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Rotating Turbo Stroker

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Rotating Turbo Stroker: Try masturbation sleeves and adult toys for men
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

There's no justifiable reason why men should be excluded from experiencing the pleasurable benefits of the latest sex toy innovation. In the past, sex toys for women received all the glory, but times are changing. The Rotating Turbo Stroker is bringing a new world of masturbatory pleasure to men of all experience levels. Rather than stroke with old, outdated, lesser sex toy sleeves, the Rotating Turbo Stroker is offering men a classier, more arousing way to please themselves.

Multi-speed vibrations and rotating pleasure beads help the Rotating Turbo Stroker accomplish what bare hands never could, creating the ultimate stroking environment that makes men feel their best. Powerful and durable, this mechanized sex toy makes bare hand stimulation feel outdated, archaic, and boring. Thus, men experience a heightened state of arousal that so many strokers promise yet rarely deliver. Penetrating this beauty feels like paradise in the palm of your hand, so every sensation feels unique and brand new.

Its textured cavern is made of high quality Senso material with rows of pleasure beads that rotate while the device enthusiastically vibrates. As you dive deep into its soft, flexible interior, you notice how the rotating beads whirl around your excited penis, massaging it gently, with purpose, forcing your submission into a realm of orgasmic satisfaction. And the internal nubs and ridges add a secondary form of stimulation to the equation, accompanying satisfying vibrations and bead rotations.

Sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for unmatched pleasure. The Rotating Turbo Stroker is designed with your sexual satisfaction as its objective. While plenty of stroker sex toys promise the world, this one delivers sexual salvation with every thrust, rotation, and vibration. Let stimulative movement set you free, so that you can, with firsthand experience, understand why the Rotating Turbo Stroker is such an spectacular sex toy for male masturbation.

Editorial Review

I am a huge fan of the Black Jack Stroker - mainly due to its pump technology. However, I am quickly coming around to the idea that the Rotating Turbo Stroker might be the better sex toy. It feels more powerful than the Black Jack Stroker and the rotating beads are fantastic. This is one of the better mechanical strokers, because I've been down the road of cheaply made sex toys that break easily. That's certainly not the case with this vibrating-rotating sleeve.

Since I have had mechanical strokers break while playing with them, I understand exactly why quality strokers are important. First, to limit my frustrations. Second, to improve regular old masturbation. But in order to accomplish both objectives, the sex toy must be durable. If it can't handle the simplest of movements, there's no point in playing with it. However, so far as I have felt and witnessed, the Rotating Turbo Stroker calms my nerves by dismissing my durability concerns.

The Blow Job Stroker, for example, fell way short of my expectations. Not only did lack a serious stimulation punch, but it broke soon after playing with it for only a week. Because it proved to be a weak vibrating stroker, I was a little skeptical of the Rotating Turbo Stroker. The Rotating Turbo Stroker has all the goodies though, so my skepticism was replaced by confidence.

It has all the mechanical reliability that a guy could want. I've been masturbating with it, and I have not seen any indications that it will fall short of my expectations in the future. The rotating beads make it a solid sex toy that offers a unique way to experience masturbation. I highly recommend both this stroker and the Black Jack Stroker. Men who are unsure of what to purchase should start with either one. If you are going to spend your money on expensive sex toys, you might as well start with products that work and are reliable for long-term satisfaction.

Additional Details

Size:  8.75" total length
5.5" insertable length
11.5" circumference
Battery Info:  4 C batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Plastic.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. yousexyyou
Interesting masturbation toy, but I had read complaints that it breaks too easily, too quickly, so that was one concern of mine. Malfunctions and the like have not occurred, so I am down to represent it as a quality sex toy for men. It could use a few design changes (size and weight, perhaps). Having played with it for several months, I have a reasonable idea of why it is worth its expensive price tag: There's nothing better out there. At least this one didn't break. The motor is seems strong enough to pull a small freight train. It sure tugs at my good ole' boy the right way!
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Man of the Hour
The Rotating Turbo Stroker surprised me. My lady gave it to me as an anniversary present. Probably as a joke, maybe in seriousness. Whatever her motivation, she didn't disclose much to me, except that naughty smiles that spanned across her sexy face. Way better than hand stroking, this vibrating sex toy is fairly intense and satisfying. I'd never turn down sex to play with it, but I'd rather jack off with it than use my hand.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Redneck Z. Hickman
A rotating penis paradise for the plunderer from down under. Yes, I am extremely satisfied. I own this one and the Power Stroker 100X. I like both equally, for different reasons. This one is more powerful and stimulates my entire penis. If you like power and more power, this is the right one for you.
Sex toy review: four hearts. PeterB

The device in the picture looks awkward, large, and heavy. I suspected this before purchasing it. I can work around all the minor flaws. I just wanted a good stroker with power. The Rotating Turbo Stroker is exactly what I envisioned when I made the decision to buy it.

I don't go all ape with it massaging my penis, but I didn't expect that it would be capable of competing with a real vagina. Anyone with unreasonable expectations will be pissed. Nah, I knew what I was getting. The Rotating Turbo Stroker allows me to masturbate comfortably, safely, and without malfunctioning hassles.

Sex toy review: three hearts. linderman
I hate to interrupt this lovefest! You two need to get a room -- and fast. I am pleased by its power and the beads. I get off exactly as I want. The toy's motor keeps my slang energized. There are two minor complaints that I have: 1) cleaning it is not fun. Do not cum inside of it. 2) The weight of the device slows me down. But all things considered, I don't regret purchasing it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. perry
My poor penis was confused. I put this large cylinder around my penis. And then the vibrations started and the beads swirled around. Once the real fun started my penis's confusion turned into pleasure. A huge woody, I tell ya. The Rotating Turbo Stroker turned my penis into a machine, and it felt damn good.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Saint Augustis
My wife has one of those dual rabbit vibrator toys. It has those rotating beads inside of it. When I read about the Rotating Turbo Stroker, I remembered how much she likes those rotating beads. I wanted to see what she was talking about. I didn't expect much; I figured it was a gimmick of sorts. Boy, I was wrong. There's something to this rotating beads business. The beads massage, but it is a massage feeling that is hard to explain. The only downfall or negative has to be its mammoth size. Holding it in place feels awkward. The most important part - that it feels good - carries the most weight, so it does do its job.

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