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Sports Cuffs

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Sports Cuffs: Bondage sex toys and BDSM products intensify sex
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Comfortable restraints. Everybody wants them. Even the casual BDSM participant could use Sports Cuffs in their sex life. Sports Cuffs keeps action in the bedroom safe, comfortable, and fun. Forget heavy-handed, often uncomfortable, metal handcuffs. As you play private master and servant games in your bedroom, you should be relaxed. Completely relaxed and into the moment. Abrasive handcuffs take focus off of what's really important--the connection between you and your partner.

Super comfortable and durable, these handsome cuffs introduce new spice into your bedroom activities. Itchy wrists and skin cuts are a thing of the past. Surprise your loved one with your initiative and imagination, turning your bedroom boredom into a kingdom of physical expression versus physical restraint. You'll be surprised how much couples open up to one another after adding traditional toys into their lovemaking.

Handcuffs are to be enjoyed. Be sure that handcuffs (or any type of restraint) are only used between trusting partners!

Editorial Review

Traditional handcuffs irritate my skin. I enjoy the feeling of being restrained, but I do not think it is necessary to sacrifice comfort for the sake of being restrained. That's not part of the deal for me. There are alternatives to traditional metal handcuffs, namely Sports Cuffs.

If I had to choose the most comfortable and easy to escape hand restraints, Sports Cuffs...all the way. I refuse to be restrained in heavy-duty handcuffs; I always want to know that I can take the handcuffs off of my wrists at any moment I find necessary. I'll let someone else be in control, to a certain degree. Sports Cuffs, not the flashiest, most glamorous handcuffs, work well with my pseudo-BDSM agenda. Playfulness is the goal, and Sports Cuff provides me another method of enjoying myself.

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Shibari
oh my gosh, I got these cuffs because i have a bondage fetish. I figured me and my partner could really enjoy these. I was RIGHT. These are soft and comfortable, they do not leave marks on your wrists ( we all know in professional settings that these tell tale marks are embarassing) However with Sports Cuffs .. not an issue. They are easy to work with.. easy to put on .. and take off...
LOVE them and recommend them highly
Sex toy review: five hearts. Passion's
First off, I work in an adult store and recommend these to everyone browsing our bondage section. Why? My girlfriend and I purchased these a couple of months ago and have enjoyed them immensely. Not only are they soft and comfortable, they're easy to get on and off. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to change positions in the middle of sex and having to stop to spend time messing around with buckles or keys of traditional cuffs. With the easy to use Velcro straps, it's off, back on again, and return to the action quickly. I HIGHLY recommend Sport Cuffs!
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
These cuffs are comfortable, even if they lack style. Comfort always outweighs style. I have using these cuffs. Pretty strong, too.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer


Comfortable, sexy, and dominating.

A must buy for those men and women who want someone else to direct their pleasure. Or, perhaps, if you want to be the sexual conductor.

Of all the cuffs discussed on VibeReview, the Sports Cuffs are the best for the price. If you don't care about style or looks, only the functional use of the cuffs, try the Sports Cuffs.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Anton
My wife bought me the Sports Cuffs for my birthday. I didn't think she'd actually want to use them. She did. Man, I've been missing out. I've never done anything like that before, and I consider myself experienced. It never appealed to me, but I certainly enjoyed my wife teasing me. Likewise, I locked her up. A sense of relief comes from being in control. I like how these cuffs don't rub me raw. My wife commented on the same thing. Easy to use, cheap, and quality equal a successful experience.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Angelika
I've always enjoyed the "other side" of my sexual nature. I like to get a lil' naughty, from time to time. I'm not into buying really expensive leather and all that, so the Sports Cuffs fit my budget and my needs. They work well. Nothing too dark or naughty, just enough to mix things up in the bedroom.
Sex toy review: five hearts. nikhil
I bought these cuffs two weeks ago. I couldn't be more pleased, that's for sure. Most cuffs have the tendency to be poorly made or too expensive. These cuffs were affordable and seem to be made of quality material. I've already had my bad, bad husband punished. HA! We also bought the Cat Woman Kit, which added to our bedroom activities. Once again, thanks to Vibe Review, my husband and I couldn't be more satisfied with our sex life.

Thanks for all the reviews, and I can't wait for the arrival of the newest, hottest toys! After months of lurking, reading the reviews, we did finally purchase something, and I actually reviewed a product.

I plan of reviewing toys regularly, if that's ok?!!

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