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Great King

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Great King: Rabbit vibrators, dildos, and adult sex toys for women's orgasms
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Sexual battles are won and lost by the players involved. You know that you can rise to the challenge, but you wonder if there's a vibrator that can handle your sexual demands. The dual stimulation Great King pampers his queen with the fabulous G-Spot and clitoral arousal.

The Great King's long, moderately thick shaft twists, turns, and gyrates inside your passionate passageway, applying gentle pressure to your hiding G-Spot. As your G-Spot receives the shaft's royal treatment, the clitoral tickler vibrates your clitoris into a sea of blissful pleasure.

The shaft's splendid wavy and ripple texture turn insertion and active penetration into an erotic event that no woman should be deprived of. Oh, and its magnificent "mushroom" head finally sends you over the edge, into climax after climax. This magnificent vibrating paradise never gives-up on you, never.

The Great King is a classy, highly functional, and extremely effective dual stimulation vibrator. It has stood the test of time, becoming one of the most sought after vibrators in recent years.

When you feel like your queen needs a reliable king, the Great King promises to assert his sensual will for you, on you - making sure that all your sexual needs are fulfilled in style and comfort, with an exceptional level of intensity.

Editorial Review

I love the name of this vibrator - the Great King. The name is majestic. Quite appealing, don't you think? This vibrator made me feel like a queen, ruling over my personal sexual paradise. A paradise like this doesn't come cheap, but it is a paradise that is attainable!

The shaft's ripples and waves inched inside of me like no other vibrator has in the past. The wave-like motion forced my insides to adjust to this new type of stimulation. I loved every moment of my time spent with the Great King, and continue to play with it as often as I can.

The head of this vibrator puts most to shame. The size of the head feels perfect against my swollen G-spot, like finding the one piece that completes the puzzle. It effectively massaged my G-spot as the shaft "waved" inside of me. The tickler moved in several directions, massaging my clit into clitoral orgasms. All in all, this is one of my favorite vibrators. I have not found a flaw in its design.

Additional Details

Size:  6" insertable length
1.5" width
Battery Info:  3 C batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Jelly.

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Sex toy review: four hearts. Lady Sascha
I have an inherent problem with vibrators like the Great King and the Rabbit Pearl. When I have an orgasm, my vagina tends to clamp down on vibrators with movable shafts. This wreaks havoc with them over a period of time, and disables, and eventually breaks the shaft itself.
Not so with the Great King, at least after 3 months of constant use (2 to 3 times a week). I have not found any problem with this vibrator's performance in the least.
The vibrations in the shaft and in the "tickler" are nice and strong also. The thickness and length are just right for me, and I find it very easy to orgasm with this sex toy.
The one problem I do have is with the material, which is made out of jelly. Although I love the texture and feel of jelly, it does contain phthalates, and is harder to disinfect. Since I use my toys on multiple partners, disinfection is critical. Normally I wipe down my toys with Clorox disinfecting wipes, then a scent-free baby wipe to get rid of the Clorox. With the Great King, however, I would be afraid this would not do the job, as the surface is a bit porous. Rather I put a condom over the shaft for each use. If you are allergic to latex, however, this is not a viable option.
I think the Great King is one of the best vibrators I've ever owned, but I am giving it 4 stars, rather than 5, because of the jelly material that it is made of.
Sex toy review: five hearts. scarlet
The Great King surpasses all other dual stimulation vibrators. The clitoral extension stimulator has that tongue-like feel in its movement, its vibrations. The vibrator's shaft/main body isn't limited in its angles, like so many vibrators and all real penises are. It does more than get the job done. The Great King is top quality. It's made all my other toys obsolete. A refund coupon should be issued with each Great King sold, because I feel like I wasted my money on all my other vibrators.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Rhonda Johnson

First, let me say that I am impressed with VibeReview's professionalism. My questions are always answered promptly. I've never had issues with ordering mishaps, like I have with other adult toy webstores. So, I thank you for the easy-to-order process. Also, I appreciate all the reviewers. Believe it or not, you do help me make purchase decisions.

Second, the Great King is the best vibrator I have ever purchased. A high quality piece of sexual machinery, the Great King finds all "those" spots with precision and, more importantly, provides constant stimulation that cannot be felt by other vibrators (or the ones I've bought/used). Twisting and turning inside of me, I go nuts every single time I use it. Try this vibrator before you purchase any other toys. You can thank me later. And you will, I promise.

Sex toy review: three hearts. shulman

I bought my girlfriend the Great King. The size is perfect for my girlfriend. She loves the head of the Great King. I am stoked that I bought this toy for my girlfriend. We both get pleasure out of it (I get to watch her go crazy!), so it is a win-win situation.

Sex toy review: five hearts. nell
Silence any and all critics! Do it right this second. The Great King made me feel like a princess. I haven't had that much fun with a vibrator ever. The rotating shaft is to die for. Seriously, I mean it: it finds my g-spot upon entry and that first rotation. Like most women, I also enjoy the clit stimulation, but I am looking, wanting, crying for a g-spot orgasm. I am a believer. In comparison to my other vibrators, the Great King has no flaws. It's the perfect design for me. Women differ in what they like, but I can't imagine any woman disliking this exceptional toy.
Sex toy review: four hearts. marilyn_monroe

Allow me to bow before the awesome power of the Great King. I do owe my allegiance to this vibrator. Thus, a positive review...

The Great King surpasses all other dual stimulation vibrators. The shaft's wave-like design kept my vagina guessing what turn was next. Ride the wave, ladies. Ride the wave. That's exactly what I did. As the Great King rotated deep inside of me, I squirmed around. I hadn't felt this much stimulation in years. I simply was not used to it. The tickler didn't over-stimulate me, as some have in the past. It was the perfect amount of stimulation.

Sex toy review: four hearts. Princess Coldheart
The Great King looks like a great vibrator but, really, how many times are looks deceiving? Exactly. The Great King has postive aesthetics, but also feels better than any vibrator I've ever played with. The tickler, the moving shaft and the huge, puffy head work well with one another. I would pay quite a bit more for this vibrator, if necessary. I found it to be that enjoyable and reliable.
Sex toy review: five hearts. mermaid
Holy smokes, the floodgates have opened! This vibrator made me convulse. I've never experienced an orgasm quite like the one produced by the Great King. Fact. The tickler, carefully designed to gently massage my clit, sent me overboard. This vibrator played hide and seek with my g-spot, but once it found it, the game was over. I'm not complaining, though: it was one hell of a ride, literally and figuratively. I never thought I'd find another solid vibrator to replace my old one, but I did. Thanks for the editorial review; it helped me make my decision.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Boy, that editorial review nailed the Great King. I had the same exact experience with the Great King. The name is appropriate. It should be the Great King of Vibrator Land. The tip of the shaft (the head) feels wonderful upon entry. I found this vibrator to be designed perfectly, in its width and length. Most vibrators have something wrong about them: either it's too long, too narrow, or the vibration speeds are too rapid or not enough. This isn't the case with the Great King. Try this vibrator BEFORE you waste money on some piece of crap, no-quality instrument.

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