Sex Games: Use this sexy suggestions booklet for your own party of sex toys, vibrators, and G-Spot vibes and Grafenberg spot dildos.

Intimate Coupon Book

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Intimate Coupon Book: Use this sexy suggestions booklet for your own party of sex toys, vibrators, and G-Spot vibes and Grafenberg spot dildos.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Does your lover need a subtle reminder of what you want, what you so desperately desire from him or her? The Intimate Coupon Book offers a new alternative to get greater intimacy from your loved one.

This coupon book has 27 coupons that are cashed in, getting you all the kisses and hugs you need and desire. A spark of passion and dedication, all that's needed to get connected with the one you love, evolves from use of the Intimate Coupon Book.

Gift ideas: Valentine's Day, Bachelorette Party, Wedding Anniversary, Romantic Get-a-way and to escape the doldrums of daily living.

Editorial Review

Sex-related coupon books do help achieve a greater sense of intimacy. It's not the kind of product that one should use all the time, but for a real change in pace, it works. If used too frequently, the Intimate Coupon Book loses value.

My boyfriend proposed the idea for this coupon book a couple of years ago. Our sexual life stalled. We both loved each other, but we hadn't been taking the time to truly appreciate one another like we had in the past.

The Intimate Coupon Book forces us to take time for one another, really paying attention to intimate details that must be in order for a relationship to work. Whenever we hit one of "those" spots, we go back to the basics. It works for us, so we continue to do it, when necessary.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. El Sexo Loco
In the coupon book do I trust! My wife laughs each time I rip out a coupon. Believe it or not, it started as a joke. Now it's a regular affair in our household. We have fun with it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Sexual Zoo
My boyfriend is oblivious when it comes to romance. I had to buy him the coupon book to keep any sort of emphasis on romance. It's done its job so far.
Sex toy review: five hearts. quality kisses
Automatic gift for my husband each Valentine's Day. The coupon book lasts for a year. I've been giving him one for three years now. He likes having an excuse to bug me, and when he presents a coupon...I have an obligation to follow through. In the end, it works out for both of us.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Great gift idea for just about anyone. My mom even gives one of these coupon books to my dad. Respectable, yet playful at the same time.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Jim H.
It's a good concept, but they should make different kinds of coupon books. Like, for example, one that is naughty, one that is romantic, and another that is downright dirty. This one is more about flirting.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I've been giving these coupon books to to my husband for the last couple of years. It takes 3-4 months get through an entire book, but the entire deal can be so much fun, if one allows it to be.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Moonchild of the 60s
I feel so badly for you, Guy. I gave my boyfriend the coupon book to keep him out of my hair. He can use two coupons a week, no more. That means he gets two opportunities a week to have his way with me. He knows not to ask, but if I feel like doing more, I will
Sex toy review: two hearts. GuyJ.
My girlfriend gave this coupon book for my birthday, but she won't let me use the coupons. They may not be the product's fault, but I'm gonna rate it low anyway. Had my girl accepted the coupons, I would have rated it higher. Unfair, but so is the fact that she won't take the coupons.

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