Lesbian Sex Toys: Vibrating sex toys and lingerie mixed together


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VibraThong: Vibrating sex toys and lingerie mixed together
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Allow sublime passion and orgasmic dedication to converge within your body, mind, and spirit. The naughtiest nights of romance. The wildest bedroom adventures. Elevate your sexual pleasure with the famous VibraThong, the surest way to add eroticism and stimulating vibrations to your sexy bedroom attire.

Twelve smooth beads are arranged in a circle on the thong's crotch, where your lover can penetrate you and feel the massaging motion of the beads moving. And for you, a small and powerful vibrator slides into a pouch at the top. As you are penetrated, you experience the exquisite nature of dual stimulation - both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

This sexually delightful adult toy brings style and performance to your nightly romantic activities, then creates wonderful sexual satisfaction for both lovers. Women or men may wear the VibraThong for different types of sensations, so don't be bashful. Experimenting with this simple, yet effective sex toy can make your nights hotter than ever!

Editorial Review

I was so excited to review the VibraThong. I honestly felt a little tingly "down there", when I thought about these stylish vibrating panties. I couldn't wait to surprise my boyfriend with a new kind of thong - one that would please him both visually and sexually. What about me? Well, I wanted to feel that vibrator tickling my aroused clit!

I had to test the the panties out before surprising him. I was concerned that the beads wouldn't work properly, or that the beads might hurt with banging pelvises. So, I grabbed one of my favorite dildos and started playing with myself. After pleasuring myself for a long time (I didn't want to stop!), I felt confident in the night ahead.

Later that night, my exhausted, grumpy boyfriend slowly walked inside of the house, closing the door behind him. I could tell he was in a bad mood by the slow manner in which he closed the door. "Ugh," I thought to myself. I didn't let his mood dictate how I felt, though, and so I hid in the bathroom, eagerly waiting for his entrance.

He popped his head inside of the bathroom, looking for me. I sure surprised him: His pupils tripled in size. I could see the excitement growing...in his eyes and his pants! I stripped him naked, right then. I didn't wait for him to say a word. No talking. I wasn't interested in what he had to say...only what he could do.

A girl doesn't kiss and tell - not the whole story. Plus, we keep a tight leash on content around here. Let me just say that I haven't been that hot in a long time. The VibraThong turned my boyfriend and me into sexual maniacs, and it is now, I am glad to admit, a trend in our sexual get-togethers. From the sexy appearance to the vibrator and massage beads, it has been a real pleasure owning a pair of these panties.

Additional Details

Size:  Fully adjustable/One size fits most
Battery Info:  Batteries included.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Plastic.

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Sex toy review: one heart. mina
I can't believe how many good reviews this product got. Seriously, my boyfriend and I hated it. I don't quite find what is so sexy about a bullet vibe attached to some string and a few beads. If i want sexy.. I put on a pair of my lacy beaded thongs from a certain wonderful lingerie store. This product didn't work for us at all. it didn't stimulate me the way it should. it just got in the way. I was really hoping it would work for clitoral stimulation when I am on all fours and he takes me from behind, but the vibe wasn't doing it for me. As for him, he said the beads were not comfortable. We tried again using the product while I was on top. It seemed promising for me, but for him, the beads pinched him. We then switched to me on bottom missionary style and just decided to take the whole thing off. It wasn't working for me and wasn't working for him. It was really uncomfortable for him. I must admit the product was not uncomfortable for me at all. It should be noted that both partners need to be clean shaven down there or I can imagine the beads do a LOT of hair pulling. We made sure to use lots of lube to keep the beads slick from rubbing dry on his penis. I suppose this product would work great for dildo play. I did find that there was some extra stimulation for my labia. All in all though, this product did NOT work for me or my partner. I am happy to throw this one in our circular file cabinet.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Crushed Velvet Assassin
Comfortable as it is sexy. Nervy, feel good vibrations.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
very cool, comfy to wear, and naughty - the beads feel really good when my boyfriend and I are in the missionary position.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Miranda LaBelle
I feel like a frisky cat with my beaded thong on me. My 'meow' turns into a cat's 'roar'. Hehe, my boyfriend gets his kicks from seeing me in the beaded thong. I do look sexy as can be!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Married and Not Looking

So erotic, so much fun. The beads are top heavy, which pulls the straps down. When I got the beaded thong, it was a dress up impulse buy. Expecting too much out of the vibe and beads didn't work for me. I didn't want to be disappointed.

As luck would have it, the beads and vibe don't just look good ... they both have a purpose beyond looks. The vibe tends to shift as we make love, but not to the point that I can't feel anything. The beads roll around and massage my outer labia.

The important factor is keep the pace slow and soft. If my husbands goes too fast or hard, the beads can hurt. Couples should take a few extra minutes to keep sex interesting. We spend time together looking for fun sex stuffs. These panties were a start, and such a simple idea has helped us tremendously.

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. super great guy
My wife told me to invest time into our sex life. I went the full distance, buying these panties. This beaded thong is the first of many future purchases.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. HDEr69
check 'em out. that's my advice. my husband's jaw hit the floor when I came into the kitchen wearing these panties. we had sex in ways that hadn't happened since our college days.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Crazy_Couple30ish
We love to try new products for couples. Some are winning products, others bite the dust. Every couple (or those naughty couples, like us) should buy these fetish panties. The vibrator doesn't work exactly as described. I have to fidget around, move a lot, to keep the vibrator where it belongs. But it's all good, because its appearance and bead rubbing are fantastic. We role-play frequently, and you can bet that these panties are part of the action.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. the weaver
My wife looks sexy as hell in these panties. She always looks delicious, but when she wears these particular panties, my brain melts: I become a motionless moron who needs directions. As a side note, the beads don't feel half bad either. I am more into the visual effect than anything else.

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