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Fireman's Pump

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Fireman's Pump: Adult sex toys, penis pumps, and cock rings improve erections
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

All right, guys, VibeReview has received thousands of requests for a penis pump. Here it is: The Fireman's Pump has all the vacuum power you need to create a firmer, harder, more dependable erection. Not only will it increase the size of your penis after using it, but it also increases penile sensation, helps control ejaculation, and prolongs and sustains your erection.

After all the requests for a penis pump, VibeReview took its time to choose the perfect pump. The Fireman's Pump will help you achieve the penis size and firmness you've always wanted. We do recommend that you use the device safely. Overuse of this product could diminish any gains made in size or stamina, slowing the healing process to a crawling pace. Please, take your time, be patient and most of all, keep the pump exercises safe.

Editorial Review

As a male growing up in this strange Western culture, I'm not new to the concept of a larger, more attractive penis. Guys live with locker room talk most of their lives. For me, I have a slightly above average penis but, still, it's tough not be affected by the constant talk of penis size. But, hey, I am always willing to add length and width, if possible. I sought out to prove that pumps do not work. I know, it's not the most scientific way to approach an investigation, but I couldn't see how any pump could make a difference.

I used the pump every other day for two months. After the first month, I was fairly certain that the pump was not working. However, two weeks in the second month I noticed that I had harder erections. I also noticed that my stamina had increased. Instead of lasting for twenty-minutes, I was able to have sex for thirty-to-forty minutes. That extra time benefited my wife. She was able to have one more orgasm as a result of this extra time.

The gains in size don't seem to be permanent. But if used regularly and in a safe manner, you can maintain whatever growth has been achieved. I am still using my Fireman's Pump, so it worked for me. This was the most functional pump I've found with such a nice price tag.

Additional Details

Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. albert vale
Given to me as a joke, the Fireman's Pump sat alone in my closet, until I wondered, "Hey, wonder if that sucker works anyway." So I tested it and have been testing it out ever since. I can't claim to have a gigantic penis because of the pump; however, I am noticing subtle differences in how long it takes for me to climax and how hard I get.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. floyd
I was looking for a pump that would help with erection intensity. I didn't like this pump all that much. I've learned that vibrating cock rings are a better solution than pumps. That's just my experience.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Hot Banana
The previous reviewer hit the nail on the head. The Fireman's Pump is reliable only for short-term gains and improvements. Some guys might not be satisfied by these types of results, but I am content with how this pump contributes to a better erection.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Works fine for short periods. I haven't noticed or experienced any long term benefits of growth in girth or length. I like using the pump because of the short term gains, but I would like a permanent solution, as I suspect most guys do. Nothing else has worked as well as the Fireman Pump, so I suggest it as a good choice.
Sex toy review: four hearts. J Perkins
I bought a DVD on penis enlargement exercises. I took those exercises and the pump, using both at the same time for impressive gains in length and girth. No idea if the pump would work by itself. In combination, though, it does work.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Abbot D.
I have a difference in opinion. I did not notice much from using the Fireman's Pump. Sure, I was a little thicker, temporarily, but I had no real change in length. Disappointed, I am.
Sex toy review: four hearts. queen bee
I had to use Fireman's Pump and an exercise routine, in order to see lasting results. I've tried both measures separately, with no real success. Using both together, yes, I noticed a difference.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Don't expect long term results. If I gained any permanent length or width, I cannot tell. For short term benefits, it does help me keep a stronger erection. I would buy it again, knowing what I know now. If it helps, I'm all for it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. agentpurple7
I, like many of the other reviewers have tried various means of increasing penis size and this pump is wonderful. My girlfriend loves it, and at this price, you can't go wrong.

Enjoy guys!

Sex toy review: four hearts. Paul Roberts
The pump works for me. I get a hard-on that cannot be replicated any other way. I haven't done any exercises like some of these other guys, but I'm satisfied. Some pumps are too expensive, with little or no benefit. I prefer this one over all the others I've screwed around with.
Sex toy review: four hearts. maximus
I don't have much to say, but what I do have to say might change a lot of dudes' opinions on pumps. The Fireman's Pump is the best. I've screwed with all sorts of different penis enhancing products, and none have worked for very long. Like the the last guy who reviewed the pump, I added a penis exercise routine while using the pump. I did see some increase in stamina and size. Of all the products on the net, this one worked for me. I feel more confident and determined, so the product has worked for me. Grow or Go!!!!
Sex toy review: three hearts. shoots and scores
I didn't have any problems using the Fireman's Pump. It has helped me maitain a more solid erection, and I seem to be able to have sex longer without having an orgasm. All in all, a good product. I'd recommend it to any guy feeling insecure about his manhood and performance.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The Fireman's Pump has worked for me - just not as much as I had hoped. That has more to do with genetics than the device itself, I believe. I don't regret buying it, because, like I said, it has helped me. My erections are hard as a rock now. I will probably do what one of the reviewers has done...add an exercise routine into the mix. Hopefully, that will aid me in the growth I so desire.
Sex toy review: five hearts. paul
I've tried several pumps and rollers - some have worked, but most have only shown temporary, short-term benefits. I don't consider myself "small," but I have been trying to add one to three inches in girth and length. Like I said, I have tried other penis enlargement toys/tools, but this has been the best one so far.

I simply used this pump in conjunction with penis enlargement exercises. My penis has grown some. The gains, while still small at this point, are much better with this pump than any other products I've tried. I refuse to try pills, so pumps are my only resource available to increase my penis size.

Like the ad suggested, sensation does increase, mainly because the blood flow to the penis increases. So, it really does work. I have an entire system for using the pump, and I couldn't be more excited. An A+ or solid 10 should be awarded to this pump. And the price wasn't too bad, either.

I'm glad I took a chance on this pump. I'd like to see what other men think about the pump, as well.

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