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Hitachi Magic Wand

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Hitachi Magic Wand: Adult toys, massagers and vibrators for female masturbation and women's orgasms
Sex toy review: three-and-a-half hearts.

Item Description

Lovingly known as the "Cadillac of Vibrators," the Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the most recommended and best selling sex toys of all-time. It is frequently recommended by sex educators and therapists as the perfect choice for novices as well as the more sexually experienced. It is an electric vibrator, so it offers the double benefit of being top-quality and more powerful, deeper vibrations than the average vibrator.

Many women find that covering the head of the massager with a towel will diffuse the vibrations for an even more unique sensation. As a matter of fact, with its large head, the Hitachi can be used as a fabulous erotic massage tool as well. Its longer length makes it easily accessible during partner sex too. Choose between two vibration speeds. Check out the G-Spotter Hitachi Attachment and turn this magic wand into a magic dildo, precisely designed to hit your special spot!

Editorial Review

"Hitachi" sounds professional, and that's due to its expertise in pleasing women. With this massager, each user experiences exceptional vibrations. I've owned my Hitachi Magic Wand for three months, and I never get tired of using it. The attachments work quite well, too. This is a basic massager/vibrator, but it can be depended upon for powerful clitoral stimulation.

Of all the massager/vibrators that VibeReview promotes, it is one of the better inexpensive vibrators sold on VibeReview. The only downside to this vibrator is that G-Spot stimulation, unless using an attachment, is negated. If you are looking for dual stimulation, check out the Vibe Rabbit or Jenna's Beaver Vibe, as both are the best dual stimulation toys VibeReview sells.

Additional Details

Size:  12" long, head 2 1/2" diameter
Material:  This item is made of Plastic, and PVC.

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Sex toy review: one heart. goddessangel
I guess I'm in the vast minority as I found this vibrator a complete waste of money, I tried it once and never used it again. I had a wonderful hand massage vibrator - normally meant/used for pointed body massage. It was like the conair one I tried to replace it with, but it actually had power. Anyway this is way to broad for clit use. It also irritated my labia piercings as it rubbed against them. I'm still looking for something that has plug in power (very high power!) and a small tip that I can't seem to find anywhere. The original I bought 10+ years ago has heat cracks, has sparked and needed cord reattachment at least a dozen times. I tried buying all the extra & expensive tips for this vibrator too (spent about $100 total) only to find that I felt almost no vibration with them either in clit or when I tried using them vaginally. They were made of thick material that cushioned (read: almost completely eliminated) and were several inches from main power.
Sex toy review: three hearts. Copperkettle
It took me a year to get the hang of this powerful machine, but once I did, it taught me how to have clitoral orgasms on demand! Whenever I'm alone now, I break out the Wand. I use it exclusively on its lowest setting and I never apply it directly to my girly bits-- whoever wrote to say that bruising is an issue is correct, and if you keep your bush untrimmed, the friction can get really unpleasant.

Downsides: My hands and fingers get strained positioning the monstrous shaft so the head hits my clitoris just right. After awhile, my hands actually go numb (so does my clit), and the intense vibration causes a burning sensation eventually that cuts playtime short. The toy is heavy and loud. Its unattractive and frankly clinical design makes it hard to introduce into couple-time sexplay (my boyfriend turns pale whenever he catches sight of it). BUT, in spite of that, you can't really say "Bad toy!" to the toy that taught you how to cum hard.

Sex toy review: four hearts. jenstar
Hey I struggled for years to have orgasms. Sometimes it worked but often it didn't because I ran out of time, lost the mood or my hand gave out... Then I heard about and bought a Hitachi. Its true its not the best looking toy in the world, or the lightest but it does what I need it to do, quickly, reliably and I love it. All I need now is the mood, 5 minutes alone and the Hitachi. I've become a bit of an opportunist masturbator fitting in quickes in commercial breaks, while waiting for something to cook etc and I know I am happier and less stressed because of it.
Sex toy review: five hearts. rayne
Whoo hoo....This baby is so intense that man, i can't help but cum. It can cause some bruising so be careful but man oh man, be ready to have one earth shattering cum.
Sex toy review: five hearts. The Beautiful Kind
The love of my life. I've been using mine for over 2 years, 2/3 x a day, and it's still going strong. My men like using it, too!
Sex toy review: three hearts. patti
It is famous, reliable, effective but so outdated. The design is right out of a 1970's kitchen appliance catalog and the leatherette finish on the head is reminiscent of a gear shift from the same period. OK its a muscle massager not a masturbation toy by design but unless you need warp power to get off, need a toy that is so straight looking no one that sees it will think you masturbate, or are just a 70's fan, look for something more refined and modern (Miracle Massager is a good option)
Sex toy review: five hearts. Soo Purr
After using a few dual vibes (I love my Butterfly!!) I figured I was set for orgasm on demand. Then I finally got around to trying the Hitachi. Now I am truly spoiled! I don't even have to take off my pj's- in fact, I am hanging happily with the low setting- the high speed is too strong for me!! And to think my first use of the thing was for my sore shoulders. This massager is absolutely the best for a quickie before you fall asleep- no fuss, no muss fun!! I haven't mentioned my happy O's to Grandma, but she's used hers for her arthritis for years! ( No, I'm not even gonna ASK if she's tried 'other applications...)
Sex toy review: one heart. Anonymous
I like strong vibration but the Hitachi Magic Wand is very overrated. Yes, the vibrations are strong...too strong!! I bruise my pubic bone and labia using this thing! Even on the low setting I chafe my thighs. The one thing it has going for it is that it plugs in. It's too large, the head is way too broad and I'm sorry I ever wasted the money on it.
Sex toy review: four hearts. vampires kiss
Magic? Not sure about all that. I do know that the massage head is perfect for actual massage and intense clitoral stimulation. I get the best of two worlds with this powerful massager.
Sex toy review: five hearts. marie
My Hitachi Magic Wand served my boyfriend and I (yes, both) faithfully for more than a year and a half before a blown fuse killed it. It is very easy to use during sex even though it is large. I will definitely be buying a second one.
Sex toy review: three hearts. anna
I agree that the Hitachi can give an earth-shattering orgasm, but I also agree that it is on the bulkier side. Personally, I prefer to use the Wahl 7-in-1. It's also an electric powered vibe, but it's about half the size (and cheaper too). Another reason I like the Wahl better is that the tip is smaller, and allows me to focus more directly on my clit. It drives me crazy - in the best of ways!!
Sex toy review: five hearts. violet
I've had my Hitachi for years now, and I've never found a vibrator that can even compare to the power and intense orgasms my Hitachi gives! I'm able to actually ejaculate with this one! But beware before you buy, it is a rather large toy.
Sex toy review: two hearts. ivy
This is okay, but way too bulky for me. The Rabbit...now you're talking.
Sex toy review: five hearts. lulu
The Hitachi Magic Wand is a miracle vibrator in my opinion. I've had my Hitachi for about 7 years and it's still going strong. I've bought many vibrators in my day and none have come close to stealing first place from the Hitachi. It is larger than average which feels weird at first (until you experience the amazing things this vibe can do for you). At first I found the vibrations a little too strong for direct contact with my clit. It was helpful to avoid my clit directly by placing a soft towel over the area and vibrating over it (the vibrations are still intense). This is the vibrator that all others compare to - the absolute best!
Sex toy review: five hearts. Anonymous Reviewer
Wow! This truly is the Cadillac of all vibrators. My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Hitachi we purchased 12 months ago. It showed him that vibrators aren't just for women any more! My usage of it has proved it to be the most powerful, dependable vibe I've found.

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