Anal Sex Toys: Replace your old anal sex toys with this vibrating and twisting textured dildo.


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Twist: Replace your old anal sex toys with this vibrating and twisting textured dildo.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

VibeReview knows that beginners need help finding reliable starter sex toys, especially when it comes to butt toys. Since anal stimulation is new to so many women and men, longer and slimmer butt toys are necessary. But, as many beginners have found out, it's rather difficult to find one.

Look no further, folks. The Twist is the ideal starter's butt vibrating dildo. The Twist's slim shaft turns insertion into a pleasurable experience. Since sexual satisfaction is the goal, beginners should waste no time with wider, thicker anal sex toys that cause unwanted pain and discomfort.

While the shaft is thinner than most, the Twist is ready for rear-end fun. Small grooves cover its long and slim shaft, adding rich texture to an already titillating sex toy. These grooves wrap around the entire shaft, giving it a "twist" or "spiral" effect that enhances your introduction to butt fun.

Its flared base makes insertion safe and pleasurable. As you manually twist the shaft inside of you, going deeper and deeper, the shaft end (which widens slightly) will push you into erotic ecstasy.

Powerful vibrations resonate through out the shaft, finding a home with your sensitive anal nerves, producing a variety of sensations. Use the slide controller to adjust vibration settings (from low to high speeds). The Twist does not mechanically rotate, but don't let that stop you from manual rotations.

Personal lubricants should be used with all anal fun. The Twist's elastomer material is compatible with water-based and silicone-based personal lubricants. i-Lube and ID Glide provide a silkier, slicker feeling that aids in anal stimulation. Both are exceptional personal lubricants that VibeReview recommends.

Editorial Review

Beginners are applauding around the world tonight. The Twist was made especially for beginners who want to test the waters of butt fun. I am somewhat jealous, you know: Sex toy manufacturers did not make slimmer anal toys when I first started experimenting. Now that I require a slightly wider shaft...yes, they develop an exceptional beginner's toy. Go figure! But I am happy for you.

Since I am relatively experienced in the art of anal stimulation, the slimmer shaft didn't stimulate me enough. Fine. But that's the good news, novices: If it had provided enough stimulation for me, it wouldn't be a beginner's toy! That being said, the vibrations are powerful (if you so desire). From start to finish, novices will experience sensual penetration and vibrations.

The Twist is quickly turning into a best-selling item. It is less intimidating than most anal sex toys. Women and men, couples and singles - many are experimenting with anal stimulation. The Twist is the best novice anal sex toy that I have reviewed. So far, the responses have been positive - and I expect more of the same.

Additional Details

Size:  8.5" total length
0.25" x 1" width
Battery Info:  3 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Elastomer, Phthalate Free material, and Vinyl.
Manufacturer:  Vibratex

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Lady Sascha
I am something of an anal noob, and so I thought the Twist would be a good fit for me, both literally and figuratively. Previously I had tried the Light-of-Love T, and found it to be both too hard and too wide for my sensitive anus.
The Twist works much better for me in the anal department. The slender shaft that gently tapers to 1" at its widest and the flexible tip make it much easier for me to insert the Twist and feel comfortable with it inside me. As has been said above, you should always use lube with anal toys, and I felt the Eros Bodyglide was a good choice, as the Twist is silicone-free. My favorite masturbation scenario with the Twist is to gently work it in and out of my anus, while having the Great King going full blast in my vagina and against my clitoris. I have no problem achieving a mind-boggling orgasm in this manner.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Badbadgirl
I agree with the other reviewers here. This is not an esthetically pleasing toy, but hey- it doesn't have to be PRETTY to go in your butt. I used this toy on my partner and he loved it. A lot. Even on the low setting, it vibrated all the way through the toy and he was surprised that it kept going in, and kept getting stronger!!! The size is perfect for beginners but it is firm enough that you don't have to fiddle with it during insertion. I was not impressed by looking at it, but after using it- I must say, it's a top notch back door toy!!
Sex toy review: two hearts. The Beautiful Kind
I don't like the way this toy looks (like a FLEET enema) or sounds (like a model airplane) but I have to admit I liked the way it felt. It was the first time I've had anything vibrate up my rear, and it was a nice size. Not a sexy looking sex toy, good thing I put it where the sun don't shine so I didn't have to look at it!
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Whatever Girly Girl
You wouldn't catch me playing with a butt sex toy. That is, until I gave the Twist a shot at greatness. Liking slight anal play (a finger, tongue, whatever) has never been an issue, but there's no way a big penis or dildo goes inside of my tight rear entry. The Twist is, in a way, a compromise between a thin sex toy and a real dildo, and that makes backdoor penetration more palatable. The twisting motions do bring about strong sensations, coupled with vaginal stimulation.
Sex toy review: four hearts. cassandra
It is one of those cool toys that you can ease inside of tight spaces. No reason to push myself beyond what I capable of. The Twist keeps anal play fun, simple, and comfortable. I've not had the same experience with other anal toys that are far too ambitious in size and shape. The twisting texture is delightfully effective.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Anal sex toys intimidate me. I have no rational explanation why that's the case, but something about them keeps me at bay. I know that I enjoy anal stimulation because of previous sexual encounters - finger and penis in my tight bottom. I wanted to feel that same pleasure without needing a man to do it. The Twist looked like a simple and sweet butt toy that wouldn't hurt me or freak me out. Certainly this small anal vibrator with its spiraling, wave-like texture feels great, but best of all, it isn't too over the top or strange. I absolutely 100% recommend this toy for people - women and men alike - who share my hesitation for anal sex toys.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Perry W.
I love the twist. Love it, love it, love it. I've always enjoyed finger-to-butt stimulation during sex. I searched for a good anal sex toy, but I never found one that didn't scare the hell out of me - or the hell into me. Whatever, the point is this, the Twist's slim tip and shaft are exactly what I envisioned in an anal sex toy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Penny Loves Roses
VibeReview is marketing this anal toy as something for beginners. I am not new to anal penetration...and I L-O-V-E the Twist. Those shaft spirals and thinner tip are to die for.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Erastus The Great
For so long now I wanted to buy a butt toy. I looked on different sites for a smaller toy. Everything else appeared to large. There was NO WAY I would plunge some mammoth butt toy into my rear. I eventually found the Twist. I didn't even know that these butt toys also come with vibrations. Yes, I am a newbie. Anyway, I purchased the Twist. I am pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it feels inside of my bum (do i have the jargon down?).

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