Silicone Sex Toys: Adult sex toys help women's orgasms

Luna Beads

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Luna Beads: Adult sex toys help women's orgasms

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Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Women find orgasm balls useful for vaginal and pelvic muscle development. Why should women consider vaginal and pelvic muscle development important? Healthy, strong, and fit erogenous zone muscles improve sexual performance and increase orgasm intensity. Luna Beads - the new generation of orgasm balls - help women experience pleasurable vaginal and pelvic muscle exercises.

Luna Beads can be used by women of all experience levels. Two sets of weighted balls (two 1 ounce balls and two 1.3 ounce balls) come with a durable silicone girdle that holds two orgasm balls together. Uniquely designed for different resistance levels, you can choose different ball-weight combinations. Beginners start with one lighter ball, leaving the second girdle chamber empty. Training regimens start from light to heavy, but a variety of combinations are possible.

Exterior grooves keep the balls contained within the girdle's chambers. The nonporous silicone-plastic material is hygienically superior to other materials, so internal exercises and stimulation are safe and enjoyable. The soft girdle slides easily and comfortably inside of the vagina, where the weighted balls' inner spheres react to body movement, creating motion-inspired stimulation and exercise. An easy-to-grab cord lets you remove and insert these orgasm balls with ease.

Editorial Review

Kegel exercises have become popular over the last five years. Women want to experience all the benefits of stronger and healthier vaginal muscles. And many women have found that these exercises increase the frequency and intensity of their orgasms, and also help women have sex for longer periods of time. Orgasm balls are one way to speed up the process. In the past, women turned to Smartballs for assistance, but Luna Beads will soon be the number one choice.

Luna Beads are comfortable. Comfort is the most important consideration with sex toys developed for internal sexual satisfaction. Luna Beads' silicone and plastic material is non-abrasive, semi-flexible, and easy to insert. At no single moment did I feel irritated or over-stimulated! I tested each possible weight combination, and I quickly found that I couldn't handle the heaviest balls together, which means that I have some work to do! I assumed I could handle the heaviest weight combination, but I couldn't.

I've been using Luna Beads daily for a month. After trying each weight combination, I decided to start with the lowest two-ball weight. I am currently using one heavy ball (1.3 oz.) and a lighter ball (1 oz.) in the girdle, so I have increased my starting weight, and the improvements are obvious to my boyfriend and me. My vagina feels more sensitive, like I am experiencing new sensations. Those sensations were always there, but now the intensity of each sensation is more enjoyable.

My boyfriend commented that he can feel me clenching on his penis while I orgasm, and he apparently enjoys my new tightness. I notice a difference, too. I can feel my boyfriend's penis pulsate and throb inside of me, whereas those sensations were too subtle for me to identify before training with Luna Beads. I am surprised by how easy it is to use Luna Beads. I expected that they would be difficult to use, that the process itself would be a hassle. It's been smooth sailing the entire month, and I'm not stopping now!

Additional Details

Size:  4.5" circumference
2 balls: 1 oz. each
2 balls: 1.3 oz. each
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, Plastic, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Lelo

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Sex toy review: five hearts. DangerousLilly
Really nice. I like that they give you two sets of weighted balls. You can use one ball or two, and you can mix up the two weights. Therefore, you can have 5 different combinations as you work your way up to using both of the heavier beads. Easy to clean, too.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Shay
Really comfortable to insert and wear - a great item for building up strength in your vaginal muscles :)
Sex toy review: four hearts. carnivalesq
If you're looking for kegal exercisers and are new to the game, this is the way to go. With the graduated weighted balls, you can start low and work higher. Non-porous materials are a plus, and they're easy to insert. I noticed a difference after some moderate use, and I imagine longer, continued use will show even better results. This is a quality product. They do feel strange inside at first, but you get used to it after a while.
Sex toy review: four hearts. mina
It is customary for me to wear my Smartballs all day while I am at work. This time, for the Luna Beads first try, I wore it on a Saturday which is my day off. I wore it for most of the day. Like the Smartballs, the beads rattle around within you. It is an interesting sensation to get used to. It's a strange feeling to feel something moving around every time you move. Eventually, your body always gets used to it and by the end of your time wearing them, you barely notice they are there.

These beads, like the Smartballs, work your inner muscles ladies! It's a little workout for your vagina. After you have been wearing them for awhile, they tighten you up. Here is the benefit for you men out there... your lady gets a nice tight vagina. At least that's what Sylvanus has told me. He says I get nice and tight and his cock has all the benefits.

