Gifts & Gags: Dildos, vibrators, and vibrating cock rings are sex toys for couples

My First Couples Kit

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My First Couples Kit: Dildos, vibrators, and vibrating cock rings are sex toys for couples
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Couples send emails to VibeReview all the time. Most couples want to know what toys our professionals recommend for beginning couples who want to experiment. The My First Couples Kit is typically VibeReview's answer. This kit comes with a quality bullet vibrator and easy-to-use vibrating cock ring. Both toys are connected to a single remote control, which makes toy operation and mobility convenient.

The bullet vibrator is coated in a soft plastic. Teach your partner how to pleasure your sensitive clitoris, or experiment on your own to find out what works best for you. Bullet vibrators are used by beginners and experienced women--they are heavily relied upon for immediate clitoral stimulation and satisfaction.

The cock ring serves two purposes: First, it aids in producing a healthy, firm erection that drives women crazy. Additional girth is what ladies want, and this cock ring is designed to help in that area. Second, men can wear this toy during sex (and even while they masturbate, using the vibrations as secondary stimulation for their testicles and shaft). Using this cock ring in combination with penetration helps men focus on pleasing their partners G-Spot (penetration) and clitoris (the vibrations produced by the cock ring).

The controller does use wire technology, but don't be alarmed: The manufacturer of this fabulous couples kit planned in advance. You will have plenty of length, so limited mobility will not be a problem. The controller itself is small enough that hand-held multi-speed operations are convenient. A grip pad is present, so slippage, during all the fireworks, will not be an issue.

Editorial Review

When my boyfriend and I started experimenting with toys together, very few couples kits existed. We had to use our collective imagination and common sense in order to achieve satisfactory results. Fortunately, kits for couples are now a common product. The problem is, most of the kits available for purchase are constructed poorly. It's almost as if the manufacturers said, "Oh, this is for couples. We can cut corners in the designs, and not worry about the quality of the individual toys contained in the kit."

The My First Couples Kit is one of the better kits VibeReview has added to the site. It doesn't come with boring, one-time-use toys that collect dust in the closet. The vibrating bullet and cock ring are both quality beginner toys that will educate both partners on the benefits of vibration technology. Learning to use both toys is a painless process, and it is so much fun--something that partners can do together, creating a new dimension of intimacy and trust that encourages couples to be open-minded, and to function as one.

This kit is a fantastic starting point. Once the basics are mastered, couples should experiment with more advanced toys. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the My First Couples Kit is a great start--especially for the price.

Additional Details

Size:  2" total length
3.5" circumference
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
This kit helped my wife and me learn about our bodies. You would think that four years of marriage would already have taught us everything we needed to know. But it hasn't. I learn by watching, more than someone telling me how to do something. I was able to watch how my wife uses the toys, to figure out how I can better please her. The added width created by the cock ring feels better to me and her. A great investment, IMHO.
Sex toy review: five hearts. cara kisser

Ab-so-lut-ely fa-b-u-lous! I am in love with the My First Couples Kit. My girlfriend uses the cock ring on her dildo, while I play with the bullet. Talk about effective mutual masturbation, and even in style.

I used to own a vibrating bullet, so I wasn't too surpised by its stimulation potential. I hadn't, however, used a vibrating cock ring...maybe because I am a lesbian, whatever. It works for both of us, and that's what's most important.

Sex toy review: two hearts. Sgt. Major
I didn't like the cock ring - not at all, not even a little. My girlfriend seems to enjoy it, but it felt like my penis was going to explode. Not sure if that's normal or not, but if it is, I am not a fan of it. The cool bullet is fun to tease my lady with. Fortunately, this kit was inexpensive.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Vick Williams
I don't like the way the cock ring feels. Too bulky, too tight. My wife, though, really enjoys the cock ring and the other toy (a bullet, if I remember correctly). If she's happy, I am. Didn't cost me much money, which is a good thing. Some of these toys are really expensive. Probably my favorite part is watching my wife please herself with these two toys. It's taught me a few new tricks.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months. This is the longest relationship that I've ever been in. Sad, I know. Nevertheless, we were ready to start experimenting. A friend recommended the My First Couples Kit. I had been looking at Vibereview for a while, wondering what might work best for my boyfriend and me.

I bought the kit, and we've spent more time in the sack than anything else. New experiences, overall. The vibrating cock ring was a first for both of us, but we dig it. I feel like an explorer or something, like I've finally found that lost pyramid. In my case that would be fantastic sex. Try this kit. It helps my boyfriend and me. We learned about one another's bodies, and felt really connected to one another through the process. A beneficial purchase, I'd say.

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