Rabbit Vibrators: Rabbit vibrators, sex toys, and dildos for self pleasure

Impulse Jack Rabbit

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Impulse Jack Rabbit: Rabbit vibrators, sex toys, and dildos for self pleasure
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Longer, wider, faster! The Impulse Jack Rabbit--an improvement over the original Jack Rabbit--hops, bops, and jumps with the best of vibrators. With its dual stimulation design (bunny clitoral extension and rotating shaft), clitoral and G-Spot orgasms are easily attainable. The rotating shaft has six easy-to-adjust speeds.

Want more innovation for your money? The Impulse Jack Rabbit's glow in the dark button control will aid you in your sexual quest, regardless of how much light is present. No more fumbling around in the dark with control buttons. Improved vibrations, pulsations, and escalation--the Impulse Jack Rabbit provides all the energy needed for one wild sexual experience. Release the animal within!

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Editorial Review

Pft. I scoff at the scoffers. The Impulse Jack Rabbit is one of VibeReview's best dual stimulation vibrators. The color scheme looks more like a rocket than a rabbit, but, still, it matters most how functional the vibrator is. And the Impulse Jack Rabbit is highly functional, so prepare yourself for intense stimulation, the kind of stimulation that only a finely tuned piece of machinery can provide!

Six different rotation speeds provide plenty of internal stimulation options--something for every kind of pace-driven twist. Changing speeds while the shaft is inside of the vagina sends an immediate rush of adrenaline to the brain. I like to keep my vagina guessing. The same amount and kind of stimulation makes the experience boring. With the Impulse Jack Rabbit at my side, I have the ability to change the pace as often as possible.

The clitoral extension of this vibrator has so much power and texture that orgasm is possible within minutes. The flexible bunny ear extension softly flicks back and forth, providing intense pulsations. Using both the rotating shaft and the clitoral extension simultaneously transports me to a sexual dimension of total relief.

I've reviewed many new vibrators this summer and Impulse Jack Rabbit has to be one of the best we've added to our catalog in the last year. Put simply, the Impulse Jack Rabbit vibrates, twists, and pulsates at a level hard to find in most vibrators.

Additional Details

Size:  11" total length
7" insertable length
1.5" width
4.5" circumference
Battery Info:  4 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. The Beautiful Kind
I've tried a few different penetration with clit stimulation toys, and this one is the best. It's high quality, classy, comes with all the bells and whistles, and hits the right spots. I like that it's quiet, high tech, very satisfying. I like using it solo. The only bad thing is that it's made of that material that is a cat hair magnet, ha! Oh and this toy has been endorsed by Alexyss Tylor!!! See her you tube video, keywords jackrabbit vagina power
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous
I am not much into vibes, but I had to hear what all the hype was about with rabbits. So, I searched around and chose this one and at a great price too! I was initially worried that it would be a let down, but boy did it deliver! I am not what what you would call easily excited, but it did the job in no time flat and felt amazing! This thing HAD to be invented by a woman!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Chanel Girl
This toy is amazing! The ears and rotating shaft feel absolutely incredible. This toy made me wet within seconds and I had a very intense orgasm within 3 minutes of turning it on. Highly recomend.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Dana H.
The highlight of my weekend is using this toy. Sad, I know. It's the truth, and I stand by it. If my sexual activity is going to be reduced to using vibrators, I am glad I have this one and not a vibrator with less control options. I can go fast or slow with this toy - or I can go fast on the shaft vibrations, slow on the clitoral vibrations. I can mix it up as I wish. This one was well worth the money I spent.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
This is a very, very, very good vibe. Without a ton of time spent masturbating, I have dual orgasms each time I use this toy. I especially enjoy the shaft head. It has that mushroom head thing going on, and as the shaft turns in circles inside of me, the shaft head rubs against the top of my G-Spot. Exhilarating is the only way I can describe the feeling.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Vixen-am-I
Since using High Joy Internet Rabbit Vibrator, Impulse Jack Rabbit seems ordinary. That's not to say it IS ordinary--it's not, clearly. Just in comparison, Impulse Jack Rabbit doesn't have as many options.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Venus' Glow
I played with many different rabbit vibrators. All have that rotating shaft of immense pleasure, plus the clitoral stimulator. Impulse Jack Rabbit is better than the others, in that it's controls are easier to use, and it has higher power for both the clitoral vibrations and the shaft rotations.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Sarah
I can't stop playing with this vibe. I like it so much that my poor girlfriend can't get it away from me. The dimensions, colors, and power are absolutely perfect for what I need in a sexual experience. Masturbation made fun--Impulse Jack Rabbit keeps things lively and erotic. The only downside is the amount of batteries the toy can go through. Other than that, it's a masterpiece.
Sex toy review: four hearts. TinyTina
It vibrates so quietly. Every vibrator I've owned has been noisy. I've also shaft beads lock-up in the past, on other vibrators. Impulse Jack Rabbit's internal beads run smoothly, and the shaft movement is second to none. The control unit at the base doesn't require a ton of attention to change settings. I recommend this vibrator to any woman wanting a quality toy that will last.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Plai Fool
This is a good vibrator. This is the first rotating shaft toy that I've played with. The results speak loud and clear: nothing beats gspot rubbing, twisting, and stroking. One complaint: the clitoral extension isn't long enough for hard, direct pressure on my clit. Perhaps a longer, more stable, thicker extension would do the trick. Even with that minor flaw considered, this vibe is awesome.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Jenelope
Smokin' hot, ladies. That's what I found out about Impulse Jack Rabbit. It's the original dual stimulation vibe with a few extra perks. The shaft head feels exactly the real thing. Insertion of this amazing vibe is a pleasure all in of itself. They could have come up with better colors, which is my only criticism of the toy.

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