Bondage Sex Toys: Slip this cuffs around your lover's wrists and tease her with powerful dual stimulation adult sex toys and rabbit vibrators.

Kinky Kitten's Cuffs

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Kinky Kitten's Cuffs: Slip this cuffs around your lover's wrists and tease her with powerful dual stimulation adult sex toys and rabbit vibrators.
Sex toy review: five hearts.

Item Description

Keep your lover on lockdown with this comfortable pair of fleece-lined leather handcuffs. Go ahead, buckle up tight - these sexy cuffs are as tough as they are attractive. Adjustable buckle closures mean sturdy, no-slip comfort. Heavy-duty construction ensures you'll be enjoying these kinky cuffs for years.

When it comes to restraints and cuffs, comfort is paramount. Restraint style factors, also, in greatly. Fortunately, Kinky Kitten's Cuffs exhibit both characteristics. Dependable and comfortable, these hand restraints/cuffs should please you for a long time.

Editorial Review

Phew! I didn't know if I'd ever escape the clutches of these fantastic cuffs. Seriously, Kinky Kitten's Cuffs are strong. There's no easy way out of them, so get ready! The fleece interior--the lining--is extremely comfortable, gentle on the skin, and durable. The lining will not fall apart, if taken care of appropriately. Do not be intimidated, however, these cuffs are easy to use. Only a little more difficult to escape from. But, that's the point. Right?

I've submitted to my husband's naughty demands while wearing these cuffs. I know he appreciates these restraints. In fact, we combined these cuffs with the Cat Woman Kit. Using both Kinky Kitten's Cuffs and the Cat Woman Kit keeps our nights busy with out of character frolicking, sucked into a world of silliness and pleasure in experiencing unfamiliar sexual developments.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous
These are GREAT cuffs. Hard to get out of, and soft as all get out. I really liked them, they do shed a bit though, not that I care! They are great value for the money and I'd reccommend these quality cuffs for anyone wanting to purchase cuffs! Vibe Review ships fast, no problems like I have had with other big 'shall remain nameless' companies on the web!!! Thanks Vibe Review!!!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Much, much better than traditional handcuffs. These have style, yet still handle restraining in a comfortable manner. My husband and I play with our Kinky Cuffs often, and we will not use metal handcuffs ever again.
Sex toy review: five hearts. sexylegs
BDSM products tend to be more expensive than your average sex toys. The Kinky Kitten's Cuffs aren't too bad, actually. I was surprised at the quality, because they didn't cost much at all. It's rare to find products like these cuffs at a reasonable price. Once I found them, there was no way I could walk away. They've worked to a charm in my sexual dungeon (my bedroom, ha!).
Sex toy review: five hearts. Angelika
Control in the bedroom is what I want. The Kinky Kitten's Cuffs enable me to have that control, and to do so in style. The lining is soft, so the user doesn't have to deal with raw wrists. The adjustable buckles make escape a distant option. Too often cool looking accessories fall apart soon after purchase. Not this one, however: it looks good, feels great, and has yet to suffer any damage.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Mia South
"Yes, start your metaphorical engines, let's get kinky."

That was the single thought going through my head, as my lover handcuffed me. Ok, so it might have been a little different, expressed a little faster - you get the point, though, right? Of course.

My lover and I have bought handcuffs in the past, and ALL of them fell apart quickly OR rubbed our wrists raw. Neither circumstance is any fun. So, after we read the detailed description about Kinky Kitten's Cuffs, we both decided that these cuffs were worth the risk. Boy, it has paid off. The inside lining of the cuffs are extremely soft, so the wrist irritation is a non-factor, and the leather outside to the cuffs has yet to fall apart. We use these cuffs on more laid back nights. We'd also recommend the Collar to Wrist Restraint for those more playful nights. We use both on a regular basis, depending upon our mood at the time. Another successful Vibe Review product!!!

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