Sex Games: Roll these erotic dice to see which sex toys you will please your partner with!

Erotic Dice

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Erotic Dice: Roll these erotic dice to see which sex toys you will please your partner with!
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Make foreplay/sex more exciting with this pair of dice. One die names a body part and the other die tells you what to do with it. My favorite combination - "suck lips." Getting wild and creative in the sack can be so much fun, and Erotic Dice adds an element of surprise. Take your chance with fate, roll the dice, and experience sex with a gambler's edge!

Editorial Review

Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen. Please pay attention to this editorial review:

Erotic Dice are not new in the adult toy industry; however, far too few men realize the sexual potential that can reach fulfillment if they'd only incorporate Erotic Dice into their bedside practices.

Our customer reviews reveal a certain "frustration" among men. Typically, this frustration is communicated subtly. 'How can we better please our significant other? How can we increase their sexual interest and willingness to experiment?' Erotic Dice has proven to be an effective method of introducing a sensual playfulness to any couple, of any sexual orientation.

When sexual stagnancy affects my relationship, we roll out the dice. Most often, it's not the dice's directions that get our blood pumping. No, instead, the dice are a precursor to other activities, when both my wife and I move beyond the barriers that restrict sexual expression.

If you are looking for that next spark or just want to add some fun to the bedroom, Erotic Dice should be your next purchase. Also, if you're looking to have fun in a pool, be sure to check out our Inflatable Love Dice!

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Erotic Dice do add a lil' somethin' to an erotic night. I've played with my dice on three different occasions. Each time has been an experience never to be forgotten. We added our own rules to whatever the dice landed on. If I ever lost my dice, I'd make the purchase again.
Sex toy review: four hearts. alex_cassius
Bless the Almighty for erotic dice. There's this strange association with games and approval. My wife will partake in many different sexual activities if it's part of a game. If I suggest anything sexual, fah-get-bout-it. That's why I bought erotic dice. I'll let the dice encourage her. We've had a blast with the dice.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Eruption!!!!!!!!! My wife, once reserved and resistant to extended foreplay, has now found new meaning to the word "playful." Hey, I appreciate all the help we can get. Playing with erotic dice has made my home life more interesting and enjoyable.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Emma
I bought these dice for my wedding night. They aren't anything fancy, but the dice do add a little extra spice to the bedroom. At first, I didn't think the dice would even be used on my wedding night. After all, no one should NEED help on their wedding night. Ha.

My husband really liked the idea, so we used the dice that night. Great stuff, I swear. All our inhibitions vanished. Do as the dice order!!!!!!!!!! We still use the dice occassionally, when sexual activity seems to stagnate in the bedroom. It helps switch stuff up, so it's totally worth it.

Sex toy review: four hearts. maximus
Yo, I bought the Erotic Dice for my anniversary get-a-way. I'm not the best sex partner, what with work and stress. Too often I want to hurry through sex. The dice helped me slowwwww down, enough so that my wife commented on my patience and willingness to try something new. I didn't know my wife could be so kinky. I liked the dice.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Not much to these dice. I enjoyed using them. The power of suggestion gets me every time. Adding these dice into my sexual arsenal has made my experiences more interesting, and each experience seems to last longer. That was a hint, fellas.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Paul Roberts
I'm not the kind of guy who purchases a ton of sex toys. My wife seems rather pleased with our sex life, so I haven't really needed to seek help elsewhere. She does have several vibrators that she bought from Vibe Review, but nothing too "out there."

Anyway, I bought the Erotic Dice just for fun. My wife was surprised when I slowed the action down one night. I brought out the dice, asked her to roll; thus, the game started. We had so much fun that night. We don't use the dice every night or anything, obviously but, hey, the dice are a break from the routine, right?

You guys should try this. Not only did my wife and I have fun, she really liked the fact that I consider adding something new to our sex life. A little effort goes a long way, I guess.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Aneros
The erotic dice made my life a little more interesting. My girlfriend and I bought the dice two months ago, and I have to say, we've had more fun with the dice than anything we've done in years. It feels dirty (in a good way), while still remaining respectable (if that makes any sense at all).

What's even better is that my girlfriend has opened up enough that we are now looking at your website for the right vibrator. Talk about a change in daily events.

The dice are powerful, I tell you, powerful.

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