Dildos: A metal dildo sex toy has smooth, durable texture and this G-Spot adult toy vibrates.

Quicksilver G-Spot

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Quicksilver G-Spot: A metal dildo sex toy has smooth, durable texture and this G-Spot adult toy vibrates.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

The Quicksilver Phallus has women speechless, simply stunned by the advantages of masturbating with metal vibrating dildos that demonstrate exceptional motorized function. The Quicksilver G-Spot encompasses that same technology - only this time the manufacturer designed the toy erogenous zone specific, the G-Spot.

Effective G-Spot stimulation is all about texture and correctly angled shaft heads. The Quicksilver G-Spot has both smooth texture and a precisely angled bulbous shaft head that make G-Spot stimulation convenient and more pleasurable. Because this sex toy is made of high-quality metal, it will warm up to your body's temperature. As the action increases and you get hotter, the Quicksilver G-Spot slowly warms up.

Vaginal tissue reacts favorably to its smooth, inflexible texture. While some sex toy materials prove flexible and adaptable to vaginal characteristics, the Quicksilver G-Spot is solid, strong, and remains firm under the most intense pressure and increased action. Damaging it seems unlikely, and women will quickly recognize the benefits of non-retreating sex toy material.

Vibrations galore await each owner. Due to the Quicksilver G-Spot's metallic casing, vibration resonance occurs naturally - never-ending vibrations that travel throughout your entire vagina, making each user a believer. A simple-to-use spin-dial controller is located on the base of this sex toy. Since it is multi-speed, operators can adjust vibration speeds according their mood and sexual needs. If experiencing G-Spot orgasms has been difficult in the past, the Quicksilver G-Spot is your answer.

Editorial Review

I can't decide which one I prefer, the Quicksilver Phallus or the Quicksilver G-Spot. Both Quicksilver vibrating dildos are high-quality (and expensive) sex toys. I find that the Quicksilver G-Spot is obviously better at creating G-Spot orgasms, but its cousin is also capable of producing G-Spot orgasms. The Quicksilver Phallus is better equipped for a feeling of vaginal fullness, and it does have ribbed texture. Choosing one over the other seems impossible. That's why I own both.

Functionally, both sex toys perform at the same level, which is far above most other vibrators. Owners of this sex toy will be able to tell an immediate difference in the vibrations, in comparison to similarly styled and shaped vibrating dildos. But, the difference - the higher quality vibrations - is a result of the metal casing, which proves more reliable for intense vibration delivery.

I can safely, and accurately, conclude that both Quicksilver vibrators are perfect sex toys for women who are tired of the everyday sex toy materials, and who also experience vaginal irritation from jelly and plastic sex toys. Everyone's private parts react differently, so knowing your own body is important. And, also, if you are tired of your favorite sex toys ripping or tearing, you will instantly fall in love with the Quicksilver G-Spot's extreme durability.

Additional Details

Size:  7" total length 1.25" width
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Metal.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Judy G.
I waited and waited to purchase a G-Spot vibrator. I never could find one that jumped out at me. Like, say, one that screamed, "Purchase me, purchase me!" until I found the Quicksilver G-Spot on VibeReview. The bulb head was made for my vagina--or it sure seems like it was, because it makes me orgasm in 2 to 4 minutes. I've timed it!
Sex toy review: three hearts. Vivid Imagination
The editorial review for it sounded like the inflexibility of metal makes it a better toy choice. I disagree with that statement. I enjoy flexible toys a little more than these metal ones. Don't get me wrong, though, it is a good vibrator. I get more out of a silicone or jelly toy with flexibility than metal ones. That's my observation.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Yes, I do like it. In no way do I think it is the best G-Spot sex toy. My Vibe Rabbit gives me both clit and g spot stimulation at the same time. I paid more for it than I did for the Quicksilver G-Spot, but it was totally worth it. The Quicksilver G-Spot is still better than most other g spot sex toys.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Temptress Jena
My best friend recommended the Quicksilver G-Spot vibrator. She continuously talked about its vibrations. I said why not, and purchased it. No looking back since I received it. She was right, I am happy, and I now have a very good sex toy partner. Like other larger sex toys, I assumed it would blow through batteries, but batteries last longer than expected. I also bought the Petite G-Spot Avenger, but it's not in the same league as the Quicksilver G-Spot.
Sex toy review: five hearts. universal female celebration
It has proven to me time and again to be better than other insertable vibrators. I feel like a pro when it comes to sex toys - I've purchased so many, and use so many for different reasons. The Quicksilver G-Spot quietly gets the job done with sensual vibrations - not those lamo buzzing kind of vibrations, but the real deep traveling kind. G-Spot stimulation was tricky for me, but this toy makes it a little easier.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Amazing vibrator. It took me over a year to find one that pleases me like I want to be pleased. I found it in this toy. Metal slides in and out easier than other kinds of materials. I didn't think the metal was that cold, like the editorial talked about. I am hoping this beauty lasts for a long, long, long time. I am addicted to it!

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