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Share: Strapon dildo and sex toys for couples

Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The Share dildo is perhaps one of the most exciting designs of the year. The Feeldoe strapless strap-on dildo enabled women to please a partner without having to rely on harnesses for controlled penetration, or to please oneself with exotic self-stimulation. The Share takes this strapless strap-on technology one step further with improved texture, shape, and size, and is a sex toy that can be used by singles or couples, regardless of sexual orientation.

The Share is actually two dildos in one - a horizontal dildo and a vertical dildo. The horizontal portion of the Share can be used for self-stimulation or for penetrating a partner. The vertical dildo, in contrast, is used for gripping power - either by hands or by vaginal muscles, because the vertical dildo is insertable for the individual penetrating a lover with the horizontal portion of the dildo. In this way, both the vertical and horizontal dildos are insertable, and the vertical dildo makes this toy a strapless strap-on sex toy.

How does it work for lovers? The wearer gently inserts the vertical dildo into her vagina, grabbing the shaft with her PC muscles. Due to the vertical dildo's rounded, bulbous shape, the wearer experiences a "full" feeling that keeps the dildo in place, eliminating the need for harness straps; and the wearer enjoys smooth G-Spot arousal while penetrating her lover. Dildo stability and pleasure ... the wearer or penetrator experience both at the same time. Once the vertical dildo rests firmly inside of the wearer's vagina, the horizontal dildo faces one's lover, and is ready for wild and erotic penetration. The wearer penetrates her lover with the horizontal dildo, and the shaft's distinct curve creates direct G-Spot stimulation.

The horizontal dildo is textured and shaped to resemble a curved penis, and it even has the perfect "mushroom" shaft head that enhances deeper G-Spot stimulation as the wearer penetrates her partner. The Share dildo is designed for ultimate comfort, the greatest pleasure possible, and extreme control. Rather than spend time messing with harnesses and straps and poorly fitting strap-on dildos, give the Share a chance to revitalize the sexual energy shared between you and your partner. Since this sex toy is made of high quality phthalate-free silicone material, you and your lover can experience the best sensations imaginable.

Editorial Review

My parents taught me at a young age the importance of sharing, but I seriously doubt either my mother or father imagined I would apply that principle in the world of sex toys! So be it. As some of our readers know, my excitement level rises considerably when I can use a premium adult toy with a partner. I don't mind sharing my pleasure tool with someone else - that much is certain! I'm sure many of you aren't surprised that the Share - the ultimate partner-to-partner sex toy - caught my attention. Being a bisexual woman, I am open to different sexual situations and experiences. My boyfriend and I aren't frequently involved with threesomes, but when they happen, I make the most of the opportunity. The Share dildo is the right adult toy for such circumstances.

My boyfriend gets a kick out of watching me please a female lover with this dildo. Forget about all the strap and harness hassles. The Share offers both women simultaneous penetrative stimulation and quality penetrative control, all while providing precision-guided G-Spot arousal. But don't let me confuse you! While this dildo is designed as a strapless strap-on dildo, it works beautifully as a solo masturbation toy or as a foreplay toy with a male lover. The same can be said of the famous Feeldoe dildo, but the Share is the better overall design - texture, shape, and size. It lacks only vibrations, though when using this particular toy, the pleasure is so intense that I can barely pronounce the simplest of words, much less recall that it doesn't vibrate!

I've had a few ladies tell me that the Share is the perfect penis, and I am inclined to agree with them. (Of course, my boyfriend's penis is the best. No sex toy can ever replace the real thing for this girl!) As far as dildos go, the Share and Champ are the closest dildos to the real thing - and I absolutely adore both for that reason. The shaft has a slight banana curve to it, which helps women experience lovely G-Spot titillation. Without this curve, penetration would feel incomplete, somewhat unsatisfying. The Share has the idolized "mushroom" head that feels so wonderful during insertion and deeper penetration. No one will complain about this hot-stuff sex toy being too small or too thin - it boasts of celebratory girth and ideal length.

Since it is a versatile sex toy that all women can appreciate, the Share can bring about thunderous orgasms and pleasure in the wildest or calmest of sexual situations. In my case, I've already used the Share with another, on myself, and with my boyfriend. In each situation, I experienced body-quaking orgasms that I don't experience with traditionally designed sex toys. The combination of a vertical and horizontal dildo structure proves useful for each situation, too. For example, the vertical dildo is perfect for all types of "grabbing" - with one's hands (a partner or solo sexy fun) or vaginal muscles (female-to-female action), and the horizontal dildo, as one would expect, is well-suited for slow or fast and deep or shallow penetration. Give yourself time to learn how best to play with this toy, and I recommend that beginners start with actual harnesses and strap-on dildos. Like, say, the Flame Harness Kit or Vibe Rabbit with Harness.

The vertical dildo is slightly wider than the horizontal dildo, which creates a tighter fit in one's hand or within the vagina (if a woman is penetrating another woman). Because of the angle, size, and small indentation (the rounded, open space), the vertical dildo stays in place, functioning as the strapless strap-on, with the horizontal dildo ready for instantaneous satisfaction and evolving pleasure, leading to multiple orgasms. And I know my viewpoint is shared by many women, as I've received a lot of positive feedback about the Share. Only one real criticism has surfaced by another reviewer: When used to pleasure another woman, the dildo is more likely to slip out in certain missionary-like sex positions. Similar to other specialized premium sex toys, experimentation is key to finding out what works best for both individuals.

