Male Sex Toys: Vibrators with cock rings are adult sex toys

Maximus Splendor

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Maximus Splendor: Vibrators with cock rings are adult sex toys
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Men and women are raving about the benefits of vibrating cock rings. Many men have, at one time or another, worn a cock ring - either out of curiosity or necessity - for maximum erection power. When sex toy manufacturers decided to add vibration functionality to traditional cock rings, a significant advancement in pleasure potential was made - for both men and women.

Effective vibrating cock rings such as the Techno Lover, Orbit Ring Vibe, and Little Digger shocked the industry. Now the Maximus Splendor promises to continue the tradition, and even reserve a special place for itself within the super-powered cock ring and vibrator combinations. And it is made of high-quality TPR sex toy material that is softer, more flexible, and extremely durable.

The Maximus Splendor is a double-strap cock ring that takes erection sustainability to new levels. Sustaining a studly erection is now easier than ever. Contained within each ring are stimulating beads that add pleasurable pressure to the penis. Each ring has a special purpose: The outside ring slides over testicles, further trapping blood flow in the penis that aids in erection development. The inside ring slides over the penis, ensuring that the best erection is maintained.

Vibration pleasure comes next! A removable vibrator sits in the top portion of the Maximus Splendor. Stimulating nubs cover the top portion that houses the vibrator. One large nub is found at the center, aligned correctly for intense clitoral rubbing. As you make love to your significant other, these nubs, and the central nub, will stimulate her sensitive clitoris.

Your penis (or dildo), during intercourse, will handle all G-Spot stimulation, but the Maximus Splendor will ensure quality external stimulation occurs. Using both forms of stimulation - internal and external - has orgasmic benefit that includes both men and women in the pleasure process!

The Maximus Splendor is waterproof. Now you can take your vibrating cock ring into the shower, bathtub, pool, or Jacuzzi. She will thank you for one wild, wet, and erotic experience. But don't forget: The Maximus Splendor is mutually beneficial for both partners!

Editorial Review

The Maximus Splendor looks like a complicated vibrating cock ring. The dual rings with beads are somewhat intimidating. What goes inside of this ring? And that one? Why have two rings instead of the traditional one ring design? The dual cock ring approach offers the best support for erection enhancement. Men will be surprised at the monstrous erections that the Maximus Splendor helps sustain.

I personally prefer the dual ring design. The vibrator makes sex more enjoyable for my girlfriend, but if I want to feel the effects of the vibrator, I turn the cock ring upside down, where the vibrator touches my testicles. Believe it or not, having vibrations bounce off my testicles turns masturbation into a full fledge erotic experience.

My girlfriend and I have perfected G-Spot stimulation during intercourse. Using the Maximus Splendor for clitoral stimulation and erection enhancement doubles the pleasure and doubles the fun. The beaded rings feel better than non-beaded rings. The increase in penile shaft pressure instantly provides a throbbing sensation that cannot be achieved otherwise.

The Maximus Splendor is not the best vibrating cock ring, but it is one of the better models. The Orbit Ring Vibe is VibeReview's most popular vibrating cock ring. It is also my favorite - even though it doesn't have dual rings. Its vibrations are superior to any vibrating cock ring that I've tested.

Additional Details

Size:  2" length
3.5" circumference
Battery Info:  3 watch batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Plastic, and Rubber.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Shay
The stroker beads didn't do much for him and the on/off button didn't work, but overall this was a good cockring. The bullet placement is great: it doesn't mash into you and I could still feel it in multiple positions. The ring is also phthalates free and feels quite durable.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Starlit
Bless my husband. Bless this site. Bless the...well, it is already blessed - the Maximus Splendor. Talk about one wild ass ride. I don't much like my husband wearing it when he's on top. I do, however, love him wearing it while I ride him. I get to feel all the vibrations. And his penis feels thicker. This girl is pleased.
Sex toy review: four hearts. tristan q.
My wife encouraged me to buy a vibrating love rings. One of her friends recommended the Maximus Splendor. I went with it. I didn't know what to expect, honestly. I've never been one to need sex toys to have a good time, or to connect with my wife. I must admit that it sure set my wife on fire. I didn't get much from it. My wife did, though, which is important to me. If she likes it (and she does), it's here to stay.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
It is an okay sex toy. I didn't blow my girl away -- nothing like that. It helped only a little. I hate the preparation part of it all: sliding it onto my penis, situating it just right, etc. Even then, the vibrator has to be moved in order for it to directly touch my girl's clit. I don't regret the purchase, since it didn't cost me that much money, but I did expect a little more enjoyment from it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Romantic Fool
The wife and I needed a little something extra to keep the juices flowing. We chose the Maximus Splendor because it looked high-tech. I've worn rubber cock rings before. I knew from experience that they do help me maintain one hard dick. Maximus Splendor feels so much better than regular ole' cock rings. Plus, my wife's clit gets tons of vibrative attention. It was an easy choice for us, and a good choice, it seems.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Monkey Around
Damn straight it is tops in my book. I have also experimented with other vibrating cock rings, but none compare (high standard-wise) to the Maximus Splendor. The circle of tiny balls on the cock ring are more fun than anything else. My girlfriends (Yes, I have several. Jealous?) all freak out -- in a good way -- from the ongoing barrage of vibrations. Try this one before the others.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Ben Jammin
Don't waste your time or money on the Velvet Touch: it sucks, blows, whatever - and not in a good way, either. I made the mistake of purchasing it before the Maximus Splendor, which happens to be much, much more comfortable around my dick, and has stronger vibrations for my wife. The Maximus Splendor is the way to go.

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