The downfall to the Luna beads is the leash, the little loop that you use to pull the bead out from your body. The leash for the Luna beads is made from what looks like a type of string. This has me a littler nervous about cleaning it, as well as maybe it breaking sometime in the distant future.

Another downfall I noticed, the beads seemed to have collected some fluid within them. I'm not sure how or what, but there was clearly a little bit of wetness inside of the beads. I don't think that is normal. I don't see how it is possible since the beads are not designed to come apart. They have since dried.

So all in all, the Luna beads have an advantage over the Smartballs, because they offer a heavier set of beads. If I had to pick one though, I'd have to say go with the Smartballs by Fun Factory. They cost less, I like the way they were designed and manufactured and they function just the same as the Luna beads.

Sex toy review: four hearts. sappho
i like these.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Adora
My friend swore by kegel balls. I experimented with Smartballs and didn't notice any changes. Then my friend tells me I ordered the wrong orgasm balls. Ugh. So now I have Luna Beads. Smooth sailing, I'd say. A tingle erupts deep inside of my vagina when the weights move around. I can't tell if my g-spot orgasms are better, but I am noticing how strong my inside muscles are. I haven't had sex with a man since using Luna Beads, so I'm not sure what kind of improvements were made in that area. However, I can grabbed my dildos by using my vaginal muscles and hold the clench for a while. I get off a lot on doing it while climaxing.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Sweet Lollies
Inserting these Luna Beads made me feel uncomfortable at first. I encouraged myself to keep trying and trying. That's what I did. I enjoy the Luna Beads more than ever and I think my orgasms are more intense than they previously had been. No major difference, but the minor improvements make Luna Beads worthwhile.
Sex toy review: three hearts. The Bizzo
Maybe Luna Beads have helped other women. As for me, I haven't seen any positive or negative results. I am exactly where I began. That tingling sensation that other reviewers referenced ... I do like that part, when the balls are rolling around inside of me. As far as improvement of orgasm intensity or frequency, I can't say that I have felt a change in either area.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Snowy Angel
It's wild how certain sex toys work for some people and don't work for others. Luna Beads help me climax better and enjoy sex more. It's not a pleasure thing, like, the beads itself. I don't get all aroused with the beads. It's after inserting them and removing them, that's when I can tell a difference. I'm a believer. I've seen and felt the improvements for myself.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Animal Rights Lover

Allow me a moment to collect and share my scattered opinions for Luna Beads. Let me start off by saying, I didn't expect much to happen after using these "orgasm" beads, kegel beads, or whatever you want to call them. My boyfriend gave them to me as a present, and his bothersome questions of "Have you given those beads a shot? Even a little?" became too much to handle. I decided to prove him wrong, clearly showing him that orgasm-improving beads were nothing more than a marketing agenda, like the supplement industry.

I first realized that Luna Beads were doing something, right at the moment, when I could orgasm without slow and deep penetration. Please don't ask me to explain! All I know is that faster penetration became comfortable for the first time in my life. This change was followed by a change in how long I orgasmed. My orgasms were usually short, yet strong. That's not the case anymore. I orgasm for upwards of 15-20 seconds now, and it must have something to do with Luna Beads. It's no coincidence that these changes happened directly after playing with these orgasm balls.

Needless to say, I promptly apologized to my boyfriend and thanked him for his keen insight -- though I didn't sugarcoat it quite like that. He knows I appreciate his effort and this time I was willing to lay aside my know-it-all attitude to try a new type of sex toy. I am stuck in my ways, so it is a miracle that I followed through with my promise.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. eustacia-and-flavor
don't expect swift and dramatic changes. mine helped me after a course of months.
Sex toy review: four hearts. DeuceAces
I feel strange sharing personal information with the world wide web, but hopefully my experience can help someone else. So here it goes ... My wife's vagina is ultra-sensitive and tight. It takes her a long time to become aroused enough for penetration. Even then, it sometimes hurts her. My penis is bigger than most men, which further complicates the situation. As you can imagine, our sex life struggles to a certain extent. I assumed that maybe she was having "female problems", so I began reading women's and men's personal experiences with the same issue. I learned so much about myself and my wife. I read a forum post by an anonymous woman on sex-help site. She shared a similar experience to the one my wife and I were going through. In her submission post, she wrote about Luna Beads making a difference in her sex life. Since her vaginal discomfort was similar to my wife's, I assumed that these Luna Beads might make a difference for my wife. We didn't feel any changes until a month after my wife routinely inserted the Luna Beads. For whatever reason (I don't understand the science of the beads), her vagina isn't nearly as sensitive as it once was. She orgasms most times we have sex, and it doesn't take very long for me to insert my penis. I feel like these Luna Beads are miracle workers.

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