Rabbit Vibrators: Rabbit vibrators and adult sex toys are good romantic gifts

Jenna's Beaver Vibe

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Jenna's Beaver Vibe: Rabbit vibrators and adult sex toys are good romantic gifts
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Jenna Jameson's latest vibrator incorporates the newest vibrator technology. Jenna's Beaver Vibe vibrates with authority. The motorized action is superb. This is the little engine that could, and does. Besides having outstanding power, this is also a dual stimulation vibrator. Expect the richest, most sexually gratifying G-Spot and clitoral stimulation.

Shaft rotations generate internal heat, rubbing your sweet spot. You will notice metal balls located in the middle of the shaft. These shiny, slick balls twist and shout deep inside of your vagina, bringing out intense and pleasurable vaginal contractions. The clitoral tickler, as the shaft rotations stimulate your G-Spot, vibrates on your clitoris, making dual orgasms possible.

Jenna's Beaver Vibe is multi-speed and multi-function. The 10 speed controller escalates stimulation activity as you see fit. Independent controls for shaft rotations and the clitoral tickler are found on the base of this powerful toy.

Jenna's Beaver Vibe glows in the dark, so you can masturbate in the dark and still see the base controller. Having enough light to see the controller in the dark is a luxury that many women welcome. After using this special vibrator, you will understand why Jenna Jameson promotes it as her favorite toy.

Editorial Review

More Jenna Jameson. Men and women love her. Her movies have men drooling, women sweating, and both ready for action. It's not surprising that her toys are so popular. It's also not surprising that her personal line of adult toys performs better than many other toys. We've grown to expect only the best products from her and Doc Johnson. Jenna's Beaver Vibe adds to a tradition of quality toys.

Her latest release, Jenna's Beaver Vibe, encompasses everything that is right about dual stimulation vibrators. Instead of copying existing models, Doc Johnson collaborated with Jenna Jameson, creating a more sophisticated dual stimulation vibrator. High-quality material (jelly) and motorized function, along with an easy-to-operate base controller, places this dual stimulation vibrator near the top of its class and style.

The metal rotating beads provide direct stimulation. The rotating shaft is G-Spot accurate: time is not wasted on locating the G-Spot. The rotations will do the work for you. Count on it. The clitoral tickler is positioned perfectly on the vibrator. With the shaft fully inserted, the clitoral tickler rests gently on the clitoris, delivering intense pulsations. Using both tools of stimulation ends in multiple orgasms, for me.

Beginners should experiment with this vibrator. Neither the length nor the width is too much to handle. Most women will appreciate the stimulation that Jenna's Beaver Vibe delivers.

Additional Details

Size:  5" total shaft length
2" clitoral tickler/extension
1.5" width
Battery Info:  4 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: five hearts. Potential Good Girl
The first time I used Jenna's Beaver Vibe, I almost broke it. I climaxed so hard that I came close to breaking the shaft off. It could have been a baseball bat, and if I climaxed any harder, I would have snapped it in half. All those years I was missing out this kind of pleasure?!!!!! Say it ain't so, please. Eh, doesn't matter: I have one now, and I can promise you, it's used daily. I can think of no other better stress reliever.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Leslie Newman
My first one arrived broken! Imagine how disappointed I was. VibeReview made sure that a new one was ordered. I received the new one rather quickly. It was worth the wait. Jenna Jameson must be proud of this creation, because I never want to put it down. I'd like to thank VibeReview for all their help. I understand that stuff happens, but you really worked with me to get the toy I wanted. I can't thank you enough.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I've tried other vibrators. This was my first dual stimulation vibrator, though. All my lady friends at work clamored about this type of vibrator. I decided to try it. I am hooked. I love this toy so much that I recently took it with me on a short vacation. I love how I don't do any of the work. The vibrator handles all the angles and power. Perfect for me, truly.
Sex toy review: five hearts. TinyTina
Wow. Wow. Wow. I am trying to think of another way to describe it. I simply cannot describe the pleasure this vibrator gives me every night. It's really that wonderful. I didn't even know where my gspot was, until I played with this toy. I know where it is now, for sure.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Rhonda Lives
Did Heaven arrive before my death? It did with this massive orgasm-causing vibrator. My friends also have a Jenna Beaver Vibe. They all encouraged me to buy one. I wasn't too excited about the cost, but they said it was well worth the price. Boy, oh boy. They did not lead me astray. With a man or without, I have never experienced such sexual intensity. Let me know when a man's penis can rotate. Until then, Jenna's Beaver Vibe is the one for me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Trish Smith
No one flail me. I have one minor complaint. The shaft could be 2 or 3 inches longer. That being said, Jenna's Beaver Vibe is still superior to anything out there. I would buy this toy over and over, knowing what I know now. If they add extra length, I will give it a solid 5.0.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Sarah

I love ladies. I LOVE Jenna. I own all her movies. I even bought her book. I had to buy her vibrator. I am experienced with dual stimulation toys. 'This isn't my first time around the block,' as they say. Even so, I never anticipated this vibrator feeling better than the original Rabbit vibrator. It does.

The shaft rotations are more precise, the clitoral vibrator is more powerful. Everything about this toy excites me. Of course it is exciting to know that Jenna uses the same toy, but now I understand why Jenna J. approves of it. Good luck finding a better toy. From my perspective, that's nearly impossible.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
It hits my spot exactly how I want it stimulated. The moving shaft is to die for. With the orgasms I have with this vibrator, it sometimes feels like I am going to die...from too much stimulation and pleasure. I don't even know who Jenna Jameson is, but if you ever talk to her, tell her I said, "Way to go."
Sex toy review: four hearts. Love's Unsung Hero
My fabulous husband gave me this vibrator for our wedding anniversary. At first I was like, hey, what in the world? A vibrator for my wedding anniversary? But, yes, that was before I used it. I haven't stopped using it since. I have both types of orgasms while using this vibe. I've even used this toy for anal fun. My husband said all your reviews helped him make a decision. Your approval of this toy made him look like a professional.
Sex toy review: four hearts. swoosie f.
Uh, yeah, like this vibrator made me cum in two-minutes. No man has ever made me climax that quickly. Needless to say, I am happy that I bought this toy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Jenna's Beaver Vibe is my new best friend. Many men have come and gone, but Jenna's Beaver Vibe is always waiting for me to press that "start" button.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Princess Peak-a-Boo
I'd like to thank Jenna personally. I'm sure most of us would. It's about time that a long-lasting, quality vibrator found its way into my bedroom. I've had the worst luck with vibrators. My luck changed with this unbelievable toy. Outstanding. Absolutely, a gift from Aphrodite herself.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Sexy Heather
Omg, ladies. I don't know if you like Miss Jenna like I do, but this vibrator is easily (and it is not even close) the best damn sex toy ever. I even watched a few of her scenes while I used it. Try to imagine the most pleasure your body can handle...multiply that by three. I like this vibe so much that I feel like buying two more, making sure I will always have one available.

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