Bondage Sex Toys: Sexual passion dictates that you play with sexy restraints, adult sex toys, vibrators, and the best vibrating cock rings.

Leopard Lady Bondage Kit

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Leopard Lady Bondage Kit: Sexual passion dictates that you play with sexy restraints, adult sex toys, vibrators, and the best vibrating cock rings.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Stylish restraints, everyone needs them. Leopard print toys, once in high demand, are back. The demand for stylish toys increases daily. The Leopard Lady Bondage Kit adds momentum to an already bursting demand for leopard print products. A revival of sorts is in motion, though the Leopard Lady Bondage Kit extends itself beyond considerations of style. Impressive style and comfort, combined with reliable restraint strength and durability, the Leopard Lady Bondage Kit is sexy, erotic, and effective for bondage beginners and more experienced individuals.

These stylish faux fur leopard restraints are as comfortable as they are sexy. Both ankle and wrist restraints come with adjustable Velcro fasteners to ensure a perfect fit. Your lover will enjoy being sensually restrained, visually deprived, and punished for his or her transgressions. It is time to let go of your inhibitions, experiencing all the fun and sensuality of restraint activities.

To complete the ensemble, check out the Cat Woman Kit. The Cat Woman Kit comes with a high quality whip and cat woman mask. Combining the Cat Woman Kit and Leopard Lady Bondage Kit will help destroy any unwanted monotony in your sexual interactions. If nothing else, both kits promise to keep your nightlife interesting and fun!

Editorial Review

Getting naughty with the Leopard Lady Bondage Kit is so much fun. Comfortable, as well. Many of our devoted BDSM followers might not appreciate the simplicity of this kit. I used to prefer leather bondage products. It was so much easier to keep "seriousness" a part of the bondage equation when I used leather products. I've strayed from that approach. I am more interested in having fun. The Leopard Lady Bondage Kit, from its leopard print (animal friendly, faux fur) to its simple restraints, is all about creating a fun atmosphere, an atmosphere in which people can let go. Even be silly.

Beginners will adore this kit. Experienced BDSM individuals who are looking for stylish restraints will also enjoy the Leopard Lady Bondage Kit. Customers are pleased with this kit, and it's not difficult to understand why: Inexpensive, fun, stylish, comfortable--I cannot identify anything negative about this product.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The leopard print is fun, but the kit isn't very reliable for hardcore BDSM. I started with this kit, eventually upgrading to leather restraints that work better. For starters and people wanting to play around, nothing serious, the Leopard Lady Bondage Kit is good place to start.
Sex toy review: four hearts. poison ivy
Yeah, it's a cool little kit. It's hard to go wrong with ankle and wrist restraints. Can you really make a bad blindfold? In this economy, I guess, anything's possible. Well, everything was made of quality material. I have used to kit several times. It's fun, but not something I want to do all the time. A great starter kit for the inexperienced.
Sex toy review: five hearts. sexylegs
It's funny how so many of us ladies relate. Rhonda, my husband went crazy over this kit, as well. We played with the first night, and since then, he just won't leave me alone. I really don't mind, though. We needed all the help we could get - it's just that it came in a kit, which was cheaper than a therapist. Anyways, I'm so glad I took a chance on the Leopard Lady Bondage Kit. I know it can't save my marriage, but it sure as hell can help. Keep the hubby busy and interested - that's my new motto.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Rhonda Johnson
I loved the pattern of the ankle and wrist restraints and blindfold. Leopard everything is my house, so this kit complimented everything I'm attempting to do. Plus, my husband thanks you. He hasn't stopped begging me to pull this kit out. I almost want to send it back, because my husband has been all over me. This is my first review, so I'm not sure what else to say...
Sex toy review: five hearts. sexyoldlady
An easy purchase for me - yes, I'm not into serious bondage activities, but I do rather like to explore the less active aspects of bondage. The Leopard Lady Bondage Kit wasn't too expensive - nor was it too serious for my taste, just a fun way to experience playful bondage. The ankle and wrist restraints fit just fine, and I had no issues with the Velcro itching, which was a concern of mine. I now use the blindfold when I sleep. Everything serves a purpose, I guess.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Ruby
My husband and I have purchased other toys and "stuff" from VibeReview. We've had great luck on your website; the toys we've purchased have enhanced our sex life, and we thank you. Keep up the great catalog and great reviews!!!

So we recently bought the Leopard Lady Bondage Kit. We aren't into really wild sexcapades, but we do try new things. For us, this kit is the closest we've ever been to any sort of bondage action or gear. We opted to try the kit.

We are glad that we did try it. It was so much fun. We took turns cuffing and blindfolding one another; then, while the other was blindfolded and cuffed - ankles and wrists - the teasing and foreplay began. It really got both of us hot. My husband even brought our the Silver Bullet to tease my clitoris. I don't know how often we'll use the kit, but I know that when we do, it will be a great experience. I'd recommend this kit to anyone who is scared or too reserved to try something new.

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