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Fantasy Sex Swing

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Fantasy Sex Swing
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

VibeReview customers and readers are now able to have their own sexual Cirque du Soleil at home. Flying sexual aerobatics, easier penetration and thrusting, more teasing, and an abundance of sexual loving--the Fantasy Sex Swing makes all of this possible, and more!

Supporting your own weight or your partner's can be a difficult task. A tremendous amount of energy is spent getting the right angle of insertion and maintaining purposeful penetration. This amazing sex swing is designed to maximize your pleasure, eliminating wasteful minutes of extra effort that could be used for increasing one's pleasure.

Enjoying sex is made easier with the Fantasy Sex Swing. There's no reason for anyone (especially as we get older, with back problems and physical limitations) to experience pain or discomfort during sex. Plus, this outstanding swing lets you get creative, and adds a degree of naughtiness that spices up even the hottest relationship.

Each purchase comes with fully installed hardware. The installation hook is used for swing support, and it can be hooked-up to the ceiling or doorway. A torsion spring is included, but the swing can be used with or without it. Excellent padding for your buttocks and back is included. Experience the sexual thrills of comfortable sex in the air, with the Fantasy Sex Swing in full motion!

The Love Swing is a slight upgrade to the Fantasy Sex Swing. Keep that in mind before making any purchases. While both are fantastic, the Love Swing is the better sex swing - mainly due to its comfortable stirrups and straps.

Editorial Review

Drilling holes in my ceiling, the possibility of the swing system failing, then making a larger hole in my ceiling...all very real concerns of mine. I love sex, but I am unwilling to sacrifice my home's interior in a quest for sexual improvement. I know I am not alone in this concern, because several of VibeReview's customers and readers have commented that a swing would be nice, but that the possibility of damage to his or her home swayed them away from purchasing one.

I finally decided that I would try this swing. My boss had some influence on my decision, but in the end, since I had previously researched this particular product and brand, I had more confidence - even if only a little - that this swing was safer and more dependable than some of the cheap ones I had heard about. Installing it was easy. I thought it would be much more difficult, but all the hardware arrived ready to go.

It took me about thirty minutes to get everything operational. Time to test the swing out. Sex is completely different with a sex swing. This was my first time using one, and, wow, I haven't stopped using it since. My boyfriend is a huge guy, and while I love his muscles, he is quite heavy. When he lays on me, sometimes I feel like an anxiety attack is coming. That's obviously not a problem anymore. The back and forth momentum created by the swing and thrusting actually helps my boyfriend penetrate me deeper.

I am a huge fan of this swing, and thank God, it hasn't damaged my ceiling; and you can bet that we have been rowdy and active. Soft and slow thrusting, or wild and fast-paced thrusting, even hard. Still, no interior damage. If you've been contemplating a sex swing purchase, I'd try this one or the Love Swing before any other brands or models.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. The.Best.Ever.
The wife and I finally took that jump into the land of swings. No novel writing today, not from me; but you can be sure that pleasure and sex are completely synonymous now. My wife used to dislike different sex positions - she only liked the missionary position, which I found to be boring. The swing brought her to life, giving her free reign on experimenting. We've both changed our preferences as a result of having the swing.
Sex toy review: five hearts. BeetleHumble
If you and your husband or boyfriend are tired of working so hard during long periods of lovemaking, the Fantasy Swing is a breath of fresh air. The coolest part is letting momentum do all the work for us, my husband and me. Putting everything together is a hassle, but fortunately only happens one time. Our sex life improved dramatically since taking a risk on the Fantasy Sex Swing.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Miss Sexual
I only give it a 3 because it took us so long to assemble the swing. It reminded me of when we bought our kids their first swing set. Work, work, and more work. The work ended in pleasure, that's for sure. Getting creative with sex keeps our lovelife in high spirits. This purchase should have happened years ago.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
A real pain in the rear to hook up. But once put together and used, nothing quite compares to the new penetration angles and momentum gained. We get wacky crazy in our sex life, so this was an easy choice for us. We are pleased.

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