Sex Toy Accessories: Taste the erotic deliciousness of Edible Dream Cream.

Edible Dream Cream

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Edible Dream Cream: Taste the erotic deliciousness of Edible Dream Cream.
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

Everyone could use the tasty liveliness of edible body cream. Edible Dream Cream is the perfect excuse for you to explore every inch of your lover's body. Spread Edible Dream Cream all over yourself or your significant other's excited body. Are your mouth, tongue, and taste buds ready for the challenge?

Oh yes, you welcome the challenge - as does your partner! Put an end to boring edible treats with horrible aftertastes. Take your first step into a heaven of pleasure that unifies great tasting flavors with wild, exotic body explorations. Please your taste buds and your sexual thirst. Taste your way into sexual satisfaction!

Men and women primarily use this edible cream for oral sex and foreplay. However, it can be used as a lubricant for sensual massage. If you are looking solely for a flavored intercourse and oral sex lubricant, you should check out O'My Flavoured and ID Juicy. If you've been searching for flavored massage lotion, try Motion Lotion or Astroglide 2 in 1 Pleasure.

Editorial Review

Edible Dream Cream is limited in what it can do: It cannot be used as a personal lubricant, nor as a serious massage lotion. It has one advantage over other edible treats - Edible Dream Cream's flavors taste wonderful the entire time I use it. I never get tired of the flavors, which is something I cannot say for some edible lotions and creams. I love using my tongue and mouth to tease my boyfriend, so this cream has a special place in my heart.

Surprisingly, I only need a moderate amount of this thick cream to cover the important "parts" of my boyfriend's body. In some instances, edible creams are quickly used up, because they don't come in large containers or their formula's are too thick, which means large amounts of the cream must be applied. Edible Dream Cream does not fall into either category - and that's great, you know! It means that this tasty stuff goes the distance.

Additional Details

Size:  4 oz.
Manufacturer:  Doc Johnson

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Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The Passion Fruit Experience! Don't listen to anyone else. Passion Fruit is a better flavor than the too sweet Cotton Candy. Edible Dream Cream, as others have said, is cool for lips (kissing) and private parts (use your dirty imagination). I can't imagine anyone "eating" it! Lickliciously wonderful, absolutely.
Sex toy review: three hearts. DEVINe
Edible Dream Cream tastes great. Its flavor is not an issue. Other than tasting great, it's not much a resource. Go with Motion Lotion instead of Edible Dream Cream. Motion Lotion tastes as good as Edible Dream Cream and has more flavors to choose from. And, thank God, Motion Lotion is a warming massage lotion.
Sex toy review: two-and-a-half hearts. V. Hill
I bought Xtreme Lotion and Edible Dream Cream at the same time. Extreme Lotion is the better product. Edible Dream Cream cannot be used as often or as much as Xtreme Lotion, so that's - well, that. If I can get more use out of one product than another, it only makes sense that I'll like the multi-purpose product better.
Sex toy review: three hearts. shopmistress4ever
Going forward > Cotton Candy! It tastes tremendously better than Passion Fruit. Also, people should use it for light, light massage. A thin film of the cream should be visible on skin. Lick it off slowly. That's what we do.
Sex toy review: three hearts. donna mama
Cotton candy is better than passion fruit, fyi. This flavored cream does not serve as a good massage lotion. It is more like a flavored lip gloss or something that you can apply lightly to different body parts. I hadn't heard of Edible Dream Cream until I went down on my hunky fella. His penis tasted sweet. I looked at him and smiled. He tricked me.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Addyson
That's hilarious! I love the Cotton Candy flavor. The sweeter the better. Edible Dream Cream tastes better than oily massage lotions. Yuck! The only negative ... it doesn't come in a larger bottle/size. I use up the entire 4 oz. Dream Cream in two or three weekends. If they ever make a larger container, I will buy it.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Vaughn in back
Buy Passion Fruit. It's the right flavor. The Cotton Candy flavor is too sweet.

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