Rabbit Vibrators: Rabbit Pearl, adult sex toys and rabbit vibrators produce female orgasms

Rabbit Pearl

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Rabbit Pearl: Rabbit Pearl, adult sex toys and rabbit vibrators produce female orgasms
Sex toy review: three hearts.

Item Description

The original Rabbit Pearl was famous for its debut on Sex and the City, introducing many women to the new concept of dual stimulation. This dual action rabbit vibrator opened the door for women to experience dual orgasms for the first time. Becoming one of the most popular sex toys ever made wasn't much of a challenge, though, due to its unique combination of a dildo and a clitoral vibrator. Complete with shaft rotations, powerful vibrations, and swirling pleasure beads, the Rabbit Pearl seeks to please three important erogenous zones: the G-Spot, clitoris, and the vaginal opening.

Recently, the manufacturer updated the original model by replacing its jelly exterior with high quality phthalate-free elastomer material. This new and exciting material is more durable than jelly material and feels like soft skin - both of which play a significant role in the degree of pleasure women experience when they play with this famous sex toy. The Rabbit Pearl is a dual action sex toy that women of all experience levels love, so beginners and experienced women benefit equally from relying on its tremendous stimulation capabilities.

How does it work? The Rabbit Pearl has a rotating and spinning dildo that focuses on internal stimulation, namely G-Spot massage. Swirling pleasure beads are located in the lower shaft region that, when the toy is fully inserted, rests in a woman's vaginal opening. As the shaft rotations stimulate the G-Spot, the active pleasure beads swirl inside of the vaginal opening. A vibrating clitoral tickler is attached to the toy's base, and while women experience delightful internal stimulation, the clitoral tickler delivers arousing vibrations to the clitoris.

The Rabbit Pearl makes three different types of simultaneous stimulation possible, and women can control these functions by adjusting two slide buttons on the hand controller. One slide button controls shaft and pleasure bead activity while the second slide button dictates the clitoral tickler's vibration intensity. The hand controller is easy to operate, so feel free to adjust the toy's functions according to your personal stimulation preferences. You'll know what it means to have those full-body orgasms after playing with this dual action rabbit vibrator!

NOTE: There are many different types of "rabbit" vibrators for sale, and many have the speed control located on the vibe's base, making it more difficult to control. The Rabbit Pearl's hand controller is separate from the body of the vibe, so you can lay the controller next to you in bed and focus on what you're doing. Other the other hand, some women prefer fewer wires and base controls - it's all a matter of preference. For example, the Mary Mermaid, Vibe Rabbit, and Decadent Indulgence use base controller technology as opposed to hand controllers.

Editorial Review

Is there anyone who has had a bad experience with the Rabbit Pearl? If there is, I've never met one of them. Almost every woman I know has her own Rabbit Pearl safely hidden away in a nightstand, waiting for late-night glorious moments filled with amazing orgasms. In my case, the Rabbit Pearl was one of the first sex toys I reviewed. I had played with the Silver Bullet and Patchy Paul, but a toy that combined the effects of both ... I hadn't experienced that pleasure, not until I reviewed the Rabbit Pearl.

There's no question I experienced varying degrees of dual stimulation while making love with my boyfriend or while managing to hold two different toys (a clit vibe and vibrating G-Spot dildo) at the same time on my two favorite erogenous zones. The Rabbit Pearl instantly made my self-stimulation activities more enjoyable and convenient. No longer did I have to fool around with two separate toys or struggle during intercourse to have dual orgasms. If I ever feel like throwing my orgasms into overdrive, all I have to do is play with my Rabbit Pearl (or other dual action/dual stimulation vibrators).

I spent many, many nights cuddled up under blankets with my Rabbit Pearl, learning the secrets of dual and multiple orgasms. Having reviewed sex toys for a while now, I must admit that there are better rabbit vibrators to purchase and play with, but I still believe the Rabbit Pearl is an important sex toy for beginners. In comparison to the latest models that come with many different functions and programs, the Rabbit Pearl is easier to operate for those women who are unfamiliar with dual stimulation vibes. For more experienced women, I recommend three specific dual action vibrators: the Vibe Rabbit (my favorite), Sweet Magic, and the Japanese G-Spot Squirmy.

A few helpful observations: The Rabbit Pearl quickly runs through batteries, so be prepared to frequently spend money on new batteries. Also, the pleasure beads and shaft rotations are its best features, whereas the clitoral tickler has a tendency to move out of place. Obviously, if the clitoral tickler moves around, some women will be frustrated, as fewer vibrations will be delivered to the clitoris, or not in the right places. I resolved this issue by placing a finger on the tickler to direct the vibrations to the right place, but, again, this can be a frustrating dilemma for many. Despite this one irritation, I remain a fan of the Rabbit Pearl.

Additional Details

Size:  6" total length
1.75" width
Battery Info:  3 C batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Elastomer, and Phthalate Free material.

