Male Sex Toys: Heather Vandeven sex toys and Jenna Jameson adult toys for self pleasure techniques

Heather Vandeven Replica

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Heather Vandeven Replica: Heather Vandeven sex toys and Jenna Jameson adult toys for self pleasure techniques
Sex toy review: four hearts.

Item Description

Heather Vandeven - Penthouse's 2007 Pet of the Year - now has her own replica masturbation sleeve, an exquisite sex toy that realistically portrays her attractive private parts. Molded directly from her vagina and rear-end for realistic size and tightness, the Heather Vandeven Replica means business for men who take their stroking and penetration seriously. Vaginal and anal entries. Both are there for the taking, for you to delight in Vandeven's erotic divinity.

Each entry hole is textured with arousing ribs that do two things: First, the ribbed texture enhances stroking and penetration, offering different sensations that are otherwise unavailable with some replicas. As you thrust inside of each hole, you will feel the ribbed texture collapsing around your penis, adding secondary stimulation and tightness. Second, the ribbed texture creates a vacuum-like force that sucks in your manhood, creating pleasurable tightness.

But that's not all! The Heather Vandeven Replica is a doggy-style sleeve, and penetrating this sex toy sleeve from behind adds realism to all your sexual fantasies and makes it easier for deeper penetration. Secure hand grips are crafted into the toy's sides, so you can maintain control and dominance over the toy as you thrust inside of its soft interior. And one more thing: As you make love to your new masturbation sex toy, you can feel the enhancing arousal of titillating vibrations!

Editorial Review

Whoa! Nellie! The manufacturer wasn't kidding when it claimed that the Heather Vandeven Replica "means business." Other than Jenna Jameson's Private Parts and Stormy Daniels's Precious Private Parts, I can't think of a recent replica sleeve that I'd rather spend time with - and that's no joke. In fact, I could spend all my time with this replica!

First of all, it is fascinatingly realistic and life-like - from the hand painted texture to its soft texture. I've never had sex with a woman as tight as this replica, but in most aspects the Heather Vandeven Replica is as close as one gets to replacing actual sex. Would I rather play with this toy than my wife? No! But my wife isn't always in the mood, so this toy - and quality toys like it - are perfect for a back up plan. The other night, when Heather Vandeven was on Howard Stern, it was such a rush to watch her on the TV and then glance down and see myself inside of her!

Second of all, I like the angle of the doggy-style sleeve. It's much more comfortable and getting a nice thrusting speed proves possible each time I play with it. With some replicas it can be difficult to thrust into tight holes without something to grab, and, fortunately, this toy comes with secure handles that make sure the toy stays flat, which improves the quality and sensations of each thrust. Big picture here, the entire package is represented with intimate detail - texture, colors, size, and so much more, and all these features work as unit to create one magnificent sex toy for men.

I recommend using O'My Original Lube or Universal Lube with this toy, because both entry holes are tighter than you can imagine (the anal hole, even more so than the vaginal hole). Trying to play with this toy and not use lubrication could potentially damage the toy and will most definitely limit the amount of pleasure experienced. Go for the gusto! The Heather Vandeven Replica is made of the highest quality material, so prepare yourself for unadulterated pleasure.

Additional Details

Size:  10.5" wide
4" deep
14.5" high
Battery Info:  2 AA batteries required.
Material:  This item is made of Cyberskin, and Phthalate Free material.
Manufacturer:  Topco

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Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. rubber_duckie
Full throttle and full steam ahead. Anything is possible with the Heather Vandeven Replica.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. leescoda
heather vandeven is so damn hot. i had get me one of these. some guy talked about how unique the insides feel, and i agree with his sentiments. the vibrations aren't a bad addition. i am happy with it.
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Good sex toy. Looks like a puss, feels similar to a puss. The ass is the best part.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Radcliff
I can't imagine a better replica sex toy than this one. Sexual magic, if there is such a thing. No amount of hardcore pumping and thrusting phases the toy. You wouldn't believe how helpful the handles can be. Lift the sucker up or lay down on it. It's all good.
Sex toy review: four hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. Jacob L.
Intrigue persuaded me to buy this toy. I was curious as hell. No way these toys work, that's what I thought. At first I the sensation was strange. It doesn't feel anything like a real vagina or ass and yet I kept playing with it. Unique is the best way to describe it. I thought that if it didn't feel somewhat like a vagina that the toy didn't do its job. Its the uniqueness that makes it special and worth my money. My high ranking of it suggests that I recommend it.
Sex toy review: four-and-a-half hearts. James D
I keep collecting these replicas. I can't afford to buy each one of them, though I have had good luck buying the right ones. Heather Vandeven is a favorite of my mine and her puss and ass toy is the best replica I have.

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