Bondage Sex Toys: Bondage gear makes sex toys, whips, paddles, foreplay, and intercourse more exciting and pleasurable.

Japanese Silk Love Rope

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Japanese Silk Love Rope: Bondage gear makes sex toys, whips, paddles, foreplay, and intercourse more exciting and pleasurable.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Ten feet of silk rope that any bondage lover would enjoy. Japanese Rope Bondage has gathered some interest in recent months, and for those looking to get their feet wet, this will do the trick. While it is true the rope is silky-soft, the strength of the rope cannot be questioned. Any level of bondage activity can be supported and enhanced with this rope.

Editorial Review

Bondage accessories can be complicated to use. I play around in the bondage arena from time to time, so I do have some experience on this matter. The Japanese Silk Love Rope worked perfectly for me. No hassles with the rope kept me interested in the experience. My boyfriend tried to escape the rope's clutches. Alas, to no avail. He remained on the floor, motionless, where he belonged. This rope is an effective restraint.

As far as rope bondage goes, I am fascinated with the Japanese bondage traditions. Since experimenting with the Japanese Silk Rope, I've educated myself on the underground movement that BDSM enthusiasts scream about. If you are looking to try something new, to do it in style and bondage comfort (if that's possible), give this rope a try. Furthermore, jump into the history and application of Japanese Rope Bondage, where a new world of pleasure opens up.

One little thing I feel I should mention... you can get a very similar type of rope at most hardware stores. It will not be in the nice packaging and it will not include the booklet, but if you're in a bind (no pun intended) it will most likely cost a bit less.

Additional Details

Size:  3 meters (~10 feet)
Manufacturer:  Topco

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Lady Sascha
I love the silky soft texture of the Japanese Silk Love Rope. I am very much into textures that feel good (silk, velvet, high-thread cotton) and it feels great to my baby-sensitive skin. Calling it "Japanese" Silk Love Rope may make one think that it is suitable for shibari or rigging, and it is not nearly long enough for that. But it is great for simple bondage techniques and also the rope can be supplemented with the Japanese Restraint Kit. Also it has a cute little booklet with bondage and safety tips, which I really liked.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
A rope is a rope...except when it's not. Japanese Silk Rope is cool, because it can be twisted, knotted up or whatever without the ends fraying. It's a quality rope for a good price.
Sex toy review: four hearts. mafia_princess
Hesitantly I bought this rope for my husband. He wanted to try rope bondage. We play with Bondage Tape, which is great. Rope Bondage is an entirely different monster. We tried it; I liked it. My husband was gentle, as I expected. It's not as serious as I perceived it be. It's as serious as one makes it, I guess. Anyway, we recommend this rope to couples bored with their sex life.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Joshua Williams
I've done research on Japanese Rope Bondage. It's quite a sexual movement that teaches dependence and connectedness. My girlfriend was reluctant to try anything related to BDSM. She eventually changed her mind. We don't get carried away with it, but we do experiment. It is a quality rope that doesn't fray.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
How difficult is it to rate rope? I can't go into any lengthy details. Sorry. Look, the rope works for my husband and I. We get creative with the different rope expressions - the different positions. Satisfied and more.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Determined Pacifist
Take a journey with me. Man is free, yet he is in chains everywhere. Ok, that quote is taken out of context, but my man is free...though, he's not. My new Japanese Silk Love Rope keeps my man where he needs to be...on his knees, leveling his pride. It's a smooth rope that detains a person in comfort. I've even let my guy detain me. If you aren't willing to try it, you shouldn't expect someone else to, I think. It's better rope than some of the crap out there.
Sex toy review: four hearts. speedy_marie
Gosh, it is difficult to review a rope. The rope satisfies my needs in that department. The Japanese Silk Love Rope can be used in different ways. The booklet will illustrate how those uses play out in the bedroom. All in all, a fine rope.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Porno Fan
A rope is a rope. Profound conclusion, huh? It's hard to go wrong with any rope, when you really want to play around. There is some truth to that, but the Japanese Silk Love Rope is long enough, smooth enough, and strong enough to handle my BDSM duties. Rope users prefer strong ropes that aren't rough. I may like to play master and servant, but I don't want my hands and feet blistering from a rough rope. This rope avoids all that nonsense if used properly.

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