Silicone Sex Toys: Handsfree sex toys and strapon dildo vibrators improve foreplay and sex.


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Feeldoe: Handsfree sex toys and strapon dildo vibrators improve foreplay and sex.

Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Designed by a woman for a woman, the Feeldoe strapless strap-on dildo was expressly created to complement the natural contours of a woman's vagina. Chiefly popular for its shaft curves, natural bends, stimulating indentations and perfect size, the Feeldoe is the world's most innovative strapless strap-on sex toy, similar to the widely popular Share in terms of pleasure-producing capabilities.

Maximization of your sexual pleasure might seem difficult with other dildos, but traditionally designed dildos are nothing like the fabulous Feeldoe sex toy. First, the Feeldoe can be used for solo masturbation or as a strapless strap-on dildo. So you can make this a sexy ingredient in your alone time, titillating yourself, or you can invite your lover to share in the passion, pleasure, and action. In whichever situation you wish to play with the Feeldoe, you can expect quality internal arousal of your sensitive hot spots.

How does it work for couples? There are two insertable dildo shafts - one for the wearer (the strapless strap-on), the other for the person penetrated (traditional dildo). The wearer gently inserts the vertical dildo, grabbing the shaft with her PC muscles. Due to the vertical dildo's egg-shaped head, the wearer experiences a "full" feeling, eliminating the need for straps, and enjoys smooth G-Spot stimulation while penetrating her female lover. Dildo stability, greater control, and pleasure are afforded to both aroused partners during their lovemaking.

After the vertical dildo is firmly inside of the wearer's vagina, the horizontal dildo is ready for extreme penetration and erotic dildo play. The wearer uses the horizontal dildo to penetrate her lover, and the shaft's gradual curve creates direct G-Spot stimulation that straight shafts struggle to accomplish. The base features three distinct ridges that aim to provide titillating clitoral massage for the wearer. Each Feeldoe includes a powerful vibrating bullet that slides into the base's bottom, so both individuals experience vibratory stimulation in conjunction with superior texture and size.

Attention: The Feeldoe has largely been advertised a toy for female lovers, and while it is the perfect sex toy for female-to-female stimulation, all women and male-to-female couples benefit from playing with the Feeldoe sex toy. And since this dildo is actually two dildos in one, women can use either the vertical or the horizontal dildo shaft for stimulation since both are designed to create different internal sensations. The vertical dildo shaft can also be a useful tool for gripping. The Feeldoe is extremely versatile, so if you can imagine it, the Feeldoe sex toy can probably do it. Also, consider the new Share as an alternative - both in price and performance.

Editorial Review

The Feeldoe represents a significant shift in dildo sophistication and versatility. Sophisticated, versatile sex toys provide me with options that traditional dildos cannot, and I thrive sexually with well-rounded sex toys that are designed for couples and singles, and are capable of creating a variety of sensations. The Feeldoe's creator designed a quality double-ended dildo that functions as a strapless strap-on or fills a need for a pro-stimulation solo masturbation sex toy.

The Feeldoe encompasses all that a gal could want in a vibrating dildo. Its beautiful appearance and stimulating texture awe me, and I pinch myself to see if this is all a dream. Stunned, left alone with the Feeldoe, I felt helplessly attracted to its natural shaft curves that are molded to represent the ideal penis. I stroked the shaft with my curved palm and as I pushed my palm forward, then backward, anticipatory tickles flooded my stomach and vagina. The texture, in my palm ... and I was already wet.

I sat in my living room recliner, waiting for my boyfriend and our "friend". I had been thinking about this moment all day long at the office. Each moment of waiting felt like an hour, an hour felt like days, and I could barely handle being alone with my Feeldoe. I so badly wanted to feel it inside of me, but I promised my boyfriend that I would wait for our sexy guest and him. Fortunately, right at my breaking point, my boyfriend and our female friend strolled into the house, walking nonchalantly, thinking we'd ease into a menage-a-trois.

