Bondage Sex Toys: Anal sex toys can be used as dildos, butt plugs, prostate stimulators, and vibrators for intense stimulation and pleasure.

Ponytail Plug

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Ponytail Plug: Anal sex toys can be used as dildos, butt plugs, prostate stimulators, and vibrators for intense stimulation and pleasure.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

A must-have for equestrian role-play, these beautiful Ponytail Plugs have a sexy hourglass figure to ensure they "stay" put while you play. Using the plug as a handle, they also make great horsehair whips, doubling your pleasure. Whip your slave into submission. Tickle yourself with the horsehair. Masturbation is enhanced by the dual nature of this butt plug.

Experience all the pleasure offered by a quality butt plug. The Ponytail Plug has all the contours necessary for sensual anal stimulation. When it comes to quality anal plugs, a flared base is essential. The Ponytail Plug is designed with a flared base that keeps anal play safe and enjoyable.

Editorial Review

I did not play with the small Ponytail Plug. Since both small and medium Ponytail Plugs are the same design, differing only in size (length and girth), I opted to review the medium sized Ponytail Plug. I prefer medium-sized butt plugs, so it only seemed natural to focus on the plug size that pleases me best.

There's no setting sun, not when I play with the Ponytail Plug. Pleasure seems to continue forever, stimulating my anal nerves to the point of exhaustion. This plug is designed perfectly for a tight fit. It has never slipped out of my tight anus, regardless of how active I get. That's important to me, and I know that's important to other seekers of anal pleasure. A plug must fit. This one does.

The horsehair is fabulous. No need to purchase any whips, obviously. When I am not using the Ponytail Plug as a butt toy, you can bet that I am spanking or teasing my husband with the horsehair. Unlike leather cat tails on whips, this horsehair doesn't sting too much on contact with flesh. My tolerance for pain is low. My husband, he's not into combining sex and pain. He has never complained about this horsehair hurting him.

The Ponytail Plug, even the medium size plug, is an anal toy that beginners can use. Of all the butt plugs I've reviewed recently, it is probably my favorite.

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Sex toy review: three hearts. The Beautiful Kind
We used the larger size, which was a little intimidating for the novice. More of a novelty toy than awesome for the tush. Very cute, kinky, fun. Fun to have sex wearing it, makes you feel VERY filled up. This one gets two hooves up for quirkiness, HA!
Sex toy review: three hearts. naughty hillary
The plug could be better. The shape needs work. The tail feels great as a whip. Would I still purchase it? Yes. I do get enough pleasure out of this toy that I would buy it again, if the time came for a replacement.
Sex toy review: three hearts. miss respect
I like how the butt plug can be inside of me, but my girlfriend can spank me at the same time with the ponytail extension. For me, the plug could have been a little larger. That's the criticism I have of the toy. Otherwise, I am satisfied.
Sex toy review: three hearts. gooberry
I spank my wife with ponytail part of this plug. I still don't get why she likes the plug part. She puts it inside of her butt, during or even after sex. She wanted it, so I bought it for her.
Sex toy review: four hearts. plush bitch
What other butt toy also has a built-in whip? I haven't found one but the Ponytail Plug. The butt plug fits nicely in my tight bum, and I love to use the ponytail to stimulate my clitoris. I'll often have the plug inside of me, pulling the ponytail part through my legs, tickling my vagina to total satisfaction. This is a great toy for experimentation.
Sex toy review: three hearts. keith sweitzer
My boyfriend really likes the Ponytail Plug. I am not convinced of its greatness. Stylish and unique, I would agree. The plug, itself, needs work. Average, at best.
Sex toy review: four hearts. jrobi
My boyfriend and I have been experimenting with butt plugs for the last few months. He uses them on himself and me, depending on where the mood takes us. We finally found a favorite butt plug: the small Ponytail Plug, which isn't too large or too small - it's just right, for us. We even spank one another with the hair extensions - it's almost like we are animals with tails, which also adds to the excitement. In addition, we also use Astroglide for lubrication.

Eventually, we might graduate to the larger Ponytail Plug, but for now, the small version works fine. Anyone in an experimental phase might want to try the Ponytail Plug. We've enjoyed our time with it. Adiossss!

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