Customer Reviews Add a review

Sex toy review: four hearts. Tinafacee
I bought a Rabbit Pearl a few months ago and love it. I remember a friend asking me if I was pleased with it after I first tried it and I said something like "I'm never going to leave my bedroom." It's amazing. I nearly passed out when I came. My only qualm with it is that it goes through batteries really fast. So if you buy this, also plan on getting rechargeable batteries.
Sex toy review: three hearts. AndreaSelia
This was my first vibrator of this kind and my experience hasn't been that great. sometimes the rabbit ears hurt my labia as they are too long and sharp. to get this to fit my body take some contortions and ignoring of discomfort if i am to focus on my orgasm. i would recommend getting a dual stimulator without ears or noses etc. if you're a beginner.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Sarge Margie
I had one of these years ago. It stopped working after years of playing with it, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to replace it with the same toy or try something new. As luck would have it, the maker improved the old one. So I did get a different, yet similar toy. I was pleased with the original one, and I am happy with the new one.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Punky Brewster
The Rabbit Pearl, even with this new type of material, is not as much fun as my Vibe Rabbit or Gigi. Sorry, but it's the truth. The Rabbit Pearl is probably a good beginner's rabbit vibrator, but for me, it just isn't as powerful as my other toys. I won't say I regret buying it because I do play with it, but it's not my first choice.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Calls the Shots
My very first dual stimulation sex toy! Since buying it months ago I have experienced stronger orgasms than I have during intercourse. It has a knack of rubbing and massaging the right places for the right amount of time, at the right intensity level. Only negative is that it eats batteries alive. Because it is powerful and works hard to make me climax, it goes through batteries quicker than I like. Small price to pay for pleasure, I say.
Sex toy review: three hearts. rhee gentri
Ordinary rabbit vibrator. That's my honest opinion. It is neither a great or bad sex toy. It gets me off, but takes longer to do so than when I play with my Decadent Indulgence. The Rabbit Pearl was one of my introductions to rabbit vibrators and the like, but the newer dual stimulation vibrators are better, I think. Someone else may have said it already, but the Rabbit Pearl is good for beginners.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Peach Blossom
Mine has never malfunctioned or anything along those lines. I view it as a reliable vibrating sex toy. I do suggest one type of modification. Make the rabbit ears (clit vibrator) longer and thinner, with a little bigger space between each ear. There's always room for improvement, but generally speaking, the Rabbit Pearl is a gem.
Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous
It was good while it lasted, but the shaft broke after the second use! The ears are too long and far apart, though the vibration was good. I'm so mad that I can't find where to buy one that will last at all!
Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous
I would say this is a huge wast of money. I used mainly the rabbit ears, not a strong enough vibe. occasionaly my husband and i would actually use the dildo part. After 4 uses of dildo the shaft broke. pearls did not spin with pressure. the actually vibrating ears only lasted about a month.
Sex toy review: one heart. The Pimpstress
I hated it! Used it 3 times and it died. The ears are also too long. :(
Sex toy review: three hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Rabbit Pearl is an older model or something, because my Big Indian is similar but a helluva lot better. For a starter vibrator, Rabbit Pearl is good.
Sex toy review: four hearts. queen of diatribes
Never had one single problem with it breaking. Zedd seems to be the only one. Anyways I am happy with the Rabbit Pearl's vibration output. It's the best vibrator I've owned.
Sex toy review: two hearts. nick zedd
very overrated. the ears are too long and this thing EATS batteries. and after not very long it totally craps out.
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Buy her one of these !! She was a bit surprised at first, but it didn't take her long to give her overwhelming approval to this little rabbit. Let's just say the dual stimulation (actually triple if you count the pearls) was incredibly satisfying, and she wouldn't even think of parting with this little toy now. My biggest problem now might be trying to maintain a large inventory of C-batteries !!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
The Rabbit Pearl is a really fun stimulator. Let me say that it is somewhat addictive because one can crave to that excitement over and over again after using it for the first time. Thanks for recommending this product. I now have more frequent orgasms and feel very satisfied and fulfilled.
Sex toy review: two hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
I've read a lot of hype about the Rabbit Pearl, probably because it was featured on Sex In The City. I'm not as wildly enthusiastic about the Rabbit Pearl as most people. For one, it was VERY noisy. It was also kind of large for my tastes: I'm 5'3 and the rabbit's "ears" were far too long to be comfortably positioned against my clitoris; the rubbery material that the product is made from made it a bit difficult to insert unless it had been properly lubricated. It was also rather flimsy, and broke after only a few months of weekly use. It did offer a wonderful orgasm but I think this is more for someone who has lots of privacy and who is into direct clitoral stimulation. If you prefer indirect stimulation, it can be a bit chafing. In all, I wouldn't buy this product again.
Sex toy review: five hearts. SallyM
That old saying "men are like microwaves and women are like crock pots" fits me perfectly! My husband and I decided to give this vibrator a try since we truly needed some help in the bedroom without causing my husband pure exhaustion. We are both so glad we did. This vibrator has brought many hours of sexual pleasure for the both of us. There are so many different speeds and options to satisfy your mood. I have nothing negative to say. BUY IT!

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