No sound fell from my lips. No "hello" or "nice to see you". I removed my clothing as quickly as I could, kissed my boyfriend and our mutual friend, and pushed both of them into the bedroom, onto the bed, and let my intentions be known right then. Neither person resisted my aggressive behavior, so it was time for passionate foreplay, making out, and finally, to put the Feeldoe to the ultimate test. I ached to be penetrated by our friend, with the Feeldoe entering my wet petunia. Soaked as I was, I didn't need any lubrication, but I recommend women use a water-based lube with the Feeldoe if they skip foreplay or aren't wet enough for deep penetration.

Julia (our friend) didn't need any instructions. She had previously played with the Feeldoe, so I had an expert showing me the correct way to use this unique sex toy. My eager eyes watched her slowly slide the vertical dildo (works as the harness without straps) inside of her beautiful, well-kept vagina, and watched her reaction when the egg-shaped dildo head rubbed against her G-Spot. She gently pushed, pulled the vertical dildo in and out, and I could hear her moistness bubble against the shaft. My boyfriend, kissing my neck and massaging my breasts, cocked his head to watch Julia masturbate with the Feeldoe.

I couldn't take it. I could no longer watch. I begged Julia to mount me from behind. My boyfriend slid underneath me, where his moving, flicking tongue could tickle my clit while Julia penetrated me. I was so aroused that taking it slow wasn't an option, so Julia's thrusts were deep and controlled, speeding up the more I moaned. My boyfriend licked and sucked my clit the entire time, all while Julia worked her magic on my sweet love pot. I orgasmed ... once ... twice ... and then Julia turned on the vibrations. I began having mind-melting orgasms from the extra stimulation - my boyfriend's licking, the Feeldoe's shaft, and the strong vibrations.

We played with one another for hours, trying everything imaginable with the Feeldoe. My boyfriend used it as a regular dildo on me by relying on the vertical dildo as a handle, used for pushing and pulling. I masturbated with the Feeldoe on my own, too. Like I said, we tried everything. It almost seems pointless to identify all the benefits of playing with this special sex toy, because I couldn't find one flaw in its design or how aroused it made me feel. The Feeldoe and Share are two of the top sex toys available to women, and I suggest that women of any sexual orientation give it a shot.

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Additional Details

Size:  Slim Feeldoe:
6.5" long end / 3.25" short end
4.5" circumference

Medium Feeldoe:
7" long end / 3.25" short end
5.5" circumference

Stout Feeldoe:
6.5" long end / 3.25" short end
5.5" circumference

Long Feeldoe:
8.5" long end / 3.25" short end
5.5" circumference

Battery Info:  1 Watch battery included.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Tantus

