Vibrator Reviews: Adult toys and sex toy massagers for masturbation and female orgasms

Magnificent Vibrating Glove

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Magnificent Vibrating Glove: Adult toys and sex toy massagers for masturbation and female orgasms
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Powerful, ever-moving hands never fail. The problem, of course, is that human hands do have limitations. Total body massage and erogenous zone massage are fantastic foreplay methods, but both can be difficult to maintain over extended periods of time. Hands get tired, completely exhausted.

If you desire effective body and erogenous zone massage, the Magnificent Vibrating Glove is the number one solution. It will get you from point 'a' to point 'O' quicker than any handheld vibrator. This amazing glove is waterproof, which means you can play with it in a pool, the shower, a Jacuzzi...anywhere where water play is a factor.

This glove can be used for clitoral or testicle stimulation, even during intercourse. Over 45,000 therapeutic vibrations erupt on your body, from your five-fingertip vibration source. Complete body and erogenous zone stimulation will complete your foreplay and intercourse activities. Erotic massage has never been this effective or convenient! The Magnificent Vibrating Glove helps men and women experience greater relaxation and sexual satisfaction, and can do so in any water environment.

Editorial Review

The Magnificent Vibrating Glove. I read the name, and knew I had to have one. End of story, no internal dialogue: I wanted one, and right that instant. It had been a while since I literally panted and drooled for a new sex toy, waiting for this toy to be delivered. Yes, I obsessed over it.

Once I received it, I wasted no time (and I mean, not a single second) opening my package. I swear I had the glove on my hand before I had fully opened the box. My batteries...ready to go. Prepared--that's what I was, and so I immediately tested the Magnificent Vibrating Glove.

I massaged the interior area of my legs. I ran the glove through my hair. I even teased my nipples, my breasts. Running the fingertips of the glove up and down my tense stomach muscles felt wonderful. I started tingling "down there," so I knew that the time for an aggressive attack was at hand (pun intended).

Using this glove for clitoral stimulation is fantastic. Moving my hand around came effortlessly, and at no time did I feel under or over-stimulated. A very consistent and erotic delivery of vibrations brought me to an overwhelming conclusion--a very intense orgasm that left my thighs shaking (I love those kinds of orgasms, so emotionally complex that my physical body is forced to respond).

The vibrations are not as strong as one might believe. But that is fine. Some vibrators are too powerful, and end up over-stimulating my clitoris and muscles. The Magnificent Vibrating Glove delivers quality vibrations at an acceptable level. And for total body massage (back muscles, leg muscles, etc), this is a great alternative to long, hand-hurting sessions of massage, which can wear a person out before all the fun starts.

The Magnificent Vibrating Glove is a quality sexual and physical enhancement product that I recommend for beginners, especially, but also for more sexually experienced couples.

Additional Details

Size:  One size fits most.
Battery Info:  3 AAA batteries required.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Rogue
A fun teaser for sensual play, rather than deep tissue massage. Tops and dominants would enjoy its versatility as a subtle pleasure enhancer, especially for fingertip-to-genital or -nipple play. However, I found that the Fukuoku tips simply weren't snug enough around the fingertips to prevent them from sliding to one side of the finger or other. It sounds like a swarm of bees.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Domina
This is one of the funnest toys I have ever had. Both me and my S/O played with it together, rubbing each other up and down, and masturbating each other. Tried it in the bathtub too and it is waterproof. A must have for every couple. It will bring a spark of playful fun to your sex life.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Essin' Em
Ah. May. Zing. It may seem a little awkward, but isn't sex supposed to be FUNNY as well as fun? It comes with batteries (huge plus!), fits a variety of hands, and can be used either for back massages (or erotic massages), or in a more sexual sense. I LOVE mine...and am considering getting a second one (left hand) so that I can use them simultaneously. Love love love!
Sex toy review: three hearts. mina
I have to admit, the glove is a definite added bonus to caresses and massages. It feels good all over my body. I was purring underneath Sylvanus’s gloved hands as he rubbed my shoulders and moved up along the back of my neck. I nearly melted as his hand worked up to the top of my head. At times, it got a little intense.. the “swarming bees” kind of make the teeth chatter when you rub the head lol. I think the vibrating glove does a wonderful job at teasing and tingling the body. It feels stimulating over my breasts and nipples. It feels good massaging my aroused vaginal lips, however, we never really wanted to use it to send me into orgasmic bliss, and the glove is not made of a material to get “wet” nor can the glove be cleaned. All in all, I did find it to be an interesting addition to our toy collection. It has added a little something to our touch and massage, and can be a very stimulating experience to more sensitive areas.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Gingerbread Girl
Every couple must get a vibrating glove. No excuses. This glove singlehandedly changed how my lover and I look at foreplay and what we do during foreplay and for how long. When someone gets married or commits, one of these gloves should be a requirement of the union.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I don't have much to add to the reviews. Everyone has correctly portrayed this amazing toy. The one thing that no one has mentioned is that the glove is silky smooth, very comfortable on, kind to, my hands.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. queen of diatribes
How imagined the glove working didn't come close to representing how well it actually performs, or in what situations it can be used. My girlfriend and I both have the vibrating glove. As we make out, kissing - and everything, really - we massage one another's legs, arms, clitorises, nipples, whatever. I have regretted some sex toy purchases, but this one made up for all the bad experiences. I strongly suggest you buy it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. twila wild
Oh my god, get it ... and get it now. This glove vibrator makes sex much more interesting and fun. It doesn't matter if I use the glove for nipple, clitoral, or thigh tickling -- it works great for everything, any kind of touching sensations.
Sex toy review: five hearts. RoseRed
There is nothing average about it. It is quality in every way imaginable. The glove fits fine, the vibrations are strong, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Absolutely a perfect sex toy and massage tool.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Pen is my weapon
Whomever created the Magnificent Vibrating Glove deserves a tongue-twisting kiss from me. I am stunned by how much this glove has added to my sex life. Getting creative with it is the best part. Works wonderfully for clitoral, nipple, and light anal stimulation. Moving the glove subtly to different sex zones is an amazing feeling - a tickle that has an arousing feeling attached to it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Couldn't have asked for more than what I got. My clit thanks the designer. I had high expectations and I got everything I wanted. The easiest path toward answering my sexual needs. Using the glove during sex is even more fun.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Olive
What a wonderful invention! It has brought me some of my most intense orgasms AND massages. I get two worlds of pleasure all in one device. A bit expensive, but I would, honestly, spend even more for it, since I know how well it works.
Sex toy review: four hearts. doitalot
A must own for all couples. Period. End of story. You have no clue what you are missing out on. My wife and I have owned ours for a three months. I can't remember a time in bed when we've had more fun. I somewhat feel like a college kid. Most people assume the vibrations are only for women (their sexy area), but that's not true. This glove, wrapped around my penis, feels fantastic.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Janice P.
OMFG. Like, you people have no idea how much pleasure the Magnificent Vibrating Glove has introduced into my sex life. Hell, not even just my sex life. The massages are to die for, and my vagina has NEVER felt so stimulated. One of the best purchases I have ever made, for anything, anywhere.

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