Dildos: A dildo replica adds realism to your sex toys and masturbation fun.

John Holmes Replica Penis

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John Holmes Replica Penis: A dildo replica adds realism to your sex toys and masturbation fun.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Has anyone watched Wonderland recently? If so, you have been acquainted with John Holmes (played by Val Kilmer), at least from a cinematic distance. John Holmes is a legend in the pornography industry. For the first time, a replica of his well-endowed penis is available for purchase. We had previously received several emails, customers asking when we planned to add this item to our catalog. Well, we now sell it, and we anticipate selling quite a few of these big boys.

The John Holmes Replica Penis is extremely large, so don't be surprised. Constructed of life-like material, with a perfect accentuated penis head and detailed artificial veins, the John Holmes Replica Penis measures 12.5" long and 3.5" wide. At the base of this huge dildo is a reliable suction cup. Mounting this monster is not only possible but also encouraged. Experiencing John Holmes's claim to fame will make you legendary in your own way!

Editorial Review

Wow, I was scared to use this dildo. It seemed too large. Even after applying a generous amount of i-Lube on my vagina, I had a difficult time inserting the John Holmes Penis Replica. It didn't hurt; I just couldn't get it inserted all the way, not for a few minutes. Once my vaginal muscles relaxed, I plunged the dildo all the way inside of me. Vaginal fullness doesn't quite explain how filled up I was.

Penis size doesn't move me much. I've had some of my most memorable orgasms with toys and penises that are considered "average" length and girth. I have to admit, though...the John Holmes Replica Penis, after getting some momentum going, made my vagina pulsate, throb, and beg for more.

The suction cup keeps the dildo in place. I placed mine on the side of my bathtub, backing up, onto the dildo. Intense stimulation is guaranteed with this dildo. I will be using this dildo often, I assure you. While I generally prefer standard toy length and width, I am making a gigantic exception with this toy.

Additional Details

Size:  12.5" total length
3.5" width
Material:  This item is made of PVC, and Silicone.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I've watched a few John Holmes flicks as a young woman. I always had a fantasy about being with a man that large. I've slept with a few men who were quite large, but no man the size of the john holmes dildo. This dildo has to be the most amazing toy I have ever used, and I have to admit that no man has ever made me feel as good as I do when I use this toy.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Don't Judge Me
Yes, I agree: vibrations, for this toy, please?!!! I mean, it is an awesome dong, but imagine how much better it could be. Even though I would like vibrations with it, I am still quite pleased with the quality of this dong. It's large, flexible, and feels real. I have no regrets. But, if they ever make one with vibrations, I will be all over it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Grace J.
Impressive thickness and length, but the creator could have added vibrations to this toy. If vibrations were added, it would be the perfect toy. As it stands (so to speak), it is a good toy that I am glad I have.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Liv-N
Now I have personal experience that explains why John Holmes is so legendary. This huge dildo puts new meaning into "third leg." I wanted bigger. I got bigger. This is an exceptional toy that only the brave should attempt to use. Similar to the last reviewer, I do not use it all the time. There's no way I could. Also I've found that using my Big Indian as a warm-up toy helps me loosen up before using the John Holmes Replica Penis.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Better be ready for extreme size. I have an appreciation for different penis sizes. I don't just like big ole' ones. I did buy this amazing dildo for those moods when I want a lot more, but there's no way I could use this dildo all the time. It's worth buying, I know that much. I have yet to have a real penis make me feel the way John Holmes' replica makes me feel.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Circe

Oh my god, oh my god. I knew it would be huge, but seeing and feeling is believing. Once John Holmes's fake ding-a-ling was in my hand, I wasn't so sure I'd be able to use it. It's gigantic, with a capital "G."

I had to take my time with this one. I am used to larger men. I prefer a longer, thicker penis. But insertion with this toy requires patience. There is no quickie with it. Riding this cowboy is no joking matter. When I orgasm with this toy, it is the BEST orgasms in the world.

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