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Jenna
I got my Feeldoe years ago. It still works like it is brand spanking new. I've played with it by myself and with other ladies and men. I got tired of messing with harness straps, and this new type of dildo (the harness, but no harness method) is the right path to take for women who want better dildo sex toys. I have the original version that doesn't vibrate, and it is a good one to have, but I bet the new vibrating Feeldoe's take sex to another level. Good product by a superb company.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Surprised the heck out of me. A girlfriend swore by the Feeldoe, so I gave it chance. It's been my best decision this New Year.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Tasse B.
I have to say that the Feeldoe is one of the more interesting sex toys that I've ordered. Hours and hours I've spent with this vibrating dildo, and it is one of those sex toys that, in a lot of ways, requires a learning curve. I doubt many beginners will like it, as they might become too frustrated with it. For me, it is a special dildo that I can use alone or with a "friend." It works best with faster penetrating than it does slower penetration, that's been my experience so far. The vibrations are moderately strong at the base of the fake penis, but lose some intensity farther down the shaft. I still say, and will continue to say, that the Feeldoe is a very special sex toy for women bored with the average dildo shapes and textures.
Sex toy review: five hearts. kinkycouple
As a hetero m/f couple, this toy has really changed what we mean when we say "who's on top". Highly recommended, by both partners ... he enjoys it, and she's cum each time in use! The package suggests the male wearing it for double penetration ... but we're not there yet. We went with the Slim Vibe model.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Dirty Diane
My boyfriend has such a good time playing with Feeldoe and me. He thinks he's such a stud as he controls Feeldoe's in and out movement. It does feel spectacular, I must admit. My emotions get the best of me, when my boyfriend gets so involved in pleasing me. Feeldoe is a solid dildo that many women will appreciate. Some vibrators and dildos aren't built for creative playfulness. Feeldoe can be used in so many different ways, angles, etc.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Tender is the Heart
The curves in this dildo get me very excited. I can tell a woman influenced its creation. I could use effective vibrations, and I will eventually invest in a vibrator that compliments Feeldoe. I have harcore gspot orgasms when using this toy. That means.........purchasing Feeldoe was, and remains to be, justified.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
This dildo felt ok, but I rarely use it. I wanted something with more of a punch. I might try adding the vibrator to it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Erotic Erin
I bought a small vibrator to place in the pocket area. It makes a difference. Without the vibe, Feeldoe feels good. With the tiny vibrator, it feels even better. I highly recommend trying this toy, even if you don't buy a vibrator with it. The base is easy to maneuver, and the curved shaft makes penetration a blessing.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
This strapless toy has changed my bedroom experiences. A simple review cannot even begin to describe how much pleasure has been felt in my household. My girlfriend pressured me into to purchasing the Feeldoe. I had no desire to try another strapon. She threw a fit, so I agreed to try it. "For the price, it better work," I thought.

The design is perfect for a woman's vagina. We have used it for anal stimulation, too - still, it feels wonderful inside of me (my vagina).

If you are like me, sick of trying expensive toys that don't feel as good as claimed in advertisements, you should try this toy. It's one of the few times my girlfriend has been right about a sex toy, and I am glad she was right, because our sex life will never be the same. Unite!

Sex toy review: five hearts. Rabbit Ears
I've never done one of these reviews, so it's kinda strange to talk about my sex life on the net. Here it goes, though: I am hesitant to spend too much money on love-making toys. I've been disappointed far too often. I came to Vibe Review, was searching the website, and hadn't really seen anything that appealing; however, then, I came upon the Feeldoe. The strapless toy caught my attention immediately. I decided to "try" the toy, even though the price seemed high.

So, anyway, I ordered it. It came quickly (no pun intended, hehe), with no problems at all (thanks, Vibe Review!). When my girlfriend came home, we put it to the test. Wooooo Hooooo! It's the best damn sex-related purchase I have ever made. I had three orgasms in a matter of minutes, I've never done that before, as it usually takes me a while to get "there." We use the Feeldoe a lot, now. Our sex life must have been incomplete before the Feeldoe, because it's heaven now.

It's totally worth the price, so don't be scared off. Just writing this review makes me want to use it. Go figure.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Aneros
I am at a loss for any words to describe the pleasure this toy has brought myself and my girlfriend. We've tried other strapons, but none that were strapless. At first, when I read the description of this strapon and saw the picture, I thought the "pony"- the part of the dildo that goes inside of the person thrusting - would hurt.

I was so wrong. Not only did it not hurt, it felt wonderful. I could feel my g-spot getting larger and larger...almost to the point of explosion. As I would thrust the main portion of the dildo into my girlfriend, I could feel the pony rubbing against my g-spot. Hey, my girlfriend loved it, too.

But, really, our overall experiences with this strapon have all been positive. We'd recommend it to anyone who is tired of dealing with straps and limited pleasure for one person (the person penetrated feels great, but what about the "thruster?"). With this dildo, both parties get off at the same time. Purchase this one, you won't be sorry, I swear!!! Convenience, pleasure, and union are all afforded by use of the Feeldoe. It's the best sex-related product we've purchased in a very long time.

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