Sex Toy Accessories: Adult sex toys and durable vibrators can be used with edible panties and other erotic clothing.

Male-Female Edible Undies

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Male-Female Edible Undies: Adult sex toys and durable vibrators can be used with edible panties and other erotic clothing.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Eat your way into your lover's heart. Tease with your tongue, as you gradually consume the last bit of clothing. Edible Male/Female Undies have been one of VibeReview's best selling products. Who doesn't want to mix their eating habits with their sexual nature? It's a simple matter of nature and nurture. Nature versus nurture? We think not. You can have both, when you purchase Edible Male/Female Undies.

Gift ideas: Edible Undies are the perfect Bachlorette/Bachelor Party gift, anniversary gift, and Valentine's Day gift.

Editorial Review

Sure, I enjoy Edible Undies. Who wouldn't? The flavors taste great. Cherry is my favorite flavor. Having my boyfriend eat one piece at a time makes me insane. If I am lucky, he won't tease me too much. He usually does. It only makes me want him more. My boyfriend's favorite flavor is forbidden fruit. I really think he prefers the name of the flavor to the actual flavor.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. PeterB
Some harsh reviews in this thread. Personally, I liked the edible undies. Yeah, they melt under your tongue. Yes, a mess is made. Yes, it gets sticky. For me, that's part of the fun. The flavor isn't THAT bad. I don't plan on eating my wife's panties off of her all the time, but it's cool to play around once in a while.
Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous Reviewer
Disgustingly hilarious. Tastes like crap, but is funny as a gift. The stuff, like, melts on your tongue. Hello? I would like to eat the undies off my boyfriend. I felt like a slurpee spilled all over his crotch.
Sex toy review: three hearts. queen bee
Fun, exciting, and tasty. Cleaning the mess up...not so much fun. It was frustrating. I'm not so sure there's a way around sticky messes. It might just be part of the deal, if you choose to play with edible panties. I might consider buying it again. My boyfriend would make the final decision, as usual.
Sex toy review: two hearts. feminist in the making
I hoped these edible undies would inspire me to eat my way into my husband's heart. Instead, I spent most of the night helping my husband wash off the sticky crap that was left over. It tasted fine. Some people don't like the dissolving factor, but I prefer that method - that way, less chewing. It's the hassle of cleaning that convinced me to rate the product low.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Sean
Anything with sugar will be sticky, so I wasn't surprised. I had fun eating these panties off my girl. That's just me. Everyone is different.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I didn't expect the edible panties to be very good, and they weren't. Decent taste, horrible sticky feeling. I would buy these for a goofy present for someone, but that's about it.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Kilgore Mafia
It tasted like a fruit roll up. I didn't like how it dissolved so quickly. If they made a Pop Rocks type edible underwear, I'd be all over that, yo.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Heh.
Maybe this stuff is good for a gag gift, but I didn't like the sticky feeling left over. I was hoping for a better product. Sorry.

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