Bondage Sex Toys: Harnesses and strapon sex toys and dual stimulation rabbit vibrators are perfect for romantic nights.

Corsette Harness

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Corsette Harness: Harnesses and strapon sex toys and dual stimulation rabbit vibrators are perfect for romantic nights.
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Looking your best while pleasing your lover comes naturally with the sexy Corsette Harness - a hardcore, highly functional, and extremely comfortable double-strap harness. The intimacy factor increases tremendously when you wear the Corsette Harness - or when your lover wears it for you!

Despite the fact that high-octane action envelops both of your bodies, this harness offers refreshing dildo stability - promising you and your lover smooth, pain-free penetration. Part of the Corsette Harnesses strength originates from the extra strength and durability of double-straps. You can count on its strength when it counts the most!

The Corsette Harness features a beautifully raised swirling velvet pattern. It has garter loops for stockings; so if you have a flair for style, you can wear your sexiest stockings with the Corsette Harness. Both straps can be adjusted to meet your personal preferences and unique comfort level, and adjusting each strap is easy as pie!

This harness includes a mini-bullet vibrator that provides secondary stimulation to accompany hot and bothered penetration. The bullet vibrator rests comfortably inside of the quality pouch, which sits above the O-Ring attachment. Three removable rubber O-Rings (1.5", 1.75", 2.0") are also included. The Corsette Harness is machine washable.

Editorial Review

The Corsette Harness is the most stylish feminine harness that I've ever seen. Its "jock strap" style is a more secure fit than thong-style harnesses that slip and slide, moving too frequently or erratically as action heats up. The raised swirling velvety pattern is not only beautiful, but also very soft - making this harness undeniably comfortable. Introducing a desirable sexiness into your strap-on fun shouldn't come at the expense of comfort, so the Corsette Harness sets out to prove that wearers can experience both qualities without significant limitations.

Designed to show off body contours, the harness's back laces up in the middle and points downward, transforming your derrière into the shape of a glorious heart. It even has garter loops on the underside of the Corsette and on the front straps, to keep your favorite stockings in place. (Wearing high heels with this harness should be a requirement!) Many harnesses can be a downright challenge to put on and wear for long periods of time, but not this one. The back slips on easily and comfortably - so much so, in fact, that beginners and experienced sex toy enthusiasts love it.

This harness is easy to adjust: Pull the side straps for a tight fit. There are additional straps under the buttocks, as well, to adjust the harness around your backside for a perfect fit. All straps are made of durable webbing (like quality backpack straps), which makes a difference with dildo stability and movement control. I recommend trying the harness on before using it. Give it a good look in a full length mirror, too, because the Corsette Harness is all about aesthetic pleasure and extreme performance under pressure!

I really like how my vagina isn't covered up, or hidden by, the front of the harness, which enables both partners to receive stimulation. Using a double dildo is not possible with this harness; however, one can make such sacrifices when extreme comfort is the payoff. Having access to a powerful mini-bullet vibrator is exciting, too! The vibrator pouch is fairly tight, so don't expect your vibrating bullet to fall out or move around too much. It would be an irritating hassle if the pouch were too loose, but that problem doesn't exist with this harness.

The Flame Harness Kit might be the best harness-dildo kit available. I recommend that anyone interested in instant action buy the Flame Harness Kit - or for beginners ... the Bend Over Beginner Kit, which helps inexperienced women find their way in the erotic world of harness play. But, one can't go wrong with the Corsette Harness, especially if the Charmer dildo is included in the mix! I adore this sexy and comfortable harness, and I've recommended it to many of the beginners I know.

Additional Details

Size:  Fits up to 60" hips.
Battery Info:  Watch batteries included.
Manufacturer:  Sportsheets

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Kinkerbelle
Oh how very pretty, soft and yet.. dominating this hot little number is. The most feminine strap-on I have ever owned. Who doesn't love this corset style?!
Sex toy review: four hearts. Little Minx
This is a great harness. You should spend some time with it before you're ready to use it just to make sure you have it adjusted properly, but once that's done, you're ready to rock and roll. I made it part of the game and had my partner do the adjusting for me. I'm a big girl and have worried about finding a "one size fits all" harness that would work, but this one fit the bill perfectly. It's so easy to get into and out of, and yet it is amazingly secure in action. And if you're not into the whole leather and pvc look, then this is sure to please you.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Marcie Miller
So damn sexy - that's how I feel with this Corsette Harness attached to my body. When I get down and dirty, I want fashion and product reliability. I get both with this harness. PERFECT.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Sexy Heather
This is my first harness. My boyfriend loves watching me play with another woman. That's why we bought this Corsette Harness. It's been fun to use. It made my hips at a little raw the first few times I wore it. It took some adjusting.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Makes me feel powerful, sexy, and in control. My strap-on dildo fits perfectly. Sex must have comfort and style. Great harness. I give it two thumbs up.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
As far as harnesses go, this is top-of-the-line. Total domination, yes, is possible with this sexy-ass corsette harness. I want my pet to feel my wrath, but I want to do so in style. The stitching and pattern design works to perfection. It's easy to slip on and off, kinda like my sexual persona. When I want to be a good girl, it comes right off. Also, just as important, I haven't experienced any rough rubbing on my ass or legs when wearing it. I would buy one hundred of these if I could wear all hundred at the same time. I feel so sexy and powerful when I have it on. I recommend the UltraReal to accompany this harness. Put both'll have one wild afternoon, morning or night - perhaps, all three.
Sex toy review: five hearts. mary jane
This is the first harness I've ever used and I'm extremely happy with it. I am a heterosexual woman who's been married for 5 years, and my husband and I decided we needed to spice up our sex life. This harness really did the trick. He didn't mind bending over for me when I was dressed to kill in stiletto heels, with stockings and a harness. I felt so hot in a way that I've never experienced before. We had a very exciting night to say the least, and I foresee many more in the near future.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Mistress Camille
This harness is strikingly sexy and feminine. I feel kinky, exotic, and alluring when I wear it!

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