Lubes & Lotions: Taste great flavored lube while you play with arousing adult sex toys and G-Spot vibrating dildos.

Wet Flavored Lube

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Wet Flavored Lube: Taste great flavored lube while you play with arousing adult sex toys and G-Spot vibrating dildos.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Oral sex can be as tasty as you want. Combining your sweet tooth and love of fruity flavors while pleasing your lover orally might have been a challenge in the past, but Wet Flavored Lube is changing all of that. Your oral agenda becomes an erotic adventure with Wet Flavored Lube successfully guiding your tongue and mouth, injecting newly found enthusiasm in your pleasure-my-partner conquest.

Wet Flavored Lube is formulated for delicious oral sex or sensual intercourse, and its water-based formula is sugar free, non-sticky, non-staining, and 100% compatible with latex condoms. Whenever you need long-lasting slickness during intercourse or great-tasting flavors during oral sex, Wet Flavored Lube is a reliable personal lubricant for all your sexy needs.

Editorial Review

Any discussion of flavored lubricants generally comes down to four different products: O'My Flavoured, ID Juicy, Fizz Flavored Lube, and Wet Flavored Lube. All four products taste different than the others, and most differ in the slickness duration created by each. Everyone has different opinions about which personal lubricant tastes the best and lasts the longest, but one thing is certain - all four are among the best flavored lubricant formulas.

O'My Flavoured and Wet Flavored Lube are the two that I use the most. I am not in favor of buying one-dimensional personal lubricants that can only be used for oral sex; rather, I am interested in spending my money on lubricants that enhance all sexual activities. Wet Flavored Lube and O'My Flavoured taste wonderful and create a lasting slickness, so I save money by purchasing one lubricant that can do it all. Wet Flavored Lube (all the flavors) tastes better than sugar-containing flavored lubes.

Fancy labels and hyperbolic advertising slogans ... Wet Flavored Lube needs neither for compensation. I will not perform oral sex on my boyfriend until he has a generous amount of this lube rubbed onto his penis. I cannot deal with a salty, sweaty tasting penis. Once applied to my boyfriend's special partner, the fun begins and continues for as long as we want. Fruity flavored incentive, that's what this personal lubricant offers my boyfriend and me.

I've been known to spread this lube all over my boyfriend's body, and lick and suck every drop right off his glistening body. Each flavor tastes so good, tempting my sensitive palate to more and more, that I spend an hour just on foreplay. All the kissing, sucking, and teasing, all of it keeps me interested in pleasing my boyfriend - or keeps him interested in pleasing me. Wet Flavored Lube does all the hard work, I just show up and follow my tongue's directions!

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Sex toy review: five hearts. Big Ones
I was tricked into using Wet Flavored Lube. I had tried other "flavored" lubrications in the past, but never developed a liking for them. My boyfriend spread Wet's brand all over his penis before I started oral sex. To my surprise, his penis tasted really good. Penises don't usually taste that great--sweaty and all. We've been buying this lubrication since then. I won't try any new ones, either.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Get Tropical Fruit. That's the best flavor they sell. Do I like it? Of course I do. Wet Flavored Lube, unlike other flavored lubrications, isn't too sweet. There's only so much of that crap that a person can lick, you know? I never thought about that when using this flavored lube. It tastes great the entire time, not just the first two minutes. Taste aside, this is an average lubricant.
Sex toy review: four hearts. coconut
It's lubrication that doesn't have any side effects. Every woman's chemistry is different, I know. But, overall, everyone that I know who uses this particular lube is more than satisfied. I've changed from Astroglide to this lubrication.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Liz Marie
Finally, a lubricant that lives up to its promises. I've tried so many different lubricants and hated them that I was wondering if a lubricant would work for me. This one did. It was an added bonus that it was flavored. I can't stand tasting my boyfriend's sweaty member. Now, I just rub a few drops over the head of his penis. Walllla - no more salty taste.

I would also recommend Astroglide Warming Liquid. It works perfectly with this lubricant.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Rhonda Johnson
It's lubrication at its best. The flavors rock. I've been buying this brand of lubrication for a while now. I've never been disappointed. I use it with all my toys and with my husband. The older I get, the more I seem to lose that lake of pleasure, so lubrication is necessary if I want to feel comfortable during sex.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer

There's not much to say about any lube. Does it cause ANY sort of skin irritation? Does it "dry-up" quickly? How sticky does it become? How often do you need to use it? Does it burn? Finally, what "other" special characteristics does it have?

For me, the Wet Flavored Lube answers all questions in a positive way. I have had no problems with burning or skin irritation - nor have I found it necessary to use half the bottle on one sexual encounter. It appears to last a little longer than most. And, yes, the flavored aspect is a bonus, as no one wants to taste a salty, sweaty, dirty penis or vagina.

This is the best lubricant that I've found.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
This lubricant didn't hurt my vagina. That's the starting point in any discussion of lubricants. Second, it did actually taste really good. It didn't have that too sugary taste that some will have. I mean, don't you want to continuing the lick and eat fest for a while? Well, when the lubricant tastes too good, it's hard to go very long. They got the formula perfect on this lubricant. I am buying three more bottles today.
Sex toy review: four hearts. newbee
Yummmy! I love the Passion Fruit flavor. I cannot stand the taste of pre-cum or cum, for that matter. When I give my boyfriend blow-jobs, I want to make sure that I don't get that nasty ass taste in my mouth. Since buying Passion Fruit, I can deal with oral sex, though it's still not my favorite part of sex. When will you get more flavors? I see that some of flavors are out of stock.

Again, thanks for the quick delivery and all the reviews!

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