Dildos: A suction cup dildo is an extremely popular adult sex toy.


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UltraReal: A suction cup dildo is an extremely popular adult sex toy.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

The well endowed UltraReal is one of the most realistic dildos we've yet to come across. The look and feel is amazingly close to the real thing - with soft squeezable balls, a shaft with textured veins, and a pleasantly plump head to top it off. It's hand-painted and detailed to capture every vein, bulge, and crease of the actual penis it was molded from. There's a suction cup behind the balls so you can ride this big boy anywhere there's a hard flat surface, and it fits well in a harness to boot!

The Emperor is a similar toy, but it is vastly more popular and pleasurable than the UltraReal. The Emperor is equipped with vibration technology, while the UltraReal is not.

Editorial Review

The UltraReal pleasured me into a state of exhaustion. Its wide shaft stimulated me to the point of no return. Spreading me wide, hitting me deep, I found a new best friend with this dildo. The suction cup had me giddy. I sat on the UltraReal, I backed up onto the UltraReal, I tried every angle possible. The suction cup design isn't a cheap version, either, which explains the angle options. It's one of the most stable suction cups VibeReview has tested.

The textured veins and creases feel like the real thing. My boyfriend enjoyed the UltraReal demonstration. He watched me abuse this toy, and in the end, I submitted to its very real orgasmic power. Unfortunately, my exhaustion prevented me from inviting my boyfriend to join the UltraReal showdown. Since then, he's had his opportunities.

I use the UltraReal often, especially on those kinky nights when my boyfriend is away. I'd recommend this toy to anyone looking for something new and different. If you've never played with a dildo, the UltraReal would be a good start, a great investment, and an abundance of erotic fun.

If you are looking for a vibrating dildo, the Emperor is a great choice. I like vibrating and non-vibrating dildos, so I have to own both!

Additional Details

Size:  6" total length
1.75" width
Material:  This item is made of Rubber.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: two hearts. DangerousLilly
I don't understand why no one else has mentioned the odor. When I pulled it out I was knocked over by the offensive odor!! The slightly odd texture turned me off, too. Sure, it's "Ultra Real", but at the same time it's so detailed I almost felt like Lorena Bobbit. I didn't know when I first wish-listed it that it's made of Rubber, but I tend to be joining the ranks of pthalate-free-only people. The suction cup is good, the size is good, but I can't get past the smell and material. Yes, I could easily throw a condom on it but as I don't share my porous toys and it's not a necessity, I'd really just rather not.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I was torn between a 4 or 5 rating for the UltraReal. If it had vibrations, I would voted for a 5. Vibrations or no vibrations, UltraReal's realistic veins and size put it ahead of the rest. Most of the women here have commented on the suction cup, and I couldn't agree more: the suction cup allows the user to experiment with various sexual positions. Without this suction cup, the toy would be incomplete. The sensations are deep, wide, and extremely pleasurable. A great buy for the a woman in need. Yes, that's me. I can admit it, but will only do so anonymously. Tsk.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Punk Rock lady
I like it. Sort of hard to describe why I liked it. I guess, the UltraReal has perfect size dimensions. It's tough to find the perfect penis. I mean, I still find pleasure in actual sex, but the UltraReal was able to make me feel totally satisfied. I am a woman who prefers doggie-style, so the suction cup allows me to do that. I'm glad I bought it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. terry
Large an in charge. The UltraReal, like the Emperor, satisfies my every sexual need. I can do almost anything deviant with my new friend. The length and girth had me wetter than a dog's mouth during a humid Texas summer. I can manipulate the shape of the dildo to achieve different sensations. I wish all penises felt as good the UltraReal. If they did, I'd have no use for dildos. A real penis has its place, but none compare to the intensity created by the UltraReal.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
My favorite part is the suction cup. It doesn't seem to slip too much. It has enough strength that I can put pressure on the dildo, aiming for deeper and faster penetration. I enjoy riding it the most. As the other ladies suggested, the size is simply perfect.
Sex toy review: five hearts. sexyoldlady
This is also my favorite dildo. Great vaginas respond the same, I guess. I don't have much to say, so I'll get to the point: It is the most realistic dildo I've ever used - it looks real, feels real and is of a realistic size that a normal vagina can handle. The suction cup makes many different positions possible. A well-designed dildo with a real woman in mind. Good stuff, Vibe Review.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Just looking at my dildo makes me want to pounce! I use this dildo daily - it is my favorite toy. My favorite position is using the suction cup on the side of the bath tub. I can back up on the dildo. It's long enough to hit my g-spot just right. Good buy for me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. tracy

Best damn dildo on the market. I should know: I own so many damn different dildos that I have experience on this matter.

This dildo isn't too large. Some girls assume that huge dildos will do the trick. This isn't always the case. Medium length seems to please me better than these huge donkey dongs. I've spent so much money trying to find the "right" dildo - finally, I have. Time to celebrate.

I also use the Corsette Harness with this toy. If you want some serious action, buy this dildo. It is the most realistic one I've found on the net.

Sex toy review: five hearts. Annie P
I love this dildo because it's realistic and versatile! It looks and feels like the real thing. The suction cup allows me to use it wherever I want (like in the shower). If you're into realistic dildos, then this is the best purchase you can make.

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