Sex Toy Accessories: Vibrators, sex toys, and dildos are good for masturbation orgasms

Vibrating Panty Pal

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Vibrating Panty Pal: Vibrators, sex toys, and dildos are good for masturbation orgasms
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

VibeReview celebrates toy innovation, especially when that innovation translates into style and convenience. The Vibrating Panty Pal exemplifies this innovation at work. There are two pieces to this toy: a mini-vibrating bullet and a stylish front cover. Choose your own cover: butterfly, star, or heart.

The mini-vibrating bullet has two magnets attached to its base. These magnets, then, attach to the stylish front cover. When you want alone time with your Vibrating Panty Pal, simply slide the mini-vibrator inside of your panties. On the outside of your panties, align the front cover of the toy with the vibrator inside of the panties. By way of these powerful, but tiny magnets, the toy remains in position for ultimate clitoral stimulation.

Mechanically, this product is easy to start and stop. One push button starts and stops the action, as you see fit. Don't be mislead by this toy's size. It's quite powerful and silent. The mini-vibrator comes with a jelly cover that aids in extreme comfort and stimulation.

Editorial Review

I am impressed with the Vibrating Panty Pal. The magnets are powerful enough to withstand quick movements; the magnets do not separate easily. Unlike other versions of vibrating panty technology, the Vibrating Panty Pal can be positioned exactly where I want, which means direct stimulation happens consistently. I don't spend all my time trying to get the vibrator in the right position, or re-adjusting its location on my panties and clitoris.

The vibrations are strong and continuous. The shapes and different styles make masturbation more interesting. I own all three shapes. Occasionally, when I gather up enough courage, I go for a walk with my Vibrating Panty Pal buzzing me into orgasmic relief. No one else knows what's going on, but I sure do. When I want discreet masturbation, I use my Vibrating Panty Pal.

Additional Details

Size:  2" total length
3.5" circumference
Battery Info:  2 watch batteries included
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: three hearts. Shay
The magnet held well and the vibrations were pretty strong, but the on/off button didn't work.
Sex toy review: four hearts. kommandant
Small, powerful, productive, and hot to look at. Worth what I paid for it, and probably more.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I ordered the heart shape cover. It looks like a button to me. I didn't expect a car battery powered vibrator, so I wasn't disappointed. I love Vibrating Panty Pal. Screwing around with holding vibrators and constantly getting new gets olds. With Vibrating Panty Pal, I lay back and enjoy the vibrations.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Penny for your thoughts
I shall break the rating cycle for the third time. People, people, people. A most certain 5.0 rating is deserved. Due to its size and power, I couldn't have asked for anything better. That's leaving all stylish considerations for another discussion.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Miss Sexual
Vibrating Panty Pal is cuteness quantified by tens of millions of billions. I've found that it's a great travel partner. I even went as far as to put it on while in the airplane bathroom. Nutty and strange, that's me.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Amy H.
The vibrations are strong. The magnets, believe it or not, are also strong. Key for success when using this small vibrator: Take the time to align each part to the area you want stimulated. Otherwise, you will be distracted.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I used to complain about all vibrators. I finally accepted that all vibrators (except the really expensive ones) have limitations. Just by looking at Vibrating Panty Pal's picture and reading the toy description, I could tell that excessive activity would limit direct contact of the vibe and my clit. It's a hands-free vibe that I can lay in bed with. So far, I am pleased with it.
Sex toy review: two hearts. tracy
If I am laying down, I orgasm. If I move around at all, I spend most of my time getting the vibrator in the right place. Yes, the design is adorable. But I wanted an adorable vibrator with immediate results.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anne p.
Unbelievably cute and easy to conceal. Vibrations are strong, but I have to work to keep the vibrator lined up with my clitoris. Moving around with the vibrator in your panties, and wanting any consistent contact stimulation, can prove frustrating. I look so innocent with my star vibrator attached. Personally I like this cool vibrator.

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