Prostate Massage : Anal sex toys aid in prostate massage and prostate milking

Perineum and Prostate Massager

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Perineum and Prostate Massager: Anal sex toys aid in prostate massage and prostate milking
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Your time to shine is now. You keep asking yourself, "Why do women get to play with special toys? What about the fellas?" Well, prostate stimulation sex toys have helped men of all sexual orientations improve their orgasms. The Nexus Vibro, Pandora, and Clover are three popular prostate stimulators; however, the new and exciting Perineum and Prostate Massager is getting a lot of attention from men who enjoy external (perineum) and internal (prostate gland) stimulation.

Prostate stimulation has become a popular form of male arousal, but men are generally less familiar with perineum stimulation. Sensitive perineum tissue is located directly between the anus and scrotum, a medium-sized area of skin and muscle that responds favorably to vibrations and soft stroking. This sex toy for men has a curved tail-like tip that massages the perineum - or when used for penetration, the prostate gland. Moderately strong vibrations travel throughout the shaft into the soft tip, which titillates your chosen erogenous zone.

Due to its somewhat wider shaft, beginners should use the Perineum and Prostate Massager for only perineum stimulation, starting with a less aggressive prostate stimulator for penetration - like the Aneros or Titus. Once beginners are more familiar with prostate massage, they will be ready to use this sex toy for prostate stimulation, as well. Additionally, the Perineum and Prostate Massager is waterproof. Feel free to play with this exciting adult toy in your favorite watery environment: the shower, bathtub, pool, or Jacuzzi.

It is made of high quality phthalate-free plastic material. You can adjust vibration intensity by twisting the base dial controller to your desired level of vibrations. Sex toy cleaner and personal lube are recommended with the Perineum and Prostate Massager. Try these two popular brands to keep your sex toy fun safe and enjoyable: CB Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner and Climax Bursts Anal Lube.

Editorial Review

Prostate massage. Prostate milking. Prostate stimulation. Now, throw in the added satisfaction that evolves from perineum stimulation. Over the last three years, I've seen more and more men interested in experimenting with anal sex toys, primarily those unique adult toys designed for prostate massage. The Nexus Vibro, Aneros, and Pandora - much like G-Spot sex toys for women - taught men how to make the most of their pleasure, and are continuing to prove that prostate sex toys are among the most helpful sex products sold. The Perineum and Prostate Massager is a versatile adult toy that can be used for both prostate massage and perineum stimulation.

How does this sex toy compare to others like it? I consider the Perineum and Prostate Massager to be a quality toy for beginners. I can't imagine many experienced men wanting it for prostate milking purposes, but many will enjoy it for perineum stimulation - particularly when used during oral sex or intercourse. The perineum is located between the anus and scrotum, a medium-sized patch of skin and tissue that responds well to soft vibrations. The Perineum and Prostate Massager's tip is hooked and rounded for gentle perineum massage, or can be used for prostate milking. Don't expect hardcore vibrations, as this is more of a slow-building type of sex toy.

Price-wise, it's hard to be disappointed with its performance. I suspect that many beginners will be interested in "testing the waters" before spending a lot of money on higher-end (no pun intended) prostate stimulators, which tend to be expensive. I've been using prostate stimulation sex toys for several years, so the Perineum and Prostate Massager was more of a tease than anything else. I am spoiled by my Nexus Vibro, so the Perineum and Prostate Massager pales in comparison. My orgasms are super-super strong with the Nexus Vibro, but I struggle to climax at a higher level with the Perineum and Prostate Massager. Now, I will say that this toy is fantastic for perineum massage, and I enjoy it when my girlfriend rubs the tip in circles on my perineum while she pleasures me with oral sex. I recommend trying it.

All in all, this is a very basic sex toy that I recommend to beginners. Experienced men will want to try more advanced prostate stimulators. Though the premium prostate sex toys cost a lot, they are definitely worth the investment - as they can be used while masturbating, during foreplay, or during sex. Most of the time, these toys can be used hands-free, too. The Perineum and Prostate Massager is really a one-trick pony that, in the end, is less effective than more advanced anal sex toys for men. I like having it around, though, for specific situations (like oral sex), but if mine broke, I wouldn't lose sleep over it. If you have the money and want to try a powerful prostate massager that's moderately priced, go for the Pandora.

Additional Details

Size:  Small:
4.5" total length
3.5" circumference

6.5" total length
3.5" circumference

Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Monkey Around
Yeah, I share the same viewpoint with Jeremy. The Perineum and Prostate Massager is best used as a perineum sex toy, not as a prostate milking sex toy. It can be used for both - though there are higher quality, ergonomically designed prostate sex toys than this one. I'd go with a different toy for that kind of stimulation.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Jeremy R.
I'm not overly surprised by this toy's one dimensional stimulation power. I wouldn't recommend it for prostate milking. The shaft tip supports prostate stimulation, but the shaft itself isn't curved enough for my liking. The Pandora can do everything this toy does and seems more durable and powerful. This one is just average for me.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Nathan R
I got the smaller model. It is a unique kind of toy that makes unique sensations. I only like perineum stimulation during oral sex, but the head can be used for light prostate stimulation - nothing like the Nexus Vibro, which is the best prostate sex toy in the world. The Aneros is right up there too.

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