Female Sex Toys: Strapon vibrators, dildos, and adult sex toys stimulate erogenous zones

Micro Butterfly

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Micro Butterfly: Strapon vibrators, dildos, and adult sex toys stimulate erogenous zones
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Flutter your way into an orgasmic paradise. The Micro Butterfly--a smaller version of the original Venus Butterfly--will transport its user to a more enjoyable bedroom dimension that so many desire. Built with a flexible harness and exotic butterfly vibrator, the Micro Butterfly is the perfect hands-free vibrator.

A micro vibrator, contained within jelly butterfly, enables this creative design to vibrate your clitoris into total submission. The multi-speed options are controlled by a remote. The entire labial area feels the vibrations; thus, the ultimate stimulation.

If masturbation purposes are not enough, the Micro Butterfly can, and should be, worn during intercourse. Penetration combined with hands-free vibration? Say it isn't so! Yes, that is the case. 'Amazing' doesn't begin to describe this revolutionary toy.

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Editorial Review

The Venus Butterfly has been one of my favorite hands-free toys; however, after playing with the Micro Butterfly, I feel like I found the best hands-free toy in a smaller package. During sex, the Venus Butterfly is large enough that it can get in the way. The Micro Butterfly, however, is small enough that I get all the vibrations I want, also staying out of the way during penetration.

The harness is adjustable. It took a few minutes to get the right harness adjustments, but since then, I haven't struggled at all. The straps are comfortable: No scratches or pinches of my delicate skin! The jelly material that covers the micro vibrator is flexible, and feels wonderful. The remote control allows the user to change speeds without stopping the stimulation.

I found that moving my hips in a circular motion adds to the excitement. As the vibrator hums on my clitoris, hip movement forces the vibrator to stimulate different sides of my clitoris and labia.

This is a quality product with many different options. I recommend this product to anyone sick of using her hands for stimulation.

Additional Details

Size:  2" length
2" width
Battery Info:  3 AA batteries required
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Memo to all women: For goodness sake, play with this vibe. Never has a clitoral stimulator sent me into orgasmic shock, when my vaginal muscles contract from such direct, powerful stimulation. Unbelievable, honestly. Try it for yourself.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Glenda Fox
Never thrashed about in such a spastic way, never. With the toy strapped on, the vibrations are consistent, driving me wild. Like another reviewer said, the hand controller needs improvement. The cord sort of gets in the way. Despite my obvious irritation with the cord, the Micro Butterfly has plenty to offer anyone who plays with it. Cords or no cords, I use it several times a week.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Trish Smith
This toy is my version of Cannonball Run. I race across the country (not literally, of course) with this powerful vibe strapped on me. A damsel in distress. Deep clitoral massage. A race to the finish line, only I win first place in each race. Perfect in every way.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Love's Unsung Hero
I used to own the Venus Butterfly. While I did love it, mine broke after over-use. Ha. I used it every day for a year, almost. I wore that toy out, big time. I considered buying it again, but I decided to try the smaller version of it -- the Micro Butterfly. I like it even more than the Venus Butterfly. The smaller size makes it more accessible for clit stimulation during sex. I know my boyfriend likes me to wear it as we do our thing. I get real...um...frisky...loud...yeah, a better experience for both of us.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Olive
The Micro Butterfly looks good, feels great, and sends me into awesome multiple orgasms. No toy has been able to consistently stimulate me to the point of multiple orgasms...until I used this vibrator. I got more than I thought I would.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Dana H.
Bow down. I offer my devotion to the Micro Butterfly. It's 'bout time that I find a vibrator of convenience. I was sick and tired of having to move my vibrator all 'round just to get the right stimulation. This toy's harness keeps the vibrator in place, and I am completely comfortable the entire time it is on me. A+ from me, and if there was a higher grade I could give it, then I would.
Sex toy review: three hearts. elle's broken leg
Fun toy to have. Nice power. A good hand controller. Better than most, not as effective as the Kangaroo or Big Indian, my two favorite toys of all time.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Dee K.
The Micro Butterfly is a good vibrator--one of those rare toys that delivers powerful vibrations as promised. The harness, though, is a tad uncomfortable. The straps pinch my skin a little. I had to loosen the straps to prevent further pinching of my skin, which reduced the amount of contact the toy has with my clit. With all this being said, I am still happy to own this toy.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Eat my Person
My wife is still thanking me for purchasing the Micro Butterfly for her. I've walked in the bedroom, after coming home from work, to find her playing with it. Watching her roll around on the bed with this toy strapped on her gets me horny, really horny. Fortunately, she's in the mood for more sex since I bought this for her.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Absolutely adorable, cute -- a real treasure to have available for my alone time or intercourse. My husband is jealous of this toy, I swear. No man or woman could make me cum as quickly as the Micro Butterfly. Maybe that's what my husband picked up on, that he can't bring orgasms as quickly. Hey, as I see it, this toy does not replace good sex, which he provides all the time. But make no mistake, it enhances masturbation, and I get clitoris and internal stimulation if I wear the harness during sex.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Deadora F.
Wear this fantastic toy during sex. You will not be disappointed. I figured it would feel good, but never did I expect that it would send me into multiple orgasms. I kept climaxing, climaxing, climaxing. Only one negative comment: it could use a better controller, maybe a cordless one. But this harness vibrator pleases me more than anything I've ever purchased, minus my new home and car. I guess that's go without saying.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Dealing with the harness straps can be frustrating; however, the frustration turns quickly into orgasmic power X 10, once the butterfly works its magic. During sex, when I am on top of my husband, I have no choice but to act like a crazy woman. He appreciates it, I think. I get more aggressive with the toy on me during sex. This toy is absolutely worth all the attention it gets. I'm worth all the attention it gives me.

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