Silicone Sex Toys: G-spot sex toys and vibrating dildos are popular sex toys for orgasms

Stubby G

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Stubby G: G-spot sex toys and vibrating dildos are popular sex toys for orgasms

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Few sex toys generated as much excitement as the Waterproof Nubby G vibrator and the G Twist realistic vibrating dildo. But times are quickly changing. Improvements in sex toy material, shaft angles, and vibration output have all the ladies floating on orgasmic clouds.

The Stubby G is one reason why women feel sexually fulfilled, completely lost in a sea of stimulating sensations. This versatile vibrating G-Spot dildo commands attention from all who are blessed by its presence, and its greatness surpasses even classic sex toys like the Waterproof Nubby G.

Similar to all effective G-Spot dildos, the Stubby G is equipped with arousing shaft curves that make internal stimulation possible and enjoyable: The shaft is rather short, dramatically curved, and rounded with wave-like texture. Each shaft characteristic leads to overwhelming sexual satisfaction that basic dildo designs cannot replicate. No moment is lost, no vibration is wasted, and no women is left unsatisfied! Its fabulous shaft curve immediately stimulates your favorite erogenous zone, the G-Spot, and it doesn't require much effort on your part.

The shaft and base come together in a oval shape, branching out with ribbed texture, proving that creative designs can have a stimulating purpose. The base ridges enable women to experience secondary stimulation of the clitoris while the shaft explores and titillates your hidden love zone. Subtly effective, this type of secondary stimulation can enhance G-Spot arousal, and while it is not technically a dual stimulation vibrator, some women will experience dual orgasms - G-Spot and clitoral.

The Stubby G is constructed of the finest medical-grade silicone material. A beneficial balance of flexibility and firmness is present within the shaft and base - made possible by its silicone exterior and arousing textures. A dial controller is located on the base's bottom, where your fingers can easily change vibration speed and intensity without interrupting the sexual moment at hand. More powerful and quiet than most vibrating dildos and textured for an erotic journey, the Stubby G is the ideal sex toy for beginners or moderately experienced women.

This is a splashproof vibrator, not a waterproof sex toy. Never submerge it underwater, like in the bath, but you may use it in the shower. Only use water-based lubricants (ID Glide or O'My Original Lube) with the Stubby G - or try Universal Lube, the world's only silicone lubricant that is compatible with silicone sex toys.

Editorial Review

Someone pour cold water over my head and tell me if this is a dream! Fun Factory's sex toys get better with each passing year. The G Twist (one of my new favorites) and the new Stubby G are cousin vibrating dildos that emphasize controlled G-Spot stimulation. The G Twist is a more advanced version of the Stubby G, and is probably better for experienced adult toy enthusiasts; however, the Stubby G is better suited for beginners and moderately experienced women (though I do know some experienced women who love both sex toys). The Stubby G is far superior to other sex toys like it, such as the Waterproof Nubby G, Vivid Power G-Massager, and others.

It's best feature is the rounded hook shaft tip, bent like a curled finger - which makes direct G-Spot arousal more accessible to women who prefer internal stimulation of their sweetest erogenous zone. I'll never be one to pass on intense G-Spot stimulation, so the Stubby G is exactly what the doctor ordered for me! With so many G-Spot sex toys available to purchase and try, it can be a bummer sifting through the good and the bad products, but one thing is crystal clear for me: These new Fun Factory G-Spot vibrating dildos are the next generation of effective sex toys. They look fabulous, feel wonderful, and are designed to last a long time.

Women all over the world are raving about the Stubby G and G Twist, so I know I'm not the only one. These two vibrating dildos are particularly useful in teaching couples how to find and effectively stimulate the G-Spot, and women - when exploring alone - learn how to improve their orgasms each time one of these amazing G-Spot sex toys are used. Though these two toys are moderately expensive, they should cost twice as much - if pleasure potential has a price tag. The Stubby G is probably the more versatile toy of the two, so if you are interested in using its tip for clitoral stimulation, that's also possible. Two thumbs up, a brilliant grin, and a lot of praise - because the Stubby G is what a sexual woman needs to have fun.

