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Peek-A-Boo! G-Spot, Where Are You?

Peek-A-Boo! G-Spot, Where Are You?
  • I want my knees to shake, my eyes to blink, my mouth to water, and my entire body to quiver. Climax, I am knocking on your door! Answer me, please?!!

  • My friends brag about this mysterious G-Spot: "Oh, you haven't had great sex until you've had a G-Spot orgasm."

  • What is the G-Spot?

  • Where is it located? Do all women have G-Spots? Can all women have G-Spot orgasms?

  • Do G-Spot orgasms feel different than, or even better than, clitoral orgasms?

  • Do you recommend any special G-Spot stimulation techniques?

  • My goodness, I need answers soon. No, right this second! I've waited too long. Please, help!

    You drop to your knees. Fertile blades of green grass curl around your legs. Your eyes search the starry sky for divine guidance. A prayerful motion directs your hands: Both of your hands meet in front of your moonlit eyes. As your hands touch, an immediate spark of passion fills your body.

    There's no cosmic secret to unveil. All you need is an introduction to the G-Spot. Once you've learned what your G-Spot is, where it is located and how to correctly stimulate it, you will experience a new level of sexual satisfaction that forever seemed to elude you. The Creator blessed all women with their very own special G-Spot.

    For those of you not already in the know, the G-Spot is the common name for a spot on the front of the vaginal wall which can feel good when stimulated. These instructions will help you find your G-Spot and teach you how to stimulate it to orgasm.

    Since arousal of this internal love button is so powerful, women want to know exactly how to stimulate it during sex or masturbation. No problem, you sexual divas: This introduction to the G-Spot will turn you into a pro. After reading it you will be able to teach your lover what works best for you, because you will have mastered VibeReview's simple G-Spot arousal techniques!

    In the early 1900s, Dr. Ernst Grafenberg (Saint G-Spot) devoted his time to investigating the mysteries of female sexuality and vaginal stimulation. His medical efforts opened the door for fulfilling female sexuality. In tribute to this man, the erogenous zone he identified was named after him: the G-Spot. Yes, even invoking its name brings forth an internal rumble-n-bumble of eroticism and sensuality. You feel it, don't you? Of course you do! Even discussing the G-Spot gets me all tickled.

    Capturing its magical powers may prove difficult at first. In order to use your G-Spot effectively, you must first be able to find it. The G-Spot is located on the upper wall, 2-3 inches inside of the vagina, upward toward the belly button. It is beneath the urethral sponge, and this further illustrates why the G-Spot plays an integral role in female ejaculation. By exploring the front vaginal lining, you will notice a slightly rougher texture when you find the G-Spot.

    Due to the fact that the G-Spot is comprised of erectile tissue, similar to the prostate gland in a man, stimulation of the area increases blood flow, causing the G-Spot to swell. For further reference on the location of the G-Spot, please check out the illustration at the top of this page.

    Techniques for G-Spot Stimulation:

    You are most likely reading this article to educate yourself and your lover on the most effective G-Spot stimulation techniques. Clearly, individuals and couples - experienced or otherwise - benefit from practicing these techniques. Once you've located this elusive spot, you will be ready to try out different forms of stimulation. The below techniques are step-by-step, making your G-Spot exploration easy and convenient.

    Step One:

    G-Spot arousal is impossible if you aren't relaxed. More often than not, incredible foreplay is an integral part of relaxation: It helps women ease into sexual situations. Light a few candles. Play relaxing music. Grab your favorite massage lotion. Take the extra time to create a heavenly mood that will ease your mind and calm your body. The hotter you get, the easier it will be for you to locate and stimulate your secret garden of ecstasy.

    Begin by caressing your breasts. Tease your nipples. Run your fingertips down your stomach, around your thighs, and near your pelvis. Massage your tight legs and arms. Close your eyes. Softly touch your vagina, maybe taking two fingers, and then running each finger on both sides of your clitoris. Don't be afraid gently massage and tickle your clitoris. If you own a Pocket Rocket or Silver Bullet, you can use either for stimulating clitoral vibrations.

    If you have a partner, oral sex works wonderfully. Have your lover pay special attention to your breasts, back, and clitoris. Sensual massage is one of my favorite foreplay activities. Soft hands moving across my back, legs, and arms, massaging, sends electric waves of pleasure throughout my body. And, who could forget, every woman needs extreme devotion to oral sex. The more my lover licks and kisses my clit, the more I feel aroused.

    Step Two:

    Your body burns with lustful passion. You've teased yourself to the brink of an internal explosion. Ladies, you are just getting started. It's now time for G-Spot hide and seek. It's been hiding from you, but you are going to seek...and find...your special friend.

    Lay on your back. Slowly insert your index or middle finger into your vagina. As you feel your vaginal walls relax, you will be able to slide deeper into your love canal.

    Once your finger is inserted, turn your finger upward toward your stomach, and gently move your finger in a "come hither" motion. Once you've identified this spongy or slightly ridged area, experiment with different movements, tempo, and finger depth. You will know what it means to literally "hit the spot!"

    Step Three:

    As you experiment with your G-Spot, you will notice that it swells as the action heats up. When your G-Spot swells, it is easier to continue stimulating it. Perhaps it is time to try a G-Spot sex toy that will enhance your experience, pushing you toward the Big O in a hurry. In the beginning finger stimulation helps you learn the exact location of your love spot, but now you are ready to experience the true art of G-Spot stimulation.

    There are many G-Spot adult sex toys to consider. Starting off with simpler toys seems the best avenue. There's no need to complicate your experimentation. The Petite G-Spot Avenger, G-Spot Thumper and Waterproof Nubby G are popular choices for novice G-Spot adventurists. All are designed with the 2-3 inch shaft curve that aids in direct G-Spot arousal.

    Perhaps you want a more advanced and powerful G-Spot sex toys and vibrators. The Impulse Jack Rabbit, Vibe Rabbit, and Jenna's Beaver Vibe are dual stimulation rabbit vibrators. All three have stimulating shaft rotations that will immediately rub and massage your G-Spot.

    Finally, you might consider experimenting with the G-Spot Wiggler, Jelly G-Spot Vibrator, or Cosmic Invader. All three produce fantastic vibrations and do have the necessary shaft curves for direct G-Spot stimulation. And best of all, each is less expensive than other G-Spot vibrators and sex toys.


    Experimenting with your own body (or your partner's body) is the method in which individualized satisfaction will be reached. Many women rely heavily upon these techniques, because they have proven helpful. Keep in mind that everyone responds differently to G-Spot stimulation. Some women will prefer gentle G-Spot stroking, while others will prefer firm pressure on their G-Spot.

    Shaping a better sex life is attainable for everyone involved - or even for those nights alone, when you pleasure yourself. During your experimental phase, try not to get too frustrated with yourself or your partner. Pressuring yourself to feel or perform in a certain way creates a wall of resistance. Your sexual expectations will naturally rise as you master G-Spot arousal techniques. Turning on your G-Spot should be approached with patience in mind. Take your time and enjoy the process.

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