Female Sex Toys: Clit vibrators and vibrating dildos are quality sex toys

Frisky Finger Vibe

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Frisky Finger Vibe: Clit vibrators and vibrating dildos are quality sex toys
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Fukuoku 9000 surprised everyone with its fantastic finger-to-clitoris design, making clitoral stimulation more accessible and fun during foreplay or sex. Likewise, the Frisky Finger Vibe aims to make personal stimulation more enjoyable than it's ever been.

The Frisky Finger Vibe is waterproof. Yes, when it's time to hit the shower, you now have a partner to join you and your lover. Whether this vibrator slides onto your partner's finger or if you are on a solo mission, this vibe offers a comfortable fit.

The finger sleeve is covered by stimulating nubs. This arousing texture enhances all stimulation activities, so put the sleeve to the test! The bullet vibrator slides into the sleeve, which means it can be removed when you need to clean it. Powerful and ergonomically special, this finger vibe is ready to please you. Wherever your finger can go, the Frisky Finger Vibe can follow!

Editorial Review

The Frisky Finger Vibe is great for partners. I like it better than the Fukuoku 9000, which is saying a lot. Since it is waterproof, I have more options that I would with a standard finger vibrator. And it has the perfect sleeve tip, which is rounded for excellent internal and external stimulation. This toy is all about doubling up on partner stimulation and convenience. I am in favor of both, and that's why I like the Frisky Finger Vibe as much as I do.

The sleeve is fairly flexible, but not so much so that the vibe slips off my finger. When I stimulate my clit, the vibrations are acceptable - nothing that out of the ordinary. It is a three-speed bullet vibrator, so changing speeds is possible, though the difference is minimal.

I highly suggest that couples try this finger vibe. My boyfriend loves to tease me with the Frisky Finger Vibe, and I must admit, I rather like it myself. There's something about the sleeve that turns me on - something that is clearly missing in the Fukuoku 9000. I've become dependent upon this finger vibrator for "during-sex" clitoral stimulation. As I ride my boyfriend, he pushes the sleeve's tip onto my clitoris! It feels wonderful.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  3 Watch batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly, and Rubber.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. delightfully delightful
stimulating vibrations can come from the smallest sex toys. the frisky finger vibe is an example of that. i'd rather slip this toy on my finger than hold a big vibrator. the vibrations are strong and full.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. spacedout
No sexual complacency. No way, not with the Frisky Finger Vibe leading the way! Injects me with energy and determination, a willingness to help my lady explore multiple orgasms -- often while sexing it up in bed. My girlfriend loves the ol' reach around. Instead of moving my finger on her clit, now she gets these good vibrations.
Sex toy review: four hearts. G. Delfino
I scarcely need to prop up the Frisky Finger Vibe. I look forward to playing with it all the time. Such a better way (definitely more convenient and comfortable) for clit and very light anal tickling. The tiny vibrator is powerful than you might suspect.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Lacy Ann
If you skip out on the Frisky Finger Vibe, you are crazy. My sex life is one giant ride on the hot tamale train. This neat little finger vibe adds the spice.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. spuzzy
Gives me my own private sexual getaway. Discreet. Semi-powerful. Comfortable sleeve.
Sex toy review: four hearts. flex reflexive
The Frisky Finger Vibe is like a full service station. I enjoy bending my girlfriend over, reaching around while having sex, and using the finger vibe to stimulate her clit. She likes it to. When I first put the tip on her clit, I can feel her vagina clench my penis, like a spasm or something. I like to use it whenever possible!

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