Additional Details

Size:  8" total length
6" insertable length
1" to 1.5" width
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. hotmoviesforher
Not my favorite Fun Factory vibe, but if you're looking for a silicone g-spotter, you should take a look. All Fun Factory toys are phthalate free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and super easy to clean - so you know you're getting a quality toy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Badbadgirl
I absolutely love Fun Factory toys. The Stubby G is no exception. The vibrations on this toy are great and the thick shaft and the flared edges make for great stimulation. Also the tip is awesome for clitoral stimulation.
Sex toy review: four hearts. The Beautiful Kind
G came with a packet of lube and batteries! This is the equivalent of a date bringing you flowers. NICE! G is made of silicone which means he is odorless and non-porous. I HATE those toys that stink like rubber and harbor cooties! He will also enjoy a long life. G’s yellow splash variable speed control dial is very easy to operate with one hand when he’s down between your legs. G also gives off a pleasant purring vibe sound when he’s put to work - I mean, play. He's a keeper!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Ava Price
Love it. Can't believe how good it makes me feel. I wish I had bought it a while back when I first read about it.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. fall from grace
My boyfriend cheated on me. I kicked his cheating butt to the curb. Then, I bought a new sex toy to replace him. The Stubby G carried me through a difficult time and continues to be a part of clandestine masturbation fun, even though I have a new boyfriend. It's not the best G-spot vibrator for climaxing in a few minutes, but is, instead, more for slower penetration moving toward a deep orgasm after 5 - 10 minutes, usually the latter. I play with my Gigi more often than the Stubby G, but I am happy with both toys. Here's to hard times softened by sex toy pleasure!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Zende K.
Is this a novel writing contest? I'm joking. I'd probably write a long narrative too, but two people beat me to it. So I'll just say that the Stubby G is a new favorite of mine. It's one of those G-Spot vibrators and sex toys made with a woman's internal contours as a main consideration. I could tell this from the very beginning of inserting it. At no point did the shaft make me experience vaginal discomfort, which means curves, length, and width are perfect. I'm not in love with the vibrations, but then again, I like this toy more as a dildo than as a vibrator, though I'd never turn down vibrations. It works, it really does.
Sex toy review: four hearts. anna belle

One night I went to a club with two of my girlfriends. I went straight from work to my friend's apartment, where we got ready to go out. We had a good time, but I had one too many drinks. So I took a cab to my house, deciding to leave my car at my friend's apartment. Anyway, so when I got home, there was a package sitting on my front porch, but I couldn't remember ordering anything. "Wrong house," I thought. "This package must be for someone else."

I picked up the package, went inside of my house, and turned on the television. All of a sudden, it dawned on me: "Oh my god, that's my new sex toy!" I ripped that box apart, ladies. I was feeling a little - oh, I was feeling really horny. OK, I said it. I put batteries in my Stubby G, crawled into bed, and turned some music on my clock radio. Steamy bedroom and all, I rolled around under the covers, body tingling, and I orgasmed three times before I put the toy away. The next morning, I played with it again and I've been playing with it since.

The Stubby G is an enthralling sex toy. It feels best as a G-spot vibrator, but I sometimes use it for clitoral rubbing. I can't get over how good the texture feels. And that curved head ... Yeah, you should experience it for yourself. I am so pleased by the Stubby G that my other sex toys probably feel neglected. Never has a vibrator been so successful at making me climax so quickly or so intensely.

Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. swaggie maggie

I had the Waterproof Nubby G a few years ago, and I didn't like it much. I felt like the shaft wasn't nearly long enough or thin enough for G-Spot stimulation. I threw it away after two months. It did not work for me. More recently, however, I saw the Stubby G at a friend's house. She was showing me some of her new sexy panties when her Stubby G poked out of her top drawer.

She looked a little embarrassed when I began asking questions, but her apple red cheeks, flush, soon returned to normal, and we began discussing sex toys - those that worked, those that didn't, those that were a rip off, and those that were a bargain. She included her Stubby G in the "bargain" and "worked" category. It was a lively discussion that aroused me. I was determined to get the Stubby G for myself, so I ordered it and the rest is history.

The Stubby G is what I wanted in the Waterproof Nubby G. Two years late, yes. But at least I found the toy I was originally looking for. Leagues and leagues above in terms of performance and quality construction, the Stubby G pleasures me how I like it. Its curves, especially on the shaft tip, are what make it a good G-Spot vibrator, and unlike the Waterproof Nubby G, the Stubby G goes a little deeper inside because of its length.

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