Rabbit Vibrators: Rabbit vibrators, adult sex toys and vibrating dildos shape pleasurable masturbation

Mary Mermaid

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Mary Mermaid: Rabbit vibrators, adult sex toys and vibrating dildos shape pleasurable masturbation

Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Navigating your sexual sea proves frustrating without a reliable guide. The Mary Mermaid offers you assistance, promising to save your vessel of love from stormy seas and a shipwrecked destiny. The Mary Mermaid's delightful form and appearance capture your imagination. Once entangled in her rapture, you see nothing else. You are mesmerized by her beautiful figure and graceful movements.

The Mary Mermaid dual stimulation vibrator is designed for instant clitoral and G-Spot arousal. When the urge to sail your lovely sea overwhelms you, the Mary Mermaid's dual action vibrating clitoral tickler and rotating shaft save you from the clutches of sexual mediocrity and unsatisfactory sexual encounters.

The shaft and body - sculpted in the shape and form of a magical mermaid - are designed with your female anatomy in mind. The Mary Mermaid's slim shaft head is round, soft, and flexible. Pearls line the inside of the shaft, rising and falling like waves. The shaft's body is wide, curved, and covered with a variety of stimulating textures. When fully inserted, the amazing contours and ridges stimulate your insides, especially as the shaft rotates, massaging your G-Spot.

The Mary Mermaid's tail is thin and wide. While the mermaid's body focuses on internal stimulation, her tail focuses on external stimulation, vibrating powerfully on your clitoris. You experience the benefits of simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral arousal. Its dual motor ensures that your vibrations and shaft rotations are consistent, powerful, and enjoyable. Adjust vibration speeds and shaft rotations with the variable base controls.

Editorial Review

Ladies, you will not be disappointed by the Mary Mermaid. I've been playing with mine nonstop, and I don't anticipate slowing down. Even though it is a relatively new sex toy, I am already classifying it as a classic - as one that will be the standard to which all dual stimulation vibrators are compared. The Mary Mermaid is made by the same manufacturer who brought you the Stranger II, Mini Meany, and Amor, so it's not surprising that the Mary Mermaid is the best of the best!

The Mary Mermaid is the most beautiful dual stimulation sex toy that I've ever seen. Her sexy shape - from her gorgeous moving breasts to her vibrating tail - is physically and visually stimulating. Sometimes I turn her on just to watch her body twist, shake, and dance like a professional bellydancer. The Mary Mermaid, made of soft silicone, is gentle with sensitive erogenous zones, and is much easier to clean than other sex toy materials - even with all the various shaft contours and indentations.

Pleasure beads are located in the mid-shaft area. As the shaft rotates in a perfectly-sized circular motion and the the tail vibrates with sensual power, the pleasure beads undulate rhythmically. When all three functions are used simultaneously, I experience three types of stimulation: clitoral, G-Spot, and vaginal opening - and all three types of stimulation build off of one another, sending my body into welcomed orgasmic fits never forgotten!

All functions run smoothly. Since this toy is powerful and well engineered, shaft rotations are not lessened by the extreme pressure my vagina tends to apply when I'm about to orgasm. Some sex toys have weak rotating shafts that slow down, or stop, when pressure is applied. But the Mary Mermaid never missed a beat, not a single time, and hasn't since I started playing with it. That's a special "feature" that I wish all sex toys had.

The independent controls for shaft rotations, vibrations, and undulating pleasure beads are easy to operate. The controls are located near the handle where my thumb rests. It's a perfect spot since you can change speeds very easily without needing to look at the vibe, but I have accidentally turned the toy off while playing with it. Despite a quick "oh shit!" moment, a quick press of the button resumes the action, right where I left off. How cool is that?!!

Ladies, I'm no beginner with sex toys - not by a long shot. I've seen - and tried - just about everything out there. With that in mind, this is probably the classiest, most female-friendly and highly functional sex toy that I've ever reviewed. This toy is pro-everything sex toys should be, and is an absolute "must have" for any toy collection.

