Silicone Sex Toys: Sex toys for women are vibrators and dildos

Turbo Bullet

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Turbo Bullet: Sex toys for women are vibrators and dildos
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Put away your Silver Bullet! Yes, VibeReview understands how much you cherish your first vibrator, but it's time to graduate to a technologically advanced bullet vibrator - one that incorporates titillating texture and supersonic power. The Turbo Bullet's undeniable power makes the Silver Bullet and Pocket Rocket obsolete, which means you are in for a delightful, sexy treat.

Don't waste your precious time with single-speed clitoral vibrators. As a woman searching for the perfect "O", you need stimulation choices that single-speed vibrators cannot offer. The Turbo Bullet is designed with 8 extreme levels of vibrations that can be used to address all your sexual needs. The Turbo Bullet's hand controller lets you determine how much stimulation you want to experience, all by using the LED indicator lights and speed adjustment buttons.

The bullet vibrator comes with a silicone sleeve that slides over the bullet, offering you the pleasant feeling of textured stimulation. Tiny nubs overlay the silicone sleeve, making clitoral massage enjoyable and distinguishable from basic clitoral stimulation. Tremendous vibration power erupts through the bullet vibrator into the silicone sleeve, finally resting on your hot spot - helping you reach your orgasmic destination!

Editorial Review

I'll never forget my Silver Bullet, the very first sex toy I purchased and played with. But I have moved on to choose more powerful clit vibrators that get the job done better and quicker. My Pocket Rocket Booster and Turbo Bullet are easily top-notch clit vibrators. Both are affordable and durable, too.

The Turbo Bullet is widely recognized as one of the most powerful bullet vibrators, primarily as a consequence of its nifty hand controller. It also helps that the vibrator is small, which makes it easier to stimulate the sides of my clit, where I experience the most sensitivity and pleasure. The hand controller is easy to adjust, even during the heat of passionate self-stimulation. Increasing and decreasing the vibrator's speed is a cinch!

The silicone sleeve is good, but it's not the reason why I celebrate the Turbo Bullet as a successful clit vibrator. It adds to the amount of stimulation felt (those nubs feel mighty good), but this toy's success relies in its power, size, and shape. I've grown weary of bulky toys that are hard to maneuver while I masturbate, so the Turbo Bullet's small size and bullet shape are a breath of fresh air.

Certainly women of all experience levels will appreciate the Turbo Bullet's power, but I suspect that beginners will instantly fall in love with it. Couples, as well, benefit from playing with this toy. When used for clit stimulation during sex, this toy can unlock pleasures often neglected, or forgotten about, in the heat of the moment.

Additional Details

Battery Info:  4 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous
this vibe is great. very powerful, multiple speeds get the job done, quick. it warms too. it does get loud though, and goes through batteries quick. i'm going to buy another because the wire on my last one broke. but this little bullet is worth it for sure.
Sex toy review: four hearts. xotic coupleTX
We both love the Turbo Bullet. Either we tease one another with it or my wife masturbates with it. I enjoy watching her masturbate with it and teasing her with it as foreplay gets hot and heavy. I am a technological dorkus who needs the simplest of controllers, and the Turbo Bullet's controller is way easy to operate. Beware of its loud vibrations if you like quiet purring vibes. We don't mind the noise, but we know people who do. I'd say it is probably a favorite toy in our collection.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Gingerbread Girl
Tremendous zinging and buzzing action. It's not a sex toy vibrator that I would play with all the time, but I continue to reach for it when I want a quickie.
Sex toy review: four hearts. voluptuous vixen
The Turbo Bullet was inexpensive and makes me feel pretty good. The sleeve is textured perfectly for clit massage.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I must have good luck. I keep finding the higher quality vibrators for a good price. I've been buying toys long enough that I have purchased a few duds. The Turbo Bullet isn't anything that special - in the sense of being out of this world. But, the Turbo Bullet is powerful and lightweight. I play with mine often.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. A Gold Cell
I experience more pleasure with the Turbo Bullet than the Silver Bullet. I've bought a variety of sex toys -- most do something different, so it's tough to compare them. For clit massage and clit orgasms, the Turbo Bullet works just fine.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Lyle Turner
My wife approves. I get lost on this site, never knowing what to buy her. I want to thank everyone for their reviewing. Without these reviews I wouldn't know what to buy my lovely wife. The Turbo Bullet is just one of many toys that I've bought for her, and I usually choose the right ones by reading good reviews.

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