Bondage Sex Toys: Sex toy harnesses use quality vibrators and dildos

Thigh Harness

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Thigh Harness: Sex toy harnesses use quality vibrators and dildos
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Your wild, kinky bedroom fun just became even more exciting! The Thigh Harness changes how you go about pleasing yourself or a partner. Instead of messing with hard to control waist harnesses, invite your sexy lover to sit down on your thigh, where a dildo (not included) stands tall and proud, through the durable thigh harness hole.

The harness fastens with sturdy, non-irritating Velcro straps. The harness is made of soft, quality neoprene material that ensures your dildo stays in place whenever your sexy bedroom fun becomes playfully serious. As your lover straddles your thigh, you can slightly move your leg in side-to-side movements or in a circular motion, creating different degrees of stimulation.

Though most often used as a couple's harness, the Thigh Harness can be securely strapped around a pillow for solo excitement. If you love dildos and want a reliable harness that allows you to masturbate in ultimate comfort, the Thigh Harness is the right product for you.

Most dildos with a flared base can be used with the Thigh Harness. However, VibeReview recommends both the Charmer and Compact as high performance dildos that are perfectly compatible with the Thigh Harness.

Editorial Review

My poor, poor boyfriend. I made him strap the Thigh Harness onto his thigh, so I could test the Thigh Harness - leaving him only to watch me get off on his leg. Yeah right! He had a lot of fun controlling the dildo's movements and watching me orgasm. The type of penetration the Thigh Harness provides is better than most waist harnesses that I've tried.

Though my boyfriend initially had that "Oh, brother...not again" look when I asked him if we could test the Thigh Harness, he quickly grabbed the reins, explaining that I must role-play with him - if only to keep him interested in what was going on. I excitingly agreed! (That's what I wanted to do anyway.) "Enough talk," I thought to myself. I was ready to have some fun.

I slowly lowered myself onto the Charmer (one of my favorite dildos), wanting to get an idea of how stable the harness actually is. Not a single time did the harness move or buckle under the pressure of my body weight. I worked up a nice pace and my boyfriend started moving his leg. I felt like I was riding a mechanical bull at a sexy, slow pace.

I positioned my feet flat on the floor (my boyfriend sat in a wide chair), and I would raise and lower myself in a squatting-like position. Up and down, side to side, and my boyfriend's leg movement - I enjoyed all three different types of movement-oriented stimulation. Toward the end, I lost complete control of myself - I orgasmed several times in a row. It also helped that my boyfriend held my Pocket Rocket Booster on my clit as I rode his leg.

The Thigh Harness proved to be insanely fun and highly functional. Some harnesses are more of a frustration than fun, so I am impressed with what the Thigh Harness can do. Couples will get a "kick" out of using the Thigh Harness - regardless of sexual orientation or gender. Role-playing with this simple harness is sure to add excitement into your sexual encounters, like it has my boyfriend and me.

Additional Details

Size:  Harness Hole:
1.25" diameter
Manufacturer:  Sportsheets

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Sex toy review: four hearts. thursdayschild
I think the Thigh Harness is great for adding a bit of extra fun and spice to the bedroom. I love giving my husband a sexy lapdance while he wears it on his thigh! Pretty much any flared dildo fits inside the ring (I used it with the Fun Factory Bandito), and the neoprene is nice and stretchy for a perfect fit regardless of who's wearing it!
I can't wait to try it out with a girlfriend - maybe I'll wear it while she dances for me then rides it. And for a special treat, maybe I'll let my husband watch! I would definitely recommend the Thigh Harness to anyone who wants to have fun in the bedroom...or out of it!
Sex toy review: three hearts. Penny Loveless
I slid around a lot. I had a hard time controlling my movements. At the times when it does feel good, it feels really good.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. dj_40
Interesting harness and works pretty good
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. freedom4women
if it could only be sexier...but riding the horse (my hot mama's leg) is fun.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Screwed Up
Oh, the naughty times that have graced my bedroom. All due to having one of the most sexual creativity inspiring toys/accessories ever made for women. I use a variety of dildos in this harness and I use this harness for more than "thigh" harness movement. Use your imagination with it - there are MANY possible ways to use this harness.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. glinda
I took my friend's advice. She purchased the Thigh Harness, said it was fun for masturbation. I took it one step further. I got mine, wrapped it around a pillow, made love to myself, and then asked my boyfriend to wear the harness on his leg. I've done both activities. I encouraged my friend to do the same, but she chickened out. The Thigh Harness is not sexy in any way, but I got over looks after I figured out how much I can have with it.

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