Taking one's time and paying attention to the sensations experienced by both partners are the best methods to mastering this remarkable dildo. Communication is essential, as well; so don't be afraid to tell your partner what movements and angles feel best - that way, she'll know to please you the right way! The same is true of a man using the Share to please a woman. It's been a while since I was this excited about a new sex toy, maybe dating back to when the Gigi and Liv were released. If you are a lover of erotic sex toy play - the kind that requires an intense partner connection - and you enjoy watching your lover squirm as a result of your body's movements and gyrations, the Share should be on your list of "Must Own" sex toys. Women who loved the Feeldoe will put it aside, choosing the Share instead - the Share is that effective.

Additional Details

Size:  9" total length
6.25" horizontal dildo insertable length
4.25" vertical dildo insertable length
5.75" horizontal dildo circumference
5.5" vertical dildo circumference
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous
I love this toy. The look of it in black is stunning.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Lady Sascha
I have used the Share strapless strap-on with both a male and a female partner and have both good and bad things to say about it. Good things: * I like the way it fits up inside me. I can walk around naked with just the Share inside and grip it with my pelvic floor muscles. This strengthens them and also I can actually make myself orgasm this way. * I like the way it feels inside me during sex. When I have the shorter, knobby part inside, it rubs right up against my G-spot, and also the curve of the Share rubs against my clitoris, urethra, and pubic bone. All of this make it easy for me to orgasm as well. * When I masturbate by myself, the short dildo makes a great handle. I find that “regular” dildos get too slippery with my vaginal fluids as I get excited, and are hard to grasp. The handle makes that a thing of the past. Also the mushroom head rubs right against my G-spot, as always, a fun place.. Bad things: *The longer dildo is a bit floppy, and I tend to make it bend during energetic sex. I get rather worked up sometimes. *It is big enough that lubrication is needed for insertion into both anal and vaginal cavities. I found the shorter side to also be hard to insert without lube. However, when I did use lube, it wanted to come out during sex. So I just had to wait until I was wet enough inside to insert without lube. * As other people have noted, it is a bit tricky to have sex with. I think this is just inherent in the type of toy it is. I have to remember to keep my pelvic floor muscles tight enough to keep it in, all the while penetrating another person. I can safely say, though, that the Share is easily the best “strap-on” dildo I have ever used, in terms of getting myself off. I give the Share 4 stars out of 5.
Sex toy review: five hearts. dena1972
When my boyfriend was looking for a strap-on online, he came across this product. He described it to me and we felt it would be something to try out. When it arrived we tried it out that day. Pro: 1. It's more pliable than dildos. 2. It's easy to figure out how to use. 3. They have more than one color. 4. After the first time I was a pro at using it. 5. The best thing was that it felt like it was actually a part of me and the skin to skin feeling was amazing, far more realistic than a strap on. My boyfriend likes it so much that he wants me to use it more and more now that I've gotten the hang of it. Con: It should come in more sizes and lengths. It works better if you don't use lube on the female end. I had a problem with it slipping out my first try. It has less of a chance of slipping out if she has strong vaginal muscles. This will strengthen them in no time, another plus. Overall, we love it. I actually felt like the man using this toy. He enjoys the power exchange.
Sex toy review: five hearts. nnyc
This is great for straight couples too! My GF also cums from anal. So... without having to bring in another guy, I can give her double penetration! AND its shape is perfect for prostate for me! It's crazy and fun!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Daisy Mae
According to most women that I've talked to, the Share is better than the Feeldoe. So, I went with the Share instead of the Feeldoe. And it mated me, in the best way possible. Call it a Crusade for Climax, and thus far, it's been one successful crusade. Definitely one filled with orgasms and creative sex toy play - by myself and with my latest lady friend. The Share is a firsthand lesson in how to pleasure myself and my lover, but it is a lesson that I love to learn over and over and over again.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. shopmistress4ever
I'm similar to Venus Lovers. My sex toy collection includes both the Share and the Feeldoe. The Feeldoe came first, and to my knowledge, was the first strapless strapon dildo. The Share - somewhat a mirror of the Feeldoe - is much better in terms material flexibility, texture, shape, and durability. I always felt that the Feeldoe was too pointy at the top and not thick enough on the shaft. The Share addressed those limitations in its design. Fantastic! A reward for women! And gorgeous to look at! :>
Sex toy review: four hearts. Phaedra

The Can-Do-It-All sex toy for women. Alone or with my girlfriend, the Share accomplishes so much in a short period of time. I can orgasm quickly with this toy inside of me, and I often alternate between the two dildos (one is vertical, the other is horizontal) when I am masturbating by myself.

It rarely slips during partner play, which is a great advantage for couples. I don't want to screw with harness straps and all that, so there's no way I'd want to mess with a toy that refuses to stay in place. But as luck would have it, the Share doesn't need my handy assistance to keep it in place.

The Share and my Liv are making me a better lover and teach me how to control my orgasms. I used to stop penetration right as I orgasmed, but I've learned to extend those orgasms with certain toy movements. I credit both sex toys as being the best at helping me reach my orgasmic potential on a nightly basis.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Venus Lovers
The Share made me forget all about my Feeldoe. It's the better harness-free strapon dildo. Both ends are more comfortable than the Feeldoe's ends, so there's never a moment when I have to re-adjust the toy when it is inside of me. Nor does my girlfriend have to struggle with proper placement. I like this material more than the Feeldoe's material. Honestly, the Share is the better model.

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