Additional Details

Size:  9.25" total length
4.5" insertable length
5.25" circumference
Battery Info:  4 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Phthalate Free material, and Silicone.
Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: two hearts. Domina
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary! This is a very pretty vibe, what I like to call "art for art sake", ie: nice to look at but lacking function. I love Fun Factory, so was disappointed to get a toy by them that I didn't enjoy. In fact, I found this toy frustrating. The tail (as others have mentioned) didn't reach my clit and was too wide to stimulate me properly. The phallus part was okay, but didn't really do much for me either. Too bad Mary. How I wanted to fall in love with you.
Sex toy review: three hearts. The Beautiful Kind
I'm normally a huge fan of Fun Factory toys, but this one didn't impress me too much. I always think of mermaids as magical creatures, but this one failed to cast a spell on me. The tail didn't hit my clit very well, and the mermaid body didn't feel that exciting inside me. It was nice that the vibe offered variable speed, but its design wasn't so great. I like iRabbits (like the Vibe Rabbit) much better for this kind of toy. This might be better for a beginner.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. silly lady
I am pretty happy with this sex toy. The clit vibrator portion of the toy could be a little bit longer and curved, to make the vibrations more easily felt. I love, love, love the dildo part. In many ways, this is a middle ground like adult toy because the dildo-rotating portion feels so good but the clit vibrator is good, not great. In general, a very good toy for a decent price. Sure. I recommend it.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Glitterous
This was my first dual stimulation vibrator and I have to say, I wasn't too impressed. My fiance started a job where he travels a lot, so I demanded that he get me some "company" to make up for it. He bought me the Mary Mermaid in pink. She is pretty, I have to give her that much. However, I found her head and body much too wide for comfort inside me (I will say, I've had that problem with several men as well, so maybe it's just me). There is something creepy about shoving a woman's figure up there. I could not find a spot where the vibrator fit well AND hit the G spot. Also, the forked tail tends to hit too far to the sides of my clit, which is fun when you want to be teased, but not when you're trying to "o." I wish the tail was one solid piece instead of the two prongs. All in all, it sits in the drawer while I use my much less expensive vibrators. Wish I could get our money back.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Fond of the Mary Mermaid, I am. So fond, in fact, that I refuse to buy another vibrator. I've been through a ton of vibrators over the years, but none have made me feel as aroused as the Mary Mermaid.
Sex toy review: four hearts. S. Roberts
I'm a dotty fan of the Mary Mermaid, which is my personal favorite sex toy. Leaving it alone is a challenge. I could play with it several times a day, and if I didn't have to work, or didn't have a significant other, I probably would play with it several times a day. Everything about it turns me on. It looks fabulous, my fellow ladies. And it knows how to treat a lady right, in all the ways a lady should be treated. I regularly experience dual orgasms because of it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Sexy Savanna
Don't expect a coy response from me! The Mary Mermaid is the single best vibrator that I have bought, in all these years of playing with different types of vibrators. Curves, power, smooth, and double stimulation. It has everything a girl could want and more.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. freedom4women
Wonderful. A pleasant surprise. I had my doubts, and the only reason I have the Mary Mermaid is because of my girlfriend, who worships her Mary Mermaid. She gave it to me as a present, and I've been having fun with it since then.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Glimmer
I have the Jenna's Beaver Vibe and the Mary Mermaid. Both are outstanding for G-Spot and clit orgasms. Which one is better? I'd have to go with the Mary Mermaid since it has a more sensual touch to its texture and power, but I recommend both as quality sex toys for women.
Sex toy review: five hearts. ivy lane
It takes my breath away each time I play with it. This is my first dual stimulation sex toy, and the difference it makes is remarkable. I'll never go back to those simpler sex toys that focus on one stimulation area. The Mary Mermaid is teaching me about what is true stimulation. Sometimes it even feels better than sex itself.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Sassie Cassie
Quiet as a kitten cuddled up near the fireplace, but exceptionally powerful and highly arousing. I don't think I've seen a sexier sex toy and, honestly, not a more stimulating one. I had my first experience with dual orgasms while playing with my Mary Mermaid.

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