Bondage Sex Toys: Dildos and adult toy harnesses as couples sex toys

Leg Harness with Dildo

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Leg Harness with Dildo: Dildos and adult toy harnesses as couples sex toys
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Treat your sexy lover to your most erotic lap dance, and while you are at it, you might as well please yourself. Right? Absolutely! It's a win-win situation; both partners benefit. But how will you please yourself? The Leg Harness with Dildo is the key to your arousal and fulfillment.

Since this sexy harness kit comes with a supple, smooth silicone dildo, you are ready to get busy in no time! Have your partner slip the harness onto his or her leg. Instead of wasting your time and energy on a harness with unreliable, tangling straps, try a high performance harness - the Leg Harness with Dildo, which keeps harness activity safe, simple, and sexy!

The harness is made of high quality neoprene material that is both flexible and durable. The straps fasten with easy-to-adjust Velcro material. All in all, you get a superiorly designed harness that focuses on performance more than appearance, always allowing you to experience deep, controlled penetration that some waist harnesses fail to provide.

The dildo is removable. If you want to try a different dildo, simply remove the included dildo and slide in your favorite dildo. Most flared base dildos can be used with this incredible leg harness. For intense textured stimulation, try the Charmer or Compact.

Editorial Review

I recently reviewed the Thigh Harness, which is almost identical to the Leg Harness with Dildo. The Thigh Harness does not come with a dildo, so the Leg Harness with Dildo is more of a kit than anything else. Now, I suggest that experienced women choose the Thigh Harness and buy the Charmer, but less experienced women will probably prefer the Leg Harness with Dildo, mainly because it comes with a standard silicone dildo.

I have a lot of fun with these types of harnesses. Creativity is involved more in the action than is possible with some waist harnesses that impede deep and controlled penetration. Riding the Leg Harness with Dildo is the main course of activity, but there are other possible sex positions. Doggie-style is quite enjoyable with this harness. Point is, you can get downright naughty and frisky with this type of harness available.

Additional Details

Size:  Dildo:
5.5" total length
1.5" wide
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Sportsheets

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous
This is such a great idea. When giving a teasing lapdance or just getting close and making out who wouldn't like a dildo attached to the leg of your partner? For me, this toy was a great tool to add closeness in my marriage. Due to health issues, my husband isn't able to maintain an erection long enough to get me off, so this is a perfect way for us to be close and intimate. The dildo it comes with could be a little bigger for vaginal penetration- however it was perfect for anal sex on his lap.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Lady Sascha
This is actually my second leg harness with dildo. I used the first one so much I wore it out.
I love to tease and deny my boyfriend by wrapping the harness around his thigh, and riding it, while rubbing my leg against his hard penis and testicles. I masturbate myself on the dildo, clinging to him, rubbing my naked body against him, letting him kiss me and touch me, yet his penis only gets the incidental rubbing of my leg.
If you are into tease and denial, or edging, I can not recommend a toy more highly than this one.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Little Minx
I've used this solo (wrapped around a pillow) and with a partner. My male partner likes it when I strap the harness around his calf and ride it while giving him a blow job. I like that the only limits to this harness are the limits of your imagination.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
If I had never experienced the pleasure and sexiness of the Hardcore Harness, I might think the Leg Harness with Dildo is tops. Now, I just think it is good. It is an experimental harness that isn't attractive. I am still glad I have one, but it doesn't hurt to have a few other harnesses!
Sex toy review: three hearts. modest woman
Do you believe it? Such a feeling, such depth, such passion. I believe it, but only because I have already worn out my leg harness. The dildo is average. I actually took the advice of editorial writer, and bought the Charmer. If someone ever says there's not a big difference between dildos, they are so wrong. My Charmer and this leg harness = always good times!
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Cassandra
I experience totally different sensations with the leg harness than I do with waist harnesses. Like someone said earlier, the dildos seem to go deeper inside of me with the leg harness. Movement MUST be controlled. I tried numerous times to go fast, which didn't feel that great. This leg harness is good for extremely slow penetration that is 100% under control. So for me, this is a change up harness, like, something I can use for a different type of feeling not accessible with other harnesses.
Sex toy review: four hearts. feline frisky
A magical harness that requires practice before it can be used correctly. That's been my experiencing. I was frustrated the first week that I had it, as was my girlfriend. I wanted a refund, but I soon found out why so many women like it. I had to learn how to balance myself and slowly move up and down on the dildo. It's not an easy task. I've got it under control now. Total contentment ... and so much more ....
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. adjectival wanderings
Unbelievably fun and stimulating. One suggestion is to make sure your legs are stabilized. It can be hard to ride a moving leg. Find some flat surface for your danging legs to touch. Dildos penetrate me deeper with this harness than waist harnesses.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Heh.
Some of the dirty things I do with my mine can't be described on this site. I shake it up in my house, if you know what I mean. Never a dull moment. I am not like the editorial reviewer, who apparently likes leg harnesses more than waist harnesses. I love the feel of a good waist harness. The Flame Harness Kit is the right way to go. I am greedy, though -- I have to have both the leg harness and Flame Harness Kit, two totally different styles.
Sex toy review: three hearts. lixta love
Not the flashiest harness. It looks like a knee brace used in high school athletics. Despite its unattractive appearance, I think this leg harness with dildo adds a lot of excitement into my relationship. My boyfriend knows how to move his leg in all the right ways. The dildo is smaller than my boyfriend, so I like to warm up with it and after getting naughty hot, we move on to the "real deal."

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