Bondage Sex Toys: Sex toy kits increase the passion shared between lovers and triple the fun with G-Spot vibrators, realistic dildos, and clit vibes.

Sexy Slave Kit

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Sexy Slave Kit: Sex toy kits increase the passion shared between lovers and triple the fun with G-Spot vibrators, realistic dildos, and clit vibes.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

I can feel my temperature rising! Getting creative in your love life doesn't have to be expensive. Nor should anyone feel uncomfortable during sexual activity. Playfulness morphs intimate couples into passionate couples. The Sexy Slave Kit helps couples relax with guaranteed sensuality and exploration.

This fabulous starters kit contains a blindfold, velcro ankle and wrist restraints with 44" long straps, and a feather tickler, which are available in fiery red. Couples wishing to explore one another in greater detail will love this kit. The restraints are comfortable, the blindfold is incredibly soft, and the feather tickler is erotically teasing.

Editorial Review

The Sexy Slave Kit from Sportsheets is perfect for partners who want to introduce a little bondage in the bedroom. That's what we love about this kit - it gives you all the necessities to tie your loved one up for a vulnerable display of each others sexual powers and desires. It's perfect for couples with little or no BDSM experience, but who want to spice things up a bit by giving fantasy bondage a try.

The blindfold is held together by an elastic strap, and while it is both comfortable and functional, it's not the highest quality blindfold we've ever seen as this kit is really meant for beginners. The blindfold and restraints are both made of valboa, a super-soft thin faux fur-like material, making them extremely comfortable to wear - even for long periods of time (and this reviewer was tied up for quite a while). The wrist and ankle restraints come with 44" long straps attached, giving them ample length to be comfortably tied to a four-post bed, and since each restraint is attached to the wearer by a velcro strap, the fit can be adjusted perfectly.

The only problem you might run into is if you don't own a four-post bed. In this case you'll have to get creative about where to tie these super long straps. Tying up your lover (or being tied up) is only part of the fun though; the best part is all the kinky things you can do to each other once all tied up.

The sensual red feather tickler is a nice added touch. It's mainly soft down feathers at the base, with longer curvy feathers that stretch outward. This little tickler will give some naughty ideas of things to do to your restrained lover, and it makes for a great strip tease prop too. Feathers do molt, and this one is no exception, so try not to get lube on it or you'll end up with a sticky feather mess. You probably don't want to put it in your mouth either as I got little pieces of feather stuck all over my lips.

Overall, this is a great beginner's set to the wonderful world of fantasy bondage. It's a way to experience being restrained - or restraining - without all the heavy black leather and rope that's more traditionally associated with this kind of play. Also, since the straps are fastened with velcro, the restrainee can get loose if they need to, making this all the better for beginners. Bottom line - if you are starting to see the limits of those scarves you've been using to tie each other up, the Sexy Slave Kit is a worthy upgrade.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
This kit was a doorway to better sex. Using the kit regularly introduced my boyfriend and me to a new way to experience physical communication. Getting passed that strange feeling - that awkwardness - took some time.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Adaline
My husband and I have so much fun with the items in this kit. Both of us, bored with the same routine for years, needed a little help in the romance department. We read, and wasted our money on, self-help books, and we also watched some pornography films. Neither worked. We decided on a more creative and playful attempt with our alone time. The Sex Slave Kit helps. Felt a little uncomfortable at first, but we warmed up to it all.
Sex toy review: five hearts. alex_cassius
My ex-girlfriend introduced me to this kit. I went ahead and purchased my own. Since then, I've had all kinds of new sexual experiences. Many women want to open up; they just need a little assistance in doing so -- or, at least, that's been my experience. Plus, the kit forces me to try new things, to keep an open mind about sex, love, patience, and tolerance. Sounds strange, I know; however, I've spent a lot of time using the toys in this kit, and I've yet to have a bad experience.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Angelika
A great starter kit. The kit isn't much to look at, but it does introduce the novice to dark side bedroom pleasures. I started with this kit, upgrading later to Doorjam Cuffs and Kinky Kitten's Cuffs. A cheap kit for beginners that most people can enjoy, even if only used occasionally.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Tracey
My best friend bought this kit for me. It started as a joke, gag gift, but I actually use each item on a regular basis. My boyfriend and I have a great time with the restraints, straps, and feather tickler. I guess, with some bondage, it's a serious matter, but not with's more playful than anything.

If you are looking for something simple, cheap, and to just have a good time with your partner, this kit is worth it. All you need is an imagination, the kit covers everything else.

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