Sex Toy Accessories: Tickle and tease your partner while they masturbate with the best sex toy vibrators, dildos, and vibrating cock rings.

Ostrich Feather Ticklers

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Ostrich Feather Ticklers: Tickle and tease your partner while they masturbate with the best sex toy vibrators, dildos, and vibrating cock rings.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Emotionally charged sexual interaction requires a certain amount of willingness to experiment and creativity. Teasing and tickling. Everyone needs it from time to time, right? Of course. Ostrich Feather Ticklers, relied on throughout history for unbridled tickling and teasing, serve their purpose well. Sensual, erotic, romantic--create the moment in whatever fashion you desire.

Give your lover a sensual tickling to remember with one of these super soft Ostrich feathers! Available in various stylish colors! Your lover aches for experimentation. Ostrich Feather Ticklers help many couples escape relationship doldrums, keeping sexual activity creative, fun, spontaneous.

Editorial Review

Nothing pleases me more than sharing my romantic moments with someone who cherishes experimentation. Close-minded sexuality, in my experience, fails to help individuals and couples evolve. While Ostrich Feather Ticklers are not a serious jump into unknown waters, these amazing feathers are a start for many men and women. For me, it is like painting. My brush is an extension of myself. Similarly, my Ostrich Feather Ticklers are an extension of my sexuality, my desire to please my partner and myself.

A few minutes of tickling and teasing gears me up for intimacy. Of course, I do not play with these feathers each time I have sex. But, I do play with them often enough that I can honestly suggest that these feathers are part of my sexual diet, a necessity that keeps me mentally, physically, and emotionally stimulated. Ostrich Feather Ticklers are inexpensive, simple to use, and a ton of fun.

Additional Details

Size:  12"-14" feathers are attached to a 19" flexible black plastic handle.
Manufacturer:  Sportsheets

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Domina
As far as feathers go, this one is very nice and lush and thick. Mine did not fall apart and feels fairly sturdy. It is very fun to play with especially with someone who is blindfolded and expecting something far worse ;) Great for sensation play!
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My feather fell apart. And, no, my cat did not tear it apart. I bought another one today, so hopefully it lasts longer than my last one.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Mighty Melinda
As long as the feathers stay put, I am happy. I don't abuse the feathers all that much, so I expect them to last. So far, they've met my standards. They feel wonderful. thanks.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Diamond Lil
I love teasing my husband with these feathers. I tickle him all over. It drives him nuts - metaphorically and literally. The addition of feathers into our sex life has forced us to consider other areas of sexual development. It's opened our eyes to another realm of pleasure. Strange. I never thought feathers could be a sign of better days ahead.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Bridget Oremon
There's nothing tremendously special about feathers. However, they do serve a purpose in the bedroom. Since they don't cost very much and they're easy to use, I don't mind getting them. I do enjoy using the feathers with my Silver Bullet. It makes for a more interesting night - that much is certain.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I own a classy gentlemen's club in Dallas, Texas. All my girls use these Ostrich Feather Ticklers. Luckily, Vibe Review always has some available, which lessens my driving time. Some of the girls use them during their courtesy lap dances, while others use them on stage.
Sex toy review: five hearts. seductress
Some people (men and women included) have little appreciation for the art of foreplay. Not me, though. The more foreplay...the better.

The Ostrich Feather Ticklers make foreplay extremely interesting. I use the feathers in many different places, for varying lengths of time. Sometimes I tickle myself, other times I tickle my boyfriend, and yet, still, other times I tickle myself while also tickling my byofriend. Anyway, you get the picture.

The point is, the feathers have worked for me. The feathers are a simple tool that have helped my arousal, and my senses have never been more alive since implementing the feathers into my sex life.

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