it comes in, it really smells and makes everything around it smell like rubber, or plastic. Also, it looked a little too...intrusive for my taste. I mean, if this thing is only 6.25", I realize that most men totally LIE about their size!!

However, once I stopped running around with it on my head like a unicorn and washed it and gave it a try, it was really quite satisfying. It was a little painful for me at first, but overall, it's the perfect stand-in boyfriend. Looks and feels like a real penis, but it's waterproof, sticks to stuff, and vibrates. And it doesn't talk, so it might actually be better than a boyfriend. I definitely needed my Climax Bursts Cooling Gel to accompany me with this one.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Mollytv
All I can say girls is wow. I thought at first THIS MUCH $ FOR A DONG? Then I got it home, looked at it, felt it, and I knew I had to ride it. It felt very real slipping in, then I turned on the vibe and OMG I almost came right there. Very powerful vibe with great texture and width. It's perfect for anal and has a great holding suction cup. Perfect toy IMHO.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous
Buy this vibe!
Sex toy review: five hearts. miss respect
WOW! Um, yeah, it feels reallllly good. Like a cat purring in front of warm milk, I pounce on my Emperor. Rrrrrrr. It's so damn realistic and big--more wide than anything. The realistic veins add to the experience. I thought they were more for look, but it adds stimulation. Solid vibrations bounce all around, into my vagina, onto my clitoris. Hopefully this toy lasts for a while, because I want no other.
Sex toy review: five hearts. duet songbird
Scheming for that next toy - that's me. I got it, too. Emperor is everything I've wanted for a while. I found it on VibeReview a month ago. I ordered it; the rest is history. The vibrations could be a little stronger, but the toy's flexibility makes up for it. Suction cup anything provides new possibilities; it's no different with Emperor. I had no problem shelling out sixty-bucks for this amazing toy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. heavenly blue
It's hard to go wrong with a suction cup dildo. This one also has vibrations, and I haven't seen one more realistic looking and feeling. The length and width match that of an actual penis. This was a great purchase for me.
Sex toy review: five hearts. bluebird
The curvature of this dildo really got me excited. A straight-as-an-arrow penis does little for me. I like a little curve, mainly so the head of the dildo or penis rubs against my sweet spot. I also like how the Emperor isn't too large for my small vagina. Some manufacturers get too carried away with size. Size matters, but that goes for penises that are too large, just as much as it applies for penises too small. With this dildo, I can have it right in the middle, where I like it. The suction cup is cool and everything, but I like to handle the dildo, so I rarely use it. All in all, a very good product on the very best adult toy webstore, VibeReview.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Rhonda Johnson

It's about time that I found a dildo/vibrator that works for me. I've had bad experiences with purchasing crappy ass products that just don't live up to the hype.

The Emperor is on an entirely different level of satisfaction. The look of a dildo doesn't mean as much as how well it works. The Emperor works very, very, very well for me. I can utilize the suction cup for different sexual positions, making the experience more erotic and real. The dildo fits inside of me perfectly and, just as important, the vibrations aren't over the top. The texture of the dildo is just right - not too hard, not too soft, with a few ridges and indentations thrown into the mix.

I recommend this dildo/vibrator as a perfect buy for those women who have struggled to find the right toy.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The most realistic dildo and vibrator ever created on this planet, maybe in the universe. There's nothing ridiculous about this toy. Some dildos make me want to laugh - they can be that absurd. Oh, no, not this one. I can use the suction cup in variety of angles, which adds a few different positions to the sexual equation. It looks real, feels real and isn't too expensive. Every woman should own one of these. I was surprised how much I liked it. I'll never go back to those basic dildos again. Amen, the believer.
Sex toy review: three hearts. sweet surrender
YES, YES, YES! A vibrating dildo that fits in a harness? I think I'm in love! Not to mention it has a suction cup behind the balls which allows you to stick it to any flat surface, like a wall or even on the floor - I've been pretty creative. The suction keeps the toy totally stable so you can use your hands to do other things. My guy thinks it's SO hot to watch me get off with this vibe!
Sex toy review: five hearts. jamie
Simply fabulous, it has everything I look for in a vibrator/dildo! It's a good width (a little on the wider side in my opinion), realistic, vibrates, and has a suction cup to attach it wherever you want for some hands-free fun.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
WOW! I bought the Emperor as a joke for a friend. She actually used it. I just couldn't believe it.

So, I decided to buy myself one, to see what all the drooling was about. Gosh, my friend wasn't kidding. This dildo/vibe sent me into orgasms that I didn't know existed. It's the perfect width and length. I've only had one guy that measured up to this toy, and it's no mistake that he was my best lover.

I am so glad I purchased this toy. I use the toy daily, and the cool part is, I can put the Emperor into different positions to achieve different areas of stimulation. If I want to sit on it, I can do that. If I want to back-up onto it, I can do that, as well. Just